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Lehmbecker Law Firm has decades of experience to help ensure you get the proper treatment for your injuries, compensation for your medical bills, wage loss, and emotional support, depending on the severity of your injuries.

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Lehmbecker Law was founded in 1986 by attorney Larry Lehmbecker as a general practice law firm in Bellevue, Washington. However, after four years of practicing general law, Larry decided his passion lay in helping people who had suffered a personal injury. A personal injury can greatly impact a person's lifefinancially, personally and emotionally. The Lehmbecker Law team is dedicated to supporting those who have had the misfortune of being injured in a car accident, a fall, while on the job or as a result of medical malpractice. If you have suffered an injury, contact us for a free consultation to determine how we can help make your life easier and get you the financial help you deserve.

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Firm founder Larry Lehmbecker was raised in Renton, Washington. He graduated from the University of Washington in 1983 and University of California Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco in 1986. Upon graduation, Larry decided he wanted to serve the people with whom he grew up. He moved back to the Seattle area and opened a general law practice providing legal services such as family law,estate planning, small business consulting, personal injury and workers' compensation.However, he soon learned that the work he found most compelling was representing people who were injured in accidents.Often in desperate need of assistance to rebuild their lives, Larry changed his practice to an injury law firm in 1990 and has focused in this area of law ever since.