Law Offices of Stuart A. Katz

Law Offices of Stuart A. Katz

Preeminent Debt Collections Attorney in Newport Beach, CA Successfully Recovers Money Owed to You

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More than 25 years of experience helping individuals and businesses recover millions of dollars
Does someone owe you or your business money? Are you tired of waiting for payments that never come and of hearing excuses that never end? The Law Offices of Stuart A Katz in Newport Beach can help. Stuart Katz represents clients throughout the entire State of California in all collection matters, including accounts receivable, promissory notes, foreclosure on secured debts, lien foreclosures, mechanics' liens and other construction collection remedies, design professionals' liens, stop notice, and payment bond claims. Whether the case is referred for new collection litigation or for post-judgment enforcement, he can help recover your bad debts.

Why choose Stuart Katz's Newport Beach debt collections law firm?
The Law Offices of Stuart A Katz offer you:
-Experienced advocacy. During his more than 25 years as a debt collections lawyer, Attorney Katz has handled a wide variety of debt collections cases and developed proven, successful collection strategies. His in-house investigation team reviews every file for collection leads and assesses information from multiple sources, including real property databases, public records, credit reports, internet searches, and outside investigations, to determine which tactics and enforcement procedures are most likely to produce a recovery. Enforcement may include bank levies, third-party levies, wage garnishments, real property execution sales, judgment debtor examinations, third-party examinations, subpoenas and other remedies. No matter the complexity of your case, attorney Stuart Katz has the skills, knowledge and experience to help you resolve it quickly and efficiently.
-Results-oriented, affordable service. Stuart Katz takes your legal matters seriously. He isn't satisfied until he achieves the results you need. Attorney Katz understands that creditors require high-quality legal representation at affordable cost. His collection strategies have recovered millions of dollars in debts owed at low cost to his clients. Cases are handled on a contingency or hourly basis.
-Professionalism. The Law Offices of Stuart Katz communicates clearly with you and provides precise advice about what to expect as your case moves forward. Attorney Katz has earned the highest recognition in the legal industry for his professionalism and ethics, meaning that he maintains an AV Preeminent Rating. At his office, you receive personalized attention and experience the hands-on case management style that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Call him today and schedule your free consultation.

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No more excuses. Get the money you deserve. You've heard all the excuses: "I forgot the payment was due today." "I'll get you the money next week." "That wasn't part of the deal." "I don't need to pay you for that."

When you've heard enough and want your money now, The Law Offices of Stuart Katz is the firm you can trust to get results. Collections attorney Stuart A. Katz has successfully helped a wide variety of clients including banks, businesses, corporations, attorneys, accountants, landlords, real estate agencies, consulting firms and financing companies collect the debts owed to them. He is relentless in his pursuit of justice, tracking down your debtors and insisting they give you the compensation you deserve.

More than 25 years of experience handling collections
From his office in Newport Beach, Stuart Katz helps clients throughout California in debt collection cases involving:
-Accounts receivable
-Promissory notes
-Foreclosure on secured debts
-Lien foreclosures
-Construction collection remedies, including mechanics' liens, design professionals' liens, stop notice and payment bond claims
-Unpaid loans
-Enforcement of judgements
-Letters of credit and other extensions of credit
-Fees owed for professional services
-Debts for goods sold or delivered
-Unpaid rent on commercial and industrial property
-Unjust enrichment claims
-Replevin actions subject to creditors' liens
-Breach of contract actions
-Sister state & foreign judgements

Attorney Katz has 25 years of experience providing clients with aggressive advocacy both in and out of court. He puts the power back in your hands and is committed to getting you every last penny of your money.

An overview of the collections process
-Receipt and review of your files

-Demand letter Attorney Katz sends a letter to the debtor demanding payment. If the debtor responds to the letter, he consults with you to see if you want to discount the debt and work to set up a payment schedule.

-Lawsuit If the debtor does not respond, Law Offices of Stuart Katz seeks your permission to file a lawsuit. Once a suit is filed, attorney Katz moves quickly to obtain a judgment in your favor before trial. Although rare, if trial becomes necessary, he vigorously defends your right to collect payment.

-Judgment A judgment gives attorney Katz the opportunity to get the debtor's attention. He attaches liens on the debtor's real estate and moves to file wage garnishments to secure payment on the debt. These garnishments take money from the debtor's bank account, paychecks and any other sources of income. If he cannot locate a debtor's place of employment, he can force the debtor to appear in court for a post-judgment deposition and testify about the finances.

-Enforcement If the debtor fails to appear at the deposition, attorney Katz can have that debtor jailed for contempt of court. He usually reaches out to the debtor before this becomes necessary, but if people continue to refuse to pay what they owe, Stuart A. Katz has no problem with sending them to jail.

Stuart Katz

Law Offices of Stuart A. Katz

He has earned an AV Preeminent Peer Review Rating by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest recognition possible in the legal industry, for his professionalism and ethics.

Practice areas
-Commercial collections
-Judgment enforcement
-Sister state and foreign judgment enforcement
-Mechanics' liens
-Construction liens
-Design professionals' liens
-Payment bonds and stop notice claims
-Materialmen's liens
-Secured collections
-Unsecured collections

-California, 1985
-Colorado, 1995
-U.S. District Court, Northern, Central, Southern and Eastern Districts of California

-Indiana University, School of Law-Bloomington, J.D., 1984
-Indiana University, M.B.A., 1984
-Indiana University, B.A., with distinction, 1980

Associations & memberships
-Phi Beta Kappa
-Orange County Bar Association (Chairman, Creditors Rights Section, 1994)
-State Bar of California
-State Bar of Colorado


Indiana University
Juris Doctorate,