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Our attorneys have been dedicated to creatively and aggressively resolving our clients' legal issues for decades. Nothing is more stressful that problems in the workplace. Our jobs are how we care for our families, how we put food on the table. Those who find themselves in a work-related conflict that requires legal assistance, need attorneys who will deal with them respectfully and compassionately, they will find what they seek here at Lazear Mack.

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If you work for a large corporation or other company that you believe is engaging in practices that violate Federal or California labor law, and are unsure of where you stand legally, you may wish to call one of our attorneys at Lazear Mack. Decades of practice in this area have resulted in our garnering significant expertise in the area of "class action" law. With our abundance of litigation experience, Lazear Mack will be able to help you determine what remedies may be available to you in any given situation. Whether your case involves discrimination, working off the clock, charge-back disagreements within a salesforce team, or another area of employer misconduct, our attorneys have the experience to navigate the law on the employees' behalf, to represent you on your grievances are exposed and achieve a just result whenever possible. As an example, the staff at Lazear Mack have long battled employers' discrimination against employees based upon their pension benefit plans. It is an unfortunate fact that employers' efforts to reduce operating costs often result in cheating their employees out of promised benefits. For example, under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and various provisions of California law, it is unlawful for an employer to target employees for termination or prevent an employee from collecting benefits simply based upon their entitlement or future entitlement to a pension, or their need for health care related to certain pre-existing medical conditions. It is also unlawful for an employer to misappropriate an employee's vested pension funds. The law surrounding employee benefit plans is enormously complex, so if you are concerned your employer may be breaking the laws regarding fair administration of employee benefits, contact Lazear Mack today.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Mr. Lazear's father was a janitor, an immigrant from Ukraine who worked nights in a tireless effort to provide his children the hope of a better life, that they might realize the American Dream. The example set by his father inspired Mr. Lazear's lifelong commitment to protecting and enforcing the rights of working men and women at the hands of unethical or careless employers. Mr. Mack's father marched with Martin Luther King during the Civil Rights movement, and is a teaching attorney, whose practice has always centered on the idea that American's Civil Liberties are paramount. With the history behind both men, their practices have always been focused on protecting the American worker against exploitation. That tenet has served their clients well, and decades later, they still carry the torch.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Arthur Lazear is a pioneer in the field of labor law and employment class actions. When his firm reached a landmark victory against Continental Can Company in the early 1980s, exposing a pension fraud scam and recovering upwards of 400 million for the class nationwide, it cemented his idea that justice can be achieved, though how to achieve it may not be readily apparent. Diligence and perseverence are often the watchwords for success. The experience of handing out checks to these workers at the conclusion of the case, and their expressions of gratitude for their pension funds, provided him with what remains perhaps his favorite career moment: that of helping to effect a hands-on enactment of justice.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Lazear Mack is a Practice with a purpose. Dedicated to handling client matters with compassion in conjuction with skill, Lazear Mack handles a variety of employment claims including: unpaid wages, class actions, discrimination (based on gender, race, age,national origin, pregnancy, and LGBTQ issues), sexual harassment, and medical leave denial (FMLA). In addition to our clients coming away knowing they've been well represented, we hope they leave knowing that they have been shepherded through the legal system with respect for their concerns and an acknowledgment of their input.

Arthur Lazear

Lazear Mack Attorneys at Law

Arthur Lazear has practiced law for more than 30 years, helping to obtain successful results for worthy clients nationwide. Mr. Lazear has prosecuted some of the biggest class actions ever litigated in employment law, but has never abandoned his level of personal attention to each client, which is the firm's hallmark.

Mr. Lazear's father was a janitor, an immigrant from Ukraine who worked nights in a tireless effort to provide his children the hope of a better life, that they might realize the American Dream. The example set by his father inspired Mr. Lazear's lifelong commitment to protecting and enforcing the rights of working men and women at the hands of unethical or careless employers. He began his career appearing at arbitrations, on behalf of labor union employees, including steelworkers, communications workers, federal government employees, and of course, janitors, completing more than 100 labor arbitrations in his storied career.

Mr. Lazear has trained generations of lawyers how to practice law and how to write persuasive arguments, and his briefs are often used as teaching tools in law schools. He is native of New York, a graduate of the University of California-Berkeley and Boalt Hall School of Law, and remains an avid Cal and East Bay sports fan. Mr. Lazear is married to Angela Lazear, also a firm employee, and they have two children.

Morgan Mack

Lazear Mack Attorneys at Law

Morgan Mack has practiced law in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost 15 years, helping to obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in damages and settlement awards for deserving clients nationwide. Mr. Mack has worked closely with his clients to produce a number of the largest class action settlements ever achieved in employment law, while maintaining his devotion to actualizing the best possible result for each class member.

Mr. Mack was raised in a culture of advocacy for those in need, his mother an accomplished school-teacher, his father a civil rights attorney and professor with a long history of substantial pro bono litigation over the years, including work with Martin Luther King in Chicago, Cesar Chavez and Ralph Abascal in California, and Joseph Rauh in Washington D.C. Growing up in this environment instilled Mr. Mack with a devotion to protecting the rights of working men and women.

Mr. Mack, raised in Washington D.C., graduated from The Colorado College and Hastings College of Law. Mr. Mack lives with his wife and two young boys in Sausalito, California.

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