Law Offices of Saul Roffe, Esq.

Law Offices of Saul Roffe, Esq.

I am a full service corporate attorney that can handle all your corporate needs from formation and operation through your transactions up to and including any litigation you may be drawn into.

Firm Overview

I am a solo practitioner with over 28 years of corporate law experience, from securities offerings and transactions, to M&A transactions. general contracts and corporate documents, corporate governance and litigation, should that become necessary.
I have handled or led teams on many M&A transactions in the tens of millions, completed hundreds of private securities offerings and many public securities offerings.
I also am well versed in corporate and securities litigation, having been lead or co-lead counsel on many cases including In re Initial Public Offering Securities Litigation, Seijas v. Republic of Argentina, Hearn v. Rite Aid Corporation and numerous others. I also have handled general corporate litigation, including corporate governance litigation, note collection litigation, litigation concerning M&A transactions and others.
Therefore, I have a unique perspective because, unlike most attorneys, I have both drafted, defended or tried to attack corporate documents and businesses. Because of this, I can use my experience in litigation to strengthen my securities offerings and corporate documents because I know what attorneys attacking them look for. It also strengthens my corporate transactional documents because I know were litigators look for weaknesses.
In addition I have experience forming, operating, and maintaining broker-dealers, Registered Investment Advisers and private investment funds. I have regulatory and compliance experience in these areas as well.
Lastly, I also have experience in certain non-corporate areas. I have formed and set up numerous trusts, drafted wills, and handled immigration matters for clients.
Overall, I can help you in your business from initial formation through successful growth, while helping navigate the pitfalls along the way.

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I am a full service corporate and litigation attorney that can handle all your matters from formation and operation, business transactions, to representing your business should you be involved in any litigation.

I am an experienced attorney with experience in all areas of corporate law and any matter that impacts your business.
I have completed many corporate transactions and litigated many as well. Therefore, I use my experience on the litigation side to inform my work on the transactional side, giving me a unique perspective that assists me in the construction of transactions that avoid litigation.
I have, in my career, formed hundreds of corporations, handled many public offerings of varying size and hundreds of private securities offerings. I also have negotiated and led numerous teams, or worked them alone, for M&A transactions, including the purchase of an online beauty supply site and the purchase of a green electrical company, both transactions exceeding $30 million each.
I have securities and Registered Investment Adviser compliance experience and formation experience, including private investment funds and broker-dealers,including representing the first African-American broker-dealer with a seat on the New York Stock Exchange.
I have represented numerous corporations in their general business matters and document drafting.
I also have corporate, employment and securities litigation experience, having been lead or co-lead counsel in matters such as In Re Initial Public Offering Securities Litigation, Seijas v. Republic of Argentina, Hearn v. Rite Aid Corporation, and numerous other cases. I have also represented clients in note collection matters, general corporate litigation and similar litigation.
Lastly, I have experience and have handled many real estate transactions, wills, trusts and estate matters and immigration law matters.
In short, I have wide ranging experience and can assist you on areas of law, particularly in corporate law, corporate transactions and litigation.


Saul Roffe

Law Offices of Saul Roffe, Esq.


Bar Number: 000251988
New Jersey, 1988

Bar Number: 2201390
New York, 1988


Brooklyn College, City University of New York
B.A., 1978

Brooklyn College, City University of New York
M.S., 1980

New York Law School
J.D., 1988