Mark Cohen

Mark Cohen

A personal injury practice that goes beyond personal injury law, because knowing one area of the is just not enough.

Firm Overview

Taking Your Case Personally
"Don't take it personally," people say. But I do take it personally. I take every case I handle to heart, investing my emotions and my efforts in order to reach positive outcomes for the individuals and businesses I represent. I will provide your case with the hands-on attention that it requires in order to obtain results.

Providing a Wide Range of Legal Solutions
With a focus on personal injury law, I strategically place my practice in an advantaged position to provide legal solutions in a range of practice areas, from business law to criminal defense.

What is the advantage of practicing in more than one area of the law?
In the legal profession, a narrow focus can be a liability. Today's complex legal landscape calls for a big picture approach in which all angles of a particular problem can be fully considered, and potential risks and opportunities outside the core practice area can be identified. I take a multi-disciplinary approach to the practice of law because knowing one area of the law is just not enough.

Cutting to the chase
Even though legal issues are rarely neat and tidy affairs, at the Law Office of Mark Cohen, P.C., I like to cut to the chase in an effort to save you time and money by avoiding long, drawn-out legal battles. When a problem involves several practice areas my multi-disciplinary experience puts me in a position to understand the different risks you face, and quickly determine practical solutions to your problem, often without having to go to court.

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Main Office
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Personal Injury

Comprehensive Representation in Personal Injury, Truck Accident, Automobile Accident, and Wrongful Death Cases

At the Law Office of Mark Cohen, P.C. I have 31 years of experience representing victims of accidents in personal injury cases. My extensive experience in the area of personal injury law as well as corporations, and criminal law set me apart from other personal injury lawyers and provides with a multi-disciplinary insight into a case. This multi-disciplinary view places me as an injury attorney in a unique position to develop strategies in representing my personal injury clients and providing advice. Contact an injury lawyer immediately for a free consultation.

Some of the many types of cases I have handled include:
Wrongful Death Cases - A wrongful death claim involves someone who has suffered the tragic loss of a parent, spouse, domestic partner, child, brother or sister or other close relative, due to an accident. Wrongful death cases can be quite complicated and certainly emotional. It takes patience, understanding, and especially experience to properly handle a wrongful death claim.
Truck Accidents - Whether you call them 18-wheelers, tractor trailers, semi-trucks, or big rigs, they are frequently involved in serious or fatal car accidents. If you or a loved one has suffered a truck accident injury, do not talk to the insurance company - talk to a lawyer.

Auto Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, and Bicycle Accidents - Anytime motor vehicles or bicycles hit pedestrians, collide with one another, or are involved in accidents due to dangerous conditions on a property, you could be seriously injured, including broken bones in your legs, feet, arms or wrists. You need a skilled attorney to see that you are compensated for any injuries.
Dog Bites - Dangerous dogs are responsible for maiming, disfiguring, and even killing innocent people. When dog bite victims need to recover their medical bills or loss of income, I am the personal injury attorney who will fight for fair and just compensation for you and your family.

Other Catastrophic Personal Injury Accidents - Injuries affecting the spine in the cervical, lumbar, or thoracic regions or those affecting the lungs, hips or shoulders can result in paralysis or long-term disability care, and I understand how to calculate long-term care costs so you can obtain appropriate compensation.

Reckless or Intentional Injuries - When a person recklessly or intentionally injures you, they should have to pay you for any financial losses or suffering you have gone through. I represent all victims of crimes such as sexual molestation, rape, assault and battery, or attempted murder, including in cases against the estate of a deceased person who has injured you.

Mark Cohen

Mark Cohen

Attorney Mark Cohen "takes it personally" and believes that giving personal attention to every individual and business he serves is the best way to solve legal problems. Only after carefully listening to your unique circumstances, and hearing your concerns, will Mr. Cohen determine how best to serve your legal needs.

In addition to personal service, he also provides a broad base of legal knowledge that is perfectly suited to today's complex legal world. Mr. Cohen takes an integrative, multidisciplinary approach to the practice of law because knowing one area of the law is just not enough.