George Jason Souther

George Jason Souther

Northwest Georgia's Criminal Defense Attorney with an insider's knowledge, experience and expertise and Domestic/Family Law Litigator

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The 2014 and 2016 recipient of the Dalton Daily Citizen Newspaper Reader's Choice Award for the Best Attorney in Northwest Georgia.

Mr. Souther honed his legal skills as an Assistant District Attorney, trying highly complex and high profile cases for the State of Georgia. Mr. Souther successfully prosecuted misdemeanor Public Drunkenness cases to Felony Attempted Murder and Drug Trafficking cases and everything in-between. Mr. Souther now uses that inside knowledge and experience to defend clients charged by the State vigorously and aggressively. Highly experienced and highly knowledgeable, you deserve to be represented by someone who knows what steps the State will use to prosecute you.

Mr. Souther uses the vast amount of courtroom experience gained from years as an Assistant District Attorney as a Domestic/Family Law litigator in the northwest Georgia area. Working with prominent Domestic/Family Law attorney J. Raymond "Randy" Bates Jr, Mr. Souther has successfully litigated Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Paternity, Legitimation and various other Domestic/Family Law cases for his clients. Mr. Souther utilizes a highly personalized approach for each case to achieve the specific goals for each client. No matter what your specific needs and goals are, Mr. Souther will work tirelessly to help you achieve them.
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Criminal Defense
Criminal Defense
As a former Assistant District Attorney with the Whitfield County District Attorney's Office, Mr. Souther handled over one thousand criminal cases ranging from traffic citations and misdemeanor drug charges to attempted murder and serious drug trafficking offenses. Mr. Souther has tremendous experience at all levels of the Criminal Law process, from initial charging decision to trial and subsequent appeals. During the course of each case, the State makes decisions that greatly affect your case and seek to enhance its probability of convicting you. Having a great deal of experience himself as an Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Souther is aware of these steps and decisions and can take steps intended to counteract such decisions by the State. Because of his extensive experience as a prosecutor, Mr. Souther knows what it takes to successfully prosecute your case and knows what it takes to successfully defend your case. Odds are, no matter what you have been charged with, Mr. Souther has prosecuted a case like yours, multiple times over. Let that inside knowledge and expertise work for you.

Criminal Law Experience:
-Misdemeanor and Felony Drug Possession/Distribution/Trafficking cases.
-Misdemeanor and Felony Property/Burglary/Theft cases.
-Misdemeanor and Felony Driving/DUI cases.
-Misdemeanor and Felony Domestic Violence related cases.
-Misdemeanor and Felony cases involving Assault, Battery and other violent offenses against another person.
-Misdemeanor and Felony cases involving Stalking and Aggravated Stalking.
-Complex Criminal Law issues including Merger, Lesser-Included Offenses, Rule of Lenity, Competency, Insanity, Equal Access.
-Criminal Appeals before the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia.
Divorce cases are difficult on all persons involved and can involve extremely complicated matters during the process. Whether you are looking for information about how the Divorce process works and what you can expect or if you have been served with a Divorce Complaint, Mr. Souther can help you decide how to move forward. Each Divorce case is different and has different considerations when litigating your case through the court system. You need to understand what is marital property that is subject to division in the Divorce case and what is separate property that is not subject to division. You need to consider custody and visitation arrangements for minor children, child support, tax dependency, what will happen to the marital residence, financial accounts, debts, etc. Mr. Souther works hard to protect your interests in a Divorce case, make the complicated process understandable and work hard to achieve your intended results. Mr. Souther has worked on the hardest and most complicated of Divorce cases and will work diligently and quickly to help you through this process.

Divorce Experience:
-Ex Parte Orders involving custody of minor children, exclusive use of the marital property.
-Additions of third parties to a Divorce claim in certain, very specific scenarios.
-Worked on multi-million dollar Divorce case involving dozens of businesses, each requiring business valuations and dozens of properties.
-Worked on highly contested Divorce cases involving competing claims for primary custody of minor children.
-Divorce cases with claims of infidelity, evidence of infidelity, fraudulent activities, private investigations and appointments of Guardians ad Litem.
Defending a DUI charge is one of the most technical and complicated of all matters a Criminal Defense attorney will handle. Mr. Souther has successfully prosecuted a wide range of DUI cases involving good driving, bad driving, sobriety tests, no sobriety tests, breath/blood tests, no breath/blood tests and other factual aspects surrounding a DUI charge. Mr. Souther has extensive knowledge of the technical requirements that the State must prove for a blood, breath or field sobriety test to be admissible in the prosecution of a DUI charge. Mr. Souther is well-versed in the technical details of the breathalyzer machine used by law enforcement and its strengths, weaknesses and the requirements that State must prove to use its findings in court. Mr. Souther has detailed knowledge of the field sobriety tests that law enforcement officers administer during a DUI investigation, how they are properly administered and common ways that they are not administered correctly. All of this knowledge concerning how a DUI is properly investigated, charged and prosecuted is used to effectively, vigorously and passionately defend you and your rights when you have been charged with a DUI.

DUI Case Experience:
-Cases involving both good driving and poor driving.
-Cases where video evidence of driving was present and used in court and cases where it either did not exist or where it was kept out of court.
-DUI alcohol, DUI controlled substances, DUI prescribed medications.
-Field Sobriety testing, No Field Sobriety testing.
-Roadside breathalyzer (Alcosensor).
-Expert witness attacks on Breathalyzer accuracy (Intoxilyzer 5000 & 9000)
-Expert witness attacks on field sobriety testing protocol.
-Reduction of DUI charge to Reckless Driving
Child Custody
Child Custody
Mr. Souther is experienced and has handled very contentious cases involving competing claims of custody over minor children. A judge is to consider the best interest of a child when awarding one party primary physical custody of a minor child. With that in mind, Mr, Souther and the client make a plan of action with regards to instituting an action or defending an action where there is a claim for primary physical custody. A tremendous amount of evidence is used in order to make as strong a claim as possible that the minor child's best interest is with the client. Aspects such as where the child has been attending school, the bonding between the parent and child, the parent's willingness to cooperatively co-parent, the parent's involvement in the child's school and extracurricular life are just a few of the many considerations that must be shown to the judge when presenting a case for custody. Mr Souther is well aware of the importance and significance of child custody matters and works diligently with his clients to assure that they have as good a chance of a successful resolution as possible. Whether a custody matter exists through a Divorce case, a Legitimation action, a Modification action or a third party or a grandparent-initiated action, Mr. Souther knows how to present a case to the Judge to afford his client the best chance of success.

Child Custody Case Experience:
-Custody matters arising from Divorce actions.
-Custody matters arising from Legitimation actions.
-Custody matters arising from Modification actions of prior custody determinations by the Court.
-Custody matters concerning elections by the child and where the child expresses his/her desire to the Court.
-Custody matters involving a Guardian ad Litem.
-Contentious custody matters involving claims of parental unfitness, misbehavior by either parent and issues concerning the safety/well-being of the child.
-Custody matters brought by a third party.
-Custody matters brought by a grandparent.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Mr. Souther developed an interest in Criminal Law matters in Law School at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio as a court-appointed Public Defender for Criminal cases during his final year of Law School. Upon graduation, Mr, Souther became an Assistant District Attorney for the Conasauga Circuit, which covers Whitfield and Murray County. Mr. Souther handled over a thousand criminal matters and obtained convictions for the State of Georgia in Burglary, Aggravated Stalking, Cruelty to Children, Aggravated Battery, Attempted Murder, Drug Trafficking, Drug Possession/Distribution cases as well as many, many more. It is this background and inside information as to how the State prosecutes a criminal case that led Mr. Souther to Criminal Defense work. Mr. Souther employs the knowledge and experience gained as an Assistant District Attorney to defend his criminal clients against charges brought by the State.

Mr. Souther has had a great interest in Domestic/Family Law cases as they affect the common person and affect their family during turbulent times and times of uncertainty. Mr. Souther works with prominent Domestic/Family Law attorney J. Raymond "Randy" Bates on highly contested and complicated Domestic/Family Law cases on a daily basis. Mr. Souther leaves no stone unturned as he litigates his client's Domestic/Family Law cases and handles all matters ranging from the uncontested to the highly contested at trial.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

As the two-time recipient of the Dalton Daily Citizen Newspaper Reader's Choice award for Best Attorney in Northwest Georgia, Mr. Souther has always kept his client's interests at the forefront of each case and involves each client in their case each step of the way to a resolution. When clients have questions or issues arise, Mr. Souther is quick to respond and beleives that constant and consistent contact with his clients is of the utmost importance as the client's case moves through the court system. With Mr. Souther as your attorney, you are not a number or a burden, you are a name and a valued part of your case and of his office. A highly personalized approach to each client and each case can be expected.

G. Jason Souther

G. Jason Souther is the two-time recipient of the Dalton Daily Citizen Newspaper Reader's Choice Award for the Best Attorney in Northwest Georgia.

A fourth-generation native of Dalton, G. Jason Souther attended Dalton High School before attending and graduating from the University of Tennessee and then the University of Dayton School of Law in Dayton, Ohio. Mr. Souther works tirelessly to achieve his client's goals, whether they be in Criminal or Domestic/Family Law cases. Mr. Souther keeps his clients highly involved in every aspect of their case and stays in constant contact with his clients through every part of the process. Mr. Souther is dedicated to helping his client obtain their goals.

Mr Souther is licensed to practice in the courts of all counties in the State of Georgia, the Court of Appeals of the State of Georgia and the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia.
  • Bar Number: 158099
    Georgia , 2010
  • University of Dayton (OH)
    Juris Doctor , 2009
  • University of Tennessee
    Bachelor of Arts , 2006

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