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My name is Matthew Gilman. Prior to opening my firm, I was a Hearing Office in the Registry of Motor Vehicles for approximately three and a half years. During this time I attended Suffolk University Law School at night. I've tried numerous bench and jury trials in courts throughout the Commonwealth. In addition to running my law firm I am a member of the Worcester County Bar Advocates.

I have practiced law focused a significant portion of my practice on representing individuals charged with driving related offenses and criminal offenses. Coming from the Registry into private practice has provided me great insight in how to win these often difficult cases, but also an understanding of the collateral consequences that may be involved in what may appear a simple case.

In addition to my court appearance, I appear on a nearly weekly basis before the Driver Control Unit of the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Division of Insurance Board of Appeals. I have presented with judges, and members of the Board of Appeals about license suspension matters.
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License Suspensions
Attorney Gilman is one of just a few private attorneys who previously served as a Hearing Officer at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Whether your license is suspended for obtaining three surchargeable offenses in two years or lifetime for DUI/OUI, Attorney Gilman is able to help navigate you through the reinstatement process. The firm concentrates in helping individuals who cannot drive because of a license suspension get back on the road legally.

Attorney Gilman appears on a near weekly basis at either the Driver Control Unit of the Registry of Motor Vehicles or before the Division of Insurance Board of Appeals. Attorney Gilman has presented with members of the Board of Appeals on the Registry of Motor Vehicles license suspension and appeal process.

Whether you need to have a hearing at the Registry of Motor Vehicles or a straight appeal to the Board of Appeals, Attorney Gilman is available to assist you. It is critical that you go to these hearings prepared and feel confident in your presentation.

You may also have a license suspension for reviewing to take a breath or blood test after being stopped for operating under the influence. These suspensions range from 180 days to life and you only have 15 days from the arrest to appeal the suspension. You must be prepared for these hearings as you can only challenge the suspension on three grounds.

1. The police did not have sufficient grounds for your OUI arrest.

2. You were not under arrest when you refused the test.

3. You did not refuse the test.

Attorney Gilman has been apart of these hearings and guided numerous clients through the challenging appeal process, and is available to help you.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

During law school I worked full-time as a Hearings Officer at the Registry of Motor Vehicles in the Boston Headquarters. In this position I held over 5000 license suspension and revocation hearings annually. It was through these hearings and in the capacity of a hearing officer that I learned the ins and outs of license suspension matters in Massachusetts. As such, after passing the bar in June 2014 it only made sense to open a law firm that concentrated on law suspension cases and related criminal offenses.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

The four years I served as a Hearings Officer provided me with invaluable insight into what goes into license suspension hearings. I appear on a weekly basis before Hearings Officers across Massachusetts and the Division of Insurance Board of Appeals. The inside knowledge and training that I received as Hearings Officer gives me and my clients a legs up when we are trying to resolve a difficult situation. I know what a Hearing Officer or the Board of Appeal Members are looking for and work hand in hand with the clients to ensure they are prepared for these hearings.

Matthew Gilman

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