Law Offices Of Seymour Wasserstrum

Law Offices Of Seymour Wasserstrum

We help people get out of debt and get started on the way to a much brighter financial future. The government can forgive all your debts in less than 4 months, and we can help you reestablish your credit quickly. Get debt relief and stress relief.

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I have been an attorney for 43 years, and I feel totally energized and totally motivated to help as many people as humanly possible. I just celebrated my first year of married life, and my wife Theresa and I agree that its been the best year of both of our lives. Theresa is a licensed attorney in Illinois, and will soon be a fully licensed New Jersey lawyer. We have two outstanding associate attorneys, John Amenhauser and Ken Borger. We have a team of about 25 support staff: our loan modification team, paralegals, bankruptcy case managers, receptionists, and legal assistants. We are here to serve and to provide our clients with the best legal representation we can offer. Having practiced for 43 years, I have worked in numerous areas of the law. Right now my personal focus is directed towards helping honest people legally get out debt, and obtaining a fresh financial start. I also focus on helping homeowners and other property owners who are having problems keeping up with their mortgage payment. I love to be able to tell my clients, "You are now completely debt free, and we can help you reestablish your credit in the future. If you want to finance a home or a car, I can help you with that also." Similarly, I love to be able to tell homeowners and other property owners, "Congratulations, we have made a deal with the mortgage company. Don't worry about all of those mortgage payments you missed. The mortgage company has agreed to put them at the back end of your mortgage. We are now saving you 3% on your mortgage interest rate, and your monthly mortgage payment is being decreased by $500. You don't have to worry about a sheriff's sale or foreclosure any more." My clients usually receive debt relief and stress relief, and look forward to a much brighter financial future. I help my clients reestablish their credit, and I help them get mortgages and finance car purchases at reasonable interest rates. There are many benefits from filing bankruptcy. Many people have the wrong impression about bankruptcy because there is so much misinformation out there. There are a lot of misconceptions , misunderstandings, and miscommunications. I personally think that most of the phony propaganda has been put out there by the credit card companies. I call credit cards plastic poison, and I call the credit card companies plastic poison pushers. The big banks make more money on credit cards than any other area of banking. Many of my clients have been paying 15%, 20%, 25% and more interest every year on credit card debt. How would you like to put your money in the bank and earn 25% interest? You'd double your money in less than three years. That's the kind of money the banks make. If you need to file bankruptcy, don't feel bad for the credit card companies. They have probably already made a ton of money on you over the years by charging you all of those crazy high interest rates. And when you make your minimum payment every month, are you decreasing the amount of money you owe, or is almost all of your payment going towards interest? Don't be surprised that at this rate, if you never used your credit cards again, it would still take you 10 years, 15 years, or even 20 years to pay off all of your credit card debt. I recently created a very simple list called "Seymour's 25 Best Reasons to File for Bankruptcy." It literally took me about five minutes. This is not phony propaganda or fluff, this is real. Are you ready? Seymour's 25 Best Reasons to File for Bankruptcy: 1.Stop Mortgage Foreclosure and Save your home. 2.Substantially reduce your monthly mortgage payment. 3.Immediately Stop a Sheriff Sale. 4.Become Completely Debt Free in 4 Months. 5.Reestablish Your Credit Quickly. 6.Eliminate all of your credit card debt. 7.Eliminate all medical bills. 8.Wipe out all utility bills. 9.Get your electric or gas turned back on. 10.Wipe out many old income taxes. 11.Wipe out pay day loans. 12.Wipe out Motor Vehicle Surcharges and get your license back. 13.Wipe out fees you owe to your lawyer. 14.Keep everything you own, including your home and your retirement money. 15.Stop Wage Garnishments. 16.Release money on frozen bank accounts. 17.Stop your landlord from evicting you. 18.Stop the Repo man. 19.Substantially lower your car payments. 20.Wipe out second mortgages. 21.Reduce mortgage payoffs on rental or investment properties. 22.Forgiveness of debt is based on the Bible. 23.Bankruptcy is your constitutional right. 24.About two million people file bankruptcy every year. 25.It worked for Donald Trump and it can work for you. As an attorney for 43 years, we'd love to be your family lawyer. We can also help you with: Injuries from Car Accidents Worker's Compensation Medical and Legal Malpractice Social Security Disability Wills and Estates Traffic Court Immigration Criminal Cases Family Law Business Cases Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks And Much More Call us at 856 696 8300. We are here to help

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Seymour Wasserstrum

Law Offices Of Seymour Wasserstrum

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