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Criminal Defense

Cerid Lugar will pursue justice in every area of the law, however, she primarily focuses on Criminal Defense, Veteran's Law, and Workers' Compensation. She founded the law firm after gaining experience overseas and with domestic litigators.

Being in court on a frequent basis is imperative for the attorney to have a robust litigation practice. One must have an ear to the ground on the trends occurring within the courts. This is primarily important for cases involving plea bargains or resolving a case by agreement--around 95% cases are resolved this way. Cerid strives to provide the best representation one can have. Knowing your adversary and the playing field like she does helps obtain the results sought and to having realistic expectations for a given case. The firm is established on three principles: Effective, Dynamic, Efficient. Effective: One need only ask previous clients about the services provided by Cerid to know you have found the right attorney to help. Not every case will be a home run, but the best interest of the client is always foremost. This does not mean I will necessarily tell you want you want to hear. But in the end it seems to me you are better prepared for the worst scenario should we discuss the options soberly and without sugar coating the potential outcomes or issues/concerns with a given case. It is Cerid's belief that you must be properly informed. Dynamic: The firm is flexible and capable of adjusting per the needs of a particular case. This principle also provides that each client's case is given the required and necessary attention to know what should be done and when to do it (likewise, just as important, how to do it). Law can also be a game of personalities or managing certain social scenarios, it is important to be pleasant and well-received. Do not mistaken pleasantness as someone without a backbone. Cerid will fight when appropriate and stand her ground when necessary--this can be done without being unpleasant. Efficient: Cerid, having grown up with computers and living among the computerized generations, gained a certain skill set which helps keep the firm focused on the main issues. Automation and streamlining is key for certain aspects of the law and provides the freedom to concentrate on the legal problems and issues of a casenot the paperwork. The firm accepts a variety of cases so long as we can provide a valuable service and it peaks the interest of the attorney. Some of the cases undertaken so far: Contract dispute Landlord Tenant lease dispute Brandishing a firearm Assault and Battery- Domestic and Sexual Malicious Wounding/Unlawful wounding Embezzlement Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DWI) Rape Possession of Controlled Substance Possession with Intent to Distribute Conspiracy Precursors Larcenies Breaking and Entering Stalking Reckless Driving Contempt of Court Auto theft Noise violations ABC violations- civil and criminal No Insurance Hit and Run No operator's License Expungement Driving under Suspended/Habitual Offender Restoration of license Temporary Restraining Order/Renewal of Restraining Order Trespassing Violation of probation Failing to properly register-Sex offender status Possession of Marijuana School disciplinary hearings

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Veterans Law, Workers Compensation, and Criminal Defense are areas of law which Cerid has gained a great amount of quality mentorship, has a large network of colleagues, and saw the biggest gap in quality, fair, and helpful legal services.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Cerid has a unique background. She mainly focused on her dream to play soccer/futbol professionally for her early education, but then buckled down and went to a law school which had the highest bar passage rate the year she graduated in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This was the reason she selected the school--she knew they were serious on educating the students. She then traveled overseas to Study and work in the metropolis London. Her commercial experience helps her appreciate what modern tools are available for a business and how to best streamline certain processes. The ability to distill the work into to manageable, efficient blocks, helps provide the quality legal representation people deserve. Her husband, likewise, worked at one of the top arbitration law firm's in the world. He currently works for a reputable firm in their hometown. Talking generally on what and how things are approached, further sophisticates the workmanship Cerid can provide. She has published, she has appealed and won, she has tried cases--there is not an obstacle Cerid will avoid just because she has not yet faced the challenge. She will find a solution or tirelessly work to find one. In England this is called grit or a grafter.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Quality. Straight forward. Resources. Lugar Law is a solo practitioner law firm with big firm experience and sophistication due to the attorney's background and experiences.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

The more educated the client the better. It is always good to have a client who is motivated and interested in their case. It never hurts to raise concerns or points that one thinks are important. There is no problem in this. Often it is a better use of the client's time, however, to work on obtaining pertinent paperwork, tracking witnesses, and collecting additional information the attorney requests rather than concerning themselves on a body of law which has taken years to establish and really may be but one piece to the large puzzle of putting together a legal case. Trust is an important component to a client who is motivated to read about the legal issues. So long as there is good rapport between the client and the attorney, there should not be a problem. I love when people ask me questions because it helps me understand what they understand and better informs me on what I should emphasize when I try to explain certain things that pertain to the case.

Cerid E. Lugar

Lugar Law

Cerid returned to Roanoke, Virginia from London, England. Her experience to date has coupled academic and intellectually challenging substantive areas of law with core litigation skills. Through her well-rounded experience, she aims to make her client's life easier and help them with the law's complexity, as often, those new or untrained in the law can find the legal system overwhelming and confusing.

She possesses both complex commercial experiences with domestic civil and criminal law knowledge. In London, she worked for the Kurdish Human Rights Project , Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and the Bank of England.

Whilst working for the human rights organization she produced the bi-annual Legal Review and petitioned for individuals' rights to the European Court on Human Rights-many of her clients were victims and survivors of extra-judicial killings, "disappearances", torture, unfair trials, censorship and other human rights abuses.

At the Bank of England, she worked closely with thought leaders and policy shapers in writing, discussing and analyzing ongoing and pending law which had the potential to impact the financial capital markets. Some of the areas of work included: the Bribery Act 2012, Alternative Investment Fund Management Directive, American Stability Act 2010 bill, Flip clauses (Perpetual and Dante cases), Shah v. HSBC, foreign cubed litigation (Morrison v. National Australian Bank), reviewed the UK's amicus curiae briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court to provide critique and suggestions.
At the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators she created and published comparative articles on mediation and other alternatives to trial. She likewise worked on projects involving the trends and principles of alternative dispute resolutions.
Building on this experience, she strives to assist her clients' with both criminal and civil matters in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Experience in a nutshell
Handled complex business contracts and financial matter disputes
Landlord and tenant issues
E-commerce/e-contracts and online game advice
Attorney in a multi-million dollar contract dispute and negotiations
Trial consultant in a 42 U.S.C. 1983 case
Will/trust planning, creation, and litigation
Traffic: Accidents, reckless driving, drunk driving (DUI/DWI), driving suspended (DUS), boating while intoxicated (BWI), speeding, red light running, failure to use turn signals, failure to yield, turning into the wrong lane, driving a car with a burned-out head light or tail light, improper reversal, overweight, no permit.
Criminal: Misdemeanors- Larceny, assault and battery, trespassing, protective orders, receiving stolen property, shoplifting, stalking, carrying a concealed weapon, underage possession of alcohol, fake id, possession of marijuana and resisting arrest
Felony-arson, burglary, rape, conspiracy, drug trafficking, malicious wounding, abduction, and robbery

Other related topics include: Expungement, restoration of license, and vehicle impound

Education and Honors
London School of Economics (LSE)
Post Graduate Diploma with Merit

Oxford University
Advanced work certificate

Liberty University
Juris Doctorate

Tiffin University
Bachelor in Science in Management Cum Laude

Delta Mu Delta Academic honors recipient
Academic All-American
Pro Bono Award

Superfluous tidbits
Her oddest work experience to date was working for a television company called LA Muscle tv where she participated in a Krav Maga self-defense show.

Cerid was born and raised in Northeast Ohio, placed nicely between the two metropolises of Akron and Cleveland. She came to Virginia for law school and met her husband who is from Southwest Virginia.

She has played soccer since a tot, her many athletic accomplishments include being a starter for every team, captain, national champion, and Academic All-American. She now enjoys watching soccer (what the Brits call "football") and her favorite team is Tottenham F.C. which housed the fourth most talented footballer in the World- Gareth Bale (he wears her number: eleven). The team also housed the U.S. Men's National Team's Captain Clinton Dempsey and retired U.S. goalkeeper Brad Friedel.


Bar Number: 77006
Virginia, 2008


London School of Economic
International Relations-Post Graduate Diploma, 2009

Advanced Work Certificate, 2009

Liberty University School of Law
Juris Doctorate, 2008

Tiffin University
BS International Management, 2005

Cerid Lugar

Lugar Law

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