Marple Rubin Family Law LLC

Marple Rubin Family Law LLC

Marple Rubin Family Law is a family law litigation firm located in Atlanta that serves to shine a light during dark and difficult times. We are dedicated to the peace of mind that comes with confident representation.

Firm Overview

Founders David Marple & Kevin Rubin share 35+ years of experience while regularly attending premium training events and professional conferences to stay current. We combine strategy and expertise to protect our clients' rights in the complex family court setting, while perpetuating a tactical, results-focused mindset in order to secure desirable legal outcomes. Our team strives to provide a positive experience for each client while maintaining the same standard of professional excellence that awarded Marple Rubin Family Law international recognition in the top 5% of private practicing law firms in the United States. Your new life awaits.

Main Office

Main Office
400 Galleria Pkwy SE
Suite 1940
Atlanta, GA 30339


(770) 796-4000


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Office Hours

8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Office Manager

David Marple