Lawrence Jay Litman Esq, Attorney at Law

Lawrence Jay Litman Esq, Attorney at Law

My firm handles all aspects of Immigration and Deportation Law

Firm Overview

For clients throughout San Bernardino County, my firm delivers strong legal support in the following areas:

Deportation defense If U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers detain you, I will rush to your side, act as your voice, and help you build a solid deportation defense.

Immigration Since 1982 I have proudly helped clients in California with a variety of immigration matters including family-based green cards, employment green cards, and immigrant and nonimmigrant visas.

Citizenship With more than 35 years of experience in immigration law, I have the knowledge and skill to guide clients through the naturalization and citizenship process so they can realize their dreams of becoming American citizens.

Recognizing that your immigration matter is your top priority, I focus my time and energy on developing effective strategies to resolve your case. I offer a free initial consultation to ease your stress and ensure you understand your options so you can proceed with confidence.

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Main Office
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Immigration Law

Immigration law is all we concentrate on

Deportation Proceedings
Employment Visas
Permanent Visas
Green Cards
Deportation Defense
Immigrant and Non-immigrant Visas