Attorney Mark Buckley, CFP

Attorney Mark Buckley, CFP

Rhode Island's Only Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer Who is a Certified Financial Planner Professional

Firm Overview

To File or Not to File

You should consider bankruptcy as an option:

* If family relationships are suffering due to finances
* If you are falling further behind every month
* If debt collectors are calling you at home and at work
* If you are living on credit/ robbing Peter to pay Paul.
* If you are facing wage attachment, repossessions or foreclosure

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Bankruptcy Attorney Buckley understands that nobody "wants" to file bankruptcy; and if there are better alternatives, he will suggest an approach unique to your own particular circumstances. What is most important, however, is to understand your rights and options before "fatal mistakes" are made. Here are just a few common mistakes to avoid:

1. Working with most "debt consolidators/ credit counselors/ non-profit agencies": Why? Because most promise to get you debt-free, but are actually deceptive scams. Many will collect three months of payments from you before ever sending any portion to your creditors. After thousands of dollars are wasted, it usually takes four months before you realize that the "debt consolidation plan" was never reasonable or workable.

2. Hiring a jack-of-all trades attorney: Why? Because you need a lawyer who is devoting their time and energy to understanding the local rules, who has earned a good reputation with the local Trustee and knows how the local Bankruptcy judge interprets the new bankruptcy law. Don't take chances by hiring an attorney that could equally represent you in a real estate closing or speeding ticket. You can't afford to hire an inexperienced attorney no matter how inexpensive the fee. When you need to file bankruptcy, the more experienced attorney will do a better job for you at a fair price.

3. Robbing Peter to pay Paul: Why? Because certain desperate acts may delay the relief you could receive under bankruptcy protection laws. If you are tempted to take cash advances, balance transfers, payday loans, retirement account loans, or sell assets to pay bills, DON'T DO IT! Here is the key to knowing you need help: if your monthly living expenses already exceed your present monthly income, you need to call Attorney Buckley.

4. Believing common myths about bankruptcy? Why? Because lies cause fear and prevent one from getting the help he needs. Here are just a few of the myths Attorney Buckley hears regularly. I'm afraid to file for debt relief because . . . . a) everyone will know I filed b) I'll lose my job c) I'll lose my home or car d) I'll destroy my credit forever e) I'll never be able to qualify under the new bankruptcy laws f) I could never afford to file. The truth for most clients is that while bankruptcy law is complex, an experienced attorney can help make the process confidential, affordable and straightforward. Clients can wipe out unmanageable debt, keep their jobs, protect their property, and be considered a much better credit risk after they file for relief. The few problems that can happen are largely due to ignoring Attorney counsel or hiring an inexperienced/ incompetent Bankruptcy Attorney.

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Chapter 7 consumer bankruptcy lawyer helping good clients destroy bad debt for over 27 years.

Having helped more than 3,000 clients in RI and MA obtain bankruptcy relief from overwhelming debt, Attorney Mark Buckley is the only consumer bankruptcy lawyer who is a Certified Financial Planner professional. He can help stop the cycle of "robbing Peter to pay Paul" by helping you destroy delinquent credit card, medical, utility, and other unpaid debts. Understanding that nothing is more expensive than a cheap bankruptcy lawyer, Attorney Buckley offers a level of representation that is thorough and comprehensive. He can help you destroy debt and advise you on the best way to rebuild your credit fast.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

I am the only consumer bankrutpcy attorney in Rhode Island who is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional. I have special training in personal finance, investments, life insurance and retirement planning.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

I have offered in-home appointments to RI and SE Massachusetts clients since 1991. I will not accept a fee if your Chapter 7 bankruptcy fails to be approved through no fault of your own. I offer payment plans and will not turn your file over to an inexperienced secretary or paralegal. If I agree to represent you, we will work together exclusively and I will be accessible any time you have a question or concern.

Mark Buckley

Attorney Mark Buckley, CFP

Since graduating from Suffolk Law in 1991, Bankruptcy Attorney Mark S. Buckley has provided thousands of free debt consultations to clients in all of Rhode Island's 39 cities and towns. He is the only bankruptcy attorney in RI who is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERâ„¢ professional and he will help you understand the difference between debt consolidation scams, credit counseling and bankruptcy relief.

Mark Buckley was honored to serve on the Attorney Advisory Committee to the US Bankruptcy Court (RI), is among the few lawyers who are full-time bankruptcy debtor attorneys, and is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA). Serving Rhode Island and Massachusetts, Attorney Buckley has offered private telephone, office and in-home consultations for over 20 years, and has filed an estimated 3,000 Chapter 7 cases.



Bar Number: RI Bar Association
Rhode Island, 1991

Bar Number: MA Bar Association
Massachusetts, 2003

Bar Number: CFP
Rhode Island, 2006


Suffolk University Law
JD, 1991

Bob Jones Univ
BS, 1988

Tallahassee Community College