Law Offices of Santo Golino

Law Offices of Santo Golino

New York City Attorneys Provide Real Estate Solutions to Individual & Business Clients.

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Experienced and knowledgeable lawyers skillfully solve your real estate legal matters:
The Law Offices of Santo Golino is well known for its integrity and exemplary legal service, and prides itself on effectively solving your cases and meeting your legal needs in a way that is satisfying to you. Testimony to this is attorney Santo Golino's BV distinguished Peer Review Rating by Martindale-Hubbell, for his professionalism and ethics.

New York City lawyers building relationships with clients:
Developing and maintaining long-term relationships with clients is a key ingredient in our firm's success. With more than 60 years of combined experience, attorneys Santo Golino, Lorraine Golino and Hollis B. DeLeonardo make it a priority to build a strong relationship with you in order to better serve you and meet your needs. We put a strong emphasis on teamwork, not only pooling our firm's combined knowledge and experience, but also working with our clients' other financial advisers as a team.

We help our clients make the most logical and sensible legal choices that will be most beneficial to them. We attentively listen to your concerns, clearly and precisely explain potential legal strategies to you and share our in-depth knowledge of the area of the law where you need help.

We concentrate in the following legal areas:
-Commercial real estate
-Co-op housing law
-Landlord and tenant law
-Real estate closings
-Real estate litigation
-Rent regulations
-Residential real estate

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Real Estate

Tackling your real estate disputes.

When it comes to real estate, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Santo Golino know the art of the deal and the art of a deal gone wrong. When facing the stress of real estate litigation, retaining an attorney with substantial knowledge about New York property laws and civil litigation can lighten the burden. By assertively applying our 60 years of combined experience and extensive knowledge of all aspects of property rights, civil procedure, finance and business, we can handle your disputes related to:
-Real property contracts
-Residential home sales
-Commercial property sales
-Contractors and subcontractors
-Homeowners associations
-Eminent domain
-Zoning, land use and building permits
-Boundaries and easements

Saving your home from wrongful foreclosure:
You worked hard to purchase your dream home. When unexpected circumstances occur that put your home at risk of foreclosure, you can take crucial steps to ensure your lender complies with its legal duties. We combine innovative strategies with fierce determination to defend your right to keep your home. When selling your home presents the better option, we guide you toward the most advantageous situation. Means of protecting your home include:
-Mortgage modification
-Loan forbearance
-Short sale
-Deed in lieu of foreclosure

Defending your right against government's abuse of power:
Eminent domain is the power of the government to take private property for public use. The process involves condemnation of your property, appraisal of its value, an offer to purchase and negotiation for a fair price. If the government offers an unsatisfactory amount of compensation or your property was improperly designated for public use, you can sue to halt the eminent domain process or receive the compensation you deserve. We zealously protect clients' property from eminent domain abuses.

Resolving an eviction crisis:
Eviction is disruptive to both the landlord and the tenant. The landlord must spend the time and money to replace tenants who fall behind on rent, and displaced families must locate new homes under traumatic circumstances. With this scenario in mind, our attorneys help mediate disputes when eviction is undesirable. If you are a tenant who unfairly faces eviction, we protect your right to remain in your home. If you are a landlord whose tenants are engaged in disruptive, illegal or damaging behavior, we help you to protect your property and your business.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR):
ADR refers to other means of settling disputes outside of the courtroom. Some contracts require binding arbitration or nonbinding mediation to resolve disputes that arise out of the transaction governed by the agreement. When the cost and time of litigation exceeds the likely outcome, you may choose to settle instead. If negotiating a settlement, our tenacity directs the proceedings toward a desirable outcome.

Santo Golino

Law Offices of Santo Golino

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