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	 Liberty Street Advisory Group

We begin our engagements with a thorough analysis of each client's history, family and needs.

Firm Overview

Welcome to Liberty Street Advisory Group. With over $2.0 billion of firm experience, we offer our clients premier asset protection services. Liberty Street was founded by Tom Greene, who left his position as a Senior Vice President at Lehman Brothers to start Liberty Street Capital so-named because the firm's first offices were in New York's World Trade Center located on historic Liberty Street.

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Main Office
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Estate Planning

Estate planning can seem complex, but with experienced, supportive and capable attorneys we make it a smooth process.

Often people know it's time to put together an estate plan, but they've been postponing it. Now may be the time to get started. If you were to die today, what would happen to your family? For example, without a will, the courts could decide who raises your children and control the distribution of your probate estate. And you want to make sure the assets you've worked so hard to accumulate during your lifetime aren't dissipated by taxes or perhaps, by your beneficiaries' creditors. Estate planning can seem like a complex process, but it is made easier with the support of capable, experienced professionals.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

We begin our engagements with a thorough analysis of each client's history, family and needs. Then we develop a plan, make recommendations, identify and formulate the execution team and coordinate with family members and/or family advisors (e.g., CPA's, attorneys, insurance advisors) to ensure that all the individuals involved in the asset protection process complement each other and understand the client's needs. Everyone knows a life insurance representative. Most know a financial advisor or two. And some even know an attorney who specializes in estate planning. Unfortunately, only a few know an expert skilled in the larger aspects of asset protection. So, a firm like Liberty Street Advisory Group that brings together in one place diverse experiences, is a new invention altogether. The benefit of having these diversified areas organized and coordinated as a single endeavor is manifested in a high quality plan, efficiency, lower costs and improved performance.


	 Liberty Street Advisory Group

Tom Greene, a long-standing member of the Georgia and Washington, D.C. bar associations, founded Liberty Street Law to cater to the unique needs of entrepreneurs, high-risk professionals, physicians and high net-worth individuals in the areas of corporate and business law, estate planning and asset protection. These practice areas work "hand in glove" to serve the wide interests of our clients and their families and their desire for a thoughtful approach to the long-term preservation of family assets and, generational estate planning. Liberty Street Law seeks to combine superior service in each of these areas with a cost-effective outcome.

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