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Thompson Law Group, PC

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Thompson Law Group focuses on consumer and business bankruptcy as well as corporate/business issues. We act as in-house counsel for small to medium-sized businesses who cannot afford full-time in-house counsel, but periodically need advice on business issues. Thompson Law Group focuses on prevention of disputes and strives to educate clients on legal matters before a situation erupts into litigation. These issues include potential client complaints, contract drafting and review, corporate maintenance and set up as well as collection matters to maintain cash flow. In addition, Thompson Law Group focuses on collections specific to the construction industry as well as individuals seeking to collect on a judgment. Our philosophy applies to our bankruptcy clients as well. We seek to provide quality advice to those that may become financially distressed prior to the situation becoming critical.

Thompson Law Group - Nevada was established in 2007 and has offices in both Las Vegas and Reno. Thompson Law Group - Arizona was established in 2001.

Example cases

Given the firm philosophy of prevention of litigation by proactive immediate response to potential disputes, we do not have many litigated cases for our business clients. Our bankruptcy cases generally run smoothly as we prepare them thoroughly to anticipate problems prior to filing. Most of our consumer bankruptcy clients receive a discharge unless they have not been forthcoming with information about their situation. We have been hugely successful in stripping off second mortgages in our Chapter 13 cases. Again, we do not move to eliminate the second mortgage unless we are almost positive that we can do so. We have yet to be unable to strip off a second mortgage in all of the cases we handled last year.

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2321 E. Speedway Blvd.
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Free Initial Consultation?

All bankruptcy consultations are free and may be done by phone or in person. All other consultations are $200 for an hour of attorney time. Depending on the circumstances, the initial consultation fee will be applied to any future work so essentially the consultation is free.

Services Offered For Fixed Fees?

My firm attempts to provide most services at a flat rate as we find that this allows for the most certainty in legal fees for the client. For example, corporate set-up and maintenance, garnishments, contract review and Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies are all services provided for a flat rate. In certain instances, contract drafting can be done for a flat rate. However, litigation generally is billed hourly as there is no way to be sure of the amount of time that will be involved. If any service other than litigation needs to be billed on an hourly rate, we attempt to give clients a ballpark amount of the fees as well as we will respect any cap on amount of time to spend that the client gives us (in a situation such as an hourly contract drafting) so long as the task can be completed appropriately within the amount of time set by the client.

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Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Office Manager

Gervois Close, Irene Lehane and Nereida Rodriguez.

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How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I chose business law, bankruptcy, and collections as my focus given I have been a business owner since graduating from law school. As such, I have personal experience with these issues. When I first started practicing, I did virtually everything or anything that would pay the bills and I was competent to handle. I had clerked for a litigation firm through law school so I knew mostly litigation and handled those types of cases. I learned the ins and outs of collection when I took a litigation case on a contingency basis because my client had no money to pay me and I thought I could win. We won the case and the defendant refused to pay us, which meant not only was my client not getting paid, but neither was I. This being unacceptable, I opened up the Arizona Practice Series on collection and started with Chapter 1 until I was able to collect all of the money that was owed. Now, I am the author of this volume of Arizona Legal Forms. I learned construction lien law and bankruptcy when one of my business law clients became financially distressed and I advised the company to seek counsel to handle a Chapter 11 bankruptcy to save the company. Given my relationship with the company's debtors as well as my newly found experience with collections, I was hired as special counsel in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy to collect the company debt such that the Chapter 11 plan could be funded and the company saved. I found that despite my mistakes in running my own business I enjoyed it and wished that someone had sat me down and told me what I know now. Had I received the advice I give to my clients, I could have avoided the stress of worrying about how to pay the bills and appropriately manage my company.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

I am a huge proponent of clients becoming educated on legal issues that may affect them or their businesses. I find that education as to when their might be an issue such that an attorney's advice should be sought, limits clients' exposure to liability as most disputes can be avoided or limited if the client is aware that there may be an issue. My firm strives to educate clients as well as the public that it is imperative to have specific accurate information on their legal situation so that they may make an educated decision as to what is in their best interest. Too many times individuals are not educated on legal issues and a relatively simple matter may become much worse as the client was unaware that there was a problem.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

In the business arena, I suggest that clients prepare a first draft of any contract that they wish for me prepare. This saves on attorney's fees and gives me a good idea as to the client's goals. I am always happy to prepare an entire contract from start to finish, but editing a contract or having bullet points for clauses from the client limits the amount of time necessary for full contract preparation.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

I strive to keep legal fees as low as possible so that legal representation is cost-effective. In most instances, clients representing themselves in litigation or bankruptcy are truly doing themselves a disservice as the nuances of these areas of law are difficult to teach and anticipate without legal experience and training. I will definitely speak with clients who wish to represent themselves and advise them as to whether or not they really should have counsel for whatever the situation. I will always coach clients who are collecting judgments for themselves or filing small claims actions as in those instances there are not many legal pitfalls.

Lisa Thompson

Thompson Law Group, PC

Since 1995, I have worked as an attorney in my own law firm. In addition, I have worked as an adjunct professor for the University of Arizona - College of Law, Universidad de Guadlajara and Universidad de las Americas in San Jose, Costa Rica. I have taught legal research and writing as well as international business transaction law. I continue to guest lecture on business law for entrepreneurs and business owners at Arizona State University, Pima Community College and for the Alliance of Construction Trades. I also have authored four books for Thomson West on business law in Arizona and Nevada, collections and partnership agreements.

Since I graduated law school, I have always been a small business owner and entrepreneur. As such, I have been where most of my clients are and can empathize with how they feel. As a fledgling business owner, I made every mistake possible and I have learned from them. For example, I do not preach to clients about the theory of how to run a business. I educate them on practicalities of business ownership and maintenance as well as the legal issues involved based on my own experience as well as my legal training. Running a small business also entails the stress of collection and worrying about debt. I can empathize with bankruptcy clients as to the worries of their financial situation and ability to pay bills.

My strength is my empathy towards my clients and their situation no matter what it may be. I only practice in areas that I know and have personal experience with so I always empathize with my clients' situation. My style is casual, yet professional and my intent is for all clients to be a part of our team. I want no client to leave our office feeling like they do not understand the situation or have a plan to deal with it no matter what contingencies there may be in the future. We also stress prevention of litigation by discussing potential situations before they become full blown disputes. Generally, litigation can be avoided if clients obtain legal advice prior to a situation becoming critical. Additionally, for clients that believe that they or their company will likely become financially distressed either in the near or not so near future, we advise that they speak with us before the situation becomes critical and creditors aggressive. If we are able to discuss the situation prior to it becoming an emergency, we likely can avoid many of the pitfalls of bankruptcy and help the client to strategize accordingly.

Personal interests:

I enjoy painting ceramics, reading, traveling, and collecting Latin American art.


Bar Number: 016794
Arizona, 1995

Bar Number: 10249
Nevada, 2006

Bar Number: 450584
District of Columbia, 1997


University of Arizona - College of Law
Juris Doctorate, 1995

University of Arizona - College of Law
LL.M., 1997

University of Arizona
B.A., 1991

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