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Aaron Marks is an Atlanta personal injury attorney dedicated to helping those who have been killed or injured due to another's negligence. When one is faced with an injury, especially a serious injury, there is a moment when each individual chooses to either give up, and give in to their misfortune, or fight, and overcome their obstacle. Attorney Aaron Marks has the tools and experience necessary for his clients to achieve success, and continue living their lives to the fullest. Speak to an Attorney before the Insurance Company When involved in an accident many of us have the instinct to cooperate with the "powers that be." Unfortunately, the insurance company has a duty to protect its policy holders, not the injured, and will act accordingly. Before signing away your rights contact attorney Aaron Marks to make sure you receive the justice you deserve. Don't Wait to Seek Medical Treatment Oftentimes we try to "walk off" our injuries so as to not make a scene. Though this makes sense in everyday life, when injured by another person's negligence delaying treatment will lower your chances of receiving fair compensation. If you are injured, or believe something "just doesn't feel right" seek medical treatment immediately. The sooner you are diagnosed and treated, the more seriously the insurance company and responsible parties will take your claim. Protect Yourself and Your Family Attorney Aaron Marks takes his responsibility to his clients seriously, but the most important advocate is the client himself. Each of us reacts differently to being injured, but we all must remember that no one will look out for our interests as well as we can. Aaron Marks will do everything possible to empower his clients and help get them back on their feet. Wrongful Death Attorney The loss of a loved one can be devastating. When that loss is due to another person's negligence the law can provide compensation. Attorney Aaron Marks will do everything he can to make the responsible parties pay. Read more about Wrongful Death and how we can help.

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Auto Accident

Auto Accident Lawyer Atlanta

Last year over 2.3 million Americans were treated in emergency rooms nationwide as the result of an auto accident. Nearly a decade ago, at last calculation in 2005, the overall economic impact of crash-related deaths and injuries totaled reached a staggering $70 billion and has certainly grown since. When you are involved in an auto accident, whether you are the driver or passenger, your livelihood is at stake without notice. Our attorney group in Atlanta wants to help you redeem yourself physically, emotionally and financially. What to Do After an Accident If you are involved in a car crash in any capacity, there are several steps you can take to elevate your position in the courts. Although the experienced and dedicated attorneys at The Marks Law Group, LLC, understand that depending on the severity of your accident, you may not be able to follow these steps in full, but it is advised that you operate accordingly where you are able. -Do Not Admit Fault: You have just been in an auto accident, and are in no position to determine your involvement leading up to the crash. -Take Pictures: Use your cellphone camera or a camera you keep in the car to document the accident to be reviewed later. There is no such thing as taking too many pictures. Exchange Information with the Other Driver: Contact and insurance information. Stay at the Accident Site: Contact one of our attorneys, if you are able. We will meet you there. -Gather Evidence: If there were witnesses to your accident, write down their information. If a policeman arrives, get his or her name and badge number even if he or she is not writing the accident report. -Request Copies of the Accident Report: There is nothing worse than walking away, assuming everyone has done their jobs. Ensure that a report is underway, and completed before you leave. Dispute any inaccurate information immediately. -Call Your Insurance Company: Do not admit fault, simply alert them to the fact that you have been in an accident, and more information is forthcoming. -Seek Medical Care: If you are able to delay medical care until the previous steps are completed, be sure to seek care immediately following. -Voice Your Condition & Complaints: Be sure that your medical provider documents your injuries or complaints in their records, so they can be referred to later by our legal team. -Contact our Attorneys: If you have not already contacted our Atlanta attorney group, do so now, so we can help your case take the proper path to success. Car Crash Statistics The thriving metropolis of Atlanta sees its fair share of auto accident claims each day, whether it is a fender bender on the highway, or a serious wreck caused by the negligence of another. The absolute truth lies in the numbers of our city, and how many people suffer serious injuries and property damage at the expense of another's negligence. -1720 Car Wrecks in Georgia Each Day (70 per hour!) -Auto Collisions at the Leading Cause of Head Injuries, Causing Long Term Care -Over a Six Year Period, slightly less than 45,000 Sustained Severe Injuries, Including Traumatic Brain Injury and Paralysis in Accident Cases in Georgia

Aaron Marks Esq.

Marks Law Group LLC

Aaron Marks has handled catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases throughout Metro Atlanta against:

-National Retailers
-Police Departments
-Nursing Homes
-Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Companies
-Insurance Companies

Cases and Claims:
-$600,000 for disputed slip and fall against national retailer
-$240,000 for disputed negligence against non-emergency medical transportation company
-$200,000 for automobile accident resulting in crushed heal
-$175,000 for family in disputed auto accident
-$150,000 for man assaulted by employee at national retailer

Organizations and Associations:
-The Georgia Bar
-The Georgia Trial Lawyers Association
-The DeKalb Bar Association
-The Atlanta Bar Association
-The American Association for Justice

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Since graduating from Georgia State University College of Law Aaron has pursued his interest in public service by serving on the Oakhurst Community Garden's Board of Directors, College Heights Learning Center's Nutrition Committee and becoming an active member of the City of Decatur. Aaron is not just another lawyer he's a passionate advocate for his client. Aaron routinely visits clients at home and at the hospital, negotiates with doctors, treatment centers and insurance companies, and makes sure the client is at the center of every decision. Aaron became an attorney because he wanted to help people. In his law practice Aaron helps injured people become whole again and regain their previous lives.

Aaron Marks

Marks Law Group LLC

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