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The firm represents clients throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County and the San Fernando Valley region, Ventura County and the surrounding areas. She is committed to protecting the individual whether the legal matter involves immigration and naturalization, consumer bankruptcy, or bad faith on the part of an insurance company. In addition, her background in the entertainment industry makes her highly sought after by writers, directors, producers and actors who are concerned about obtaining fair contracts and protecting their intellectual property rights.

Patricia Depew believes that the key to successfully representing clients is to educate them about the law, make sure they are fully informed and then work closely with them so that they can make sound decisions that are in their long-term best interest. Her clients are not passed off to paralegals or associates. They work directly with her on their legal matters. Satisfied current and former clients continue to be her greatest source of new clients and cases.

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Immigration Law

Providing guidance in matters relating to family and employment-based immigration, naturalization, visas, citizenship, political asylum and deportation

IMMIGRATION and NATURALIZATION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Immigrating to the United States is a complicated process. We specialize in immigration law and can help to simplify the process and help you move easily through the complex and convoluted immigration system. The Law Offices of Patricia S. Depew, which is located in Los Angeles, is a full-service law firm dedicated to delivering the highest legal services to our clients. The objectives of our clients guide us in our representation and counsel. The Law Offices of Patricia S. Depew has been serving clients for over sixteen years. We represent clients from around the world. Our clients include professionals, skilled workers, unskilled workers, corporations, small business, celebrities, investors, religious workers and families. We have extensive experience in deportation defense, cancellation of removal, work visas, immigration for same-sex partners, family visas, K-1 fiancée visas, V visas, adjustment of status, investor visas, asylum and VAWA. "Immigration is a mystery and a mastery of obfuscation, and the lawyers who can figure it out are worth their weight in gold." - USCIS spokeswoman Karen Kraushaar Find your best route through the maze of immigration law Patricia Depew personally guides her clients through the complex-and always changing-laws and regulations that govern aliens wanting to work in the United States or aliens wanting to immigrate to the United States. She has helped entrepreneurs, software engineers, specialty cooks, film producers, directors, actors, political activists and others obtain visas, permanent residency, political asylum, journalist threatened with death by the Taliban, Iranian homosexual man, Guatemalan student activist threatened with death by political death squad, and citizenship for themselves and family members. Fight to the finish line Immigration status is often an urgent issue, one that affects family ties and quality of life. Sometimes it's even a matter of life or death. Yet the United States Customs and Immigration Service is a huge bureaucracy with an enormous backlog. Ms. Depew knows how to deal with the system to resolve cases in the fastest possible way. See the big picture Ms. Depew fights for each individual she represents. She advises the client of the legal situation and possible courses of action, and keeps the client informed and involved throughout the process. In addition to her expertise in immigration law, Ms. Depew draws on her problem-solving skills and rich background to help clients achieve their life and career goals. For example, her experience in the entertainment industry has helped her qualify specialists such as directors of cinematography for work visas. Because immigration law is so complex, even a simple immigration case can suddenly become a disaster. Before deciding to hire an immigration attorney, many of Attorney Depew's immigration clients often embark on the difficult task of addressing their immigration needs without the assistance of a competent immigration attorney. Regrettably, many of these clients end up in a tangle because the work was not done properly, resulting in delays, and in some instances, the denial of their immigration rights. Attorney Depew presents her clients before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and U.S. Immigration Court. Her immigration practice includes: '¢Deportation '“ assisting clients currently before the Immigration Court '¢Naturalization '“ becoming a U.S. citizen '¢Working with immigration officials and resolving delays and denials '¢Obtaining a green card through family members '¢Obtaining a visa to marry a U.S. citizen fiancé '¢Obtaining a green card through employment '¢Obtaining a green card through the diversity visa lottery '¢Obtaining a green card as an investor '¢Obtaining a green card as a special immigrant '¢Humanitarian rights/protection: asylum, TPS '¢Obtaining nonimmigrant visas '¢Obtaining a business or tourist visa '¢Obtaining a temporary specialty worker visa '¢Obtaining an intracompany transferee visa '¢Obtaining a treaty trader visa '¢Obtaining a treaty investor visa '¢Obtaining a student visa '¢Obtaining an exchange visitor visa


Protect personal assets and your home from foreclosure through Chapter 7, Chapter 13 & Chapter 11. Providing guidance in matters relating to family and employment-based immigration, naturalization, visas, citizenship, political asylum and deportaTI

CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our offices provide the highest quality representation to clients in Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. Patricia Depew dedicates much energy to keeping abreast of the latest developments in this complex area of law. She knows the stress and pressure that clients feel when they are being hounded by bill collectors. Patricia Depew also knows the reward of seeing good, honest people get the chance to start over and build a financially secure future. Ms. Depew has extensive experience helping home owners save their homes from foreclosure. Can a bankruptcy proceeding enable a person to get a fresh start? Patricia Depew's confident response is, 'œAbsolutely!' Properly used, bankruptcy law can help people move forward with their lives '“ free of the burden of excessive debt and with new access to credit. Patricia Depew offers bankruptcy counseling because she wants to help people who feel trapped by laws and institutions. Individuals faced with sudden changes in their lives '“ an adverse court decision, a medical emergency, job loss, or death in the family '“ can find themselves unable to pay mounting bills. Ms. Depew provides analysis, advice, and representation to free people from crippling financial obligations. Ms. Depew specializes in assisting individuals faced with insurmountable debt. This primarily means proceedings handled under Chapter 7 (liquidation) or Chapter 13 (adjustment of debts of individuals with regular income) of the Federal Bankruptcy Code. The system is complex. An individual can suffer immensely if wrong decisions are made on which bills to pay first and which assets to try to protect. Analysis, preparation, and sound advice make the law work for you. Ms. Depew first presents clients with the advantages, disadvantages, and costs of filing for bankruptcy. Then, based on an analysis of the economic facts, she works with them to develop the best legal strategy If asset liquidation under Chapter 7 will produce the best possible result, Ms. Depew identifies those assets that can be protected. For example, California has a homestead exemption that, depending on the family situation, allows a debtor to retain from $75,000 to $175,000 of the proceeds of the sale of a primary dwelling. Because this amount is deducted from the debt, Ms. Depew can often use this exemption to enable clients to keep their homes. If a Chapter 13 adjustment of debt is the best alternative, thorough financial statements are prepared to form the basis of a payment plan that the court will accept. Generally, secured debts such as mortgages have to be paid, and depending on the circumstances, unsecured creditors get a percentage (for example, 20 cents on the dollar) of the original debt. Loan modification can be incorporated into Chapter 13 plans. The Law Offices of Patricia Depew, whose creative and talented staff includes members fluent in Italian, German and Spanish, is ready to help you get the fresh start you deserve

Patricia Depew

Depew Law Group, P.C.

After earning a Bachelor's degree cum laude in Sociology/Psychology from San Diego State University, Patricia S. Depew completed work for a Master's degree in Sociology from USC. She began her career as an urban program analyst with the New York State Urban Development Corporation. Moving to film production, she produced and directed PBS and network programs, received an NEA grant, and won numerous awards for her films.

Ms. Depew received her JD from Southwestern University School of Law after participating in the Comparative International Law Study Program at the University of Florence. In addition to her successful law practice, she works pro bono on political asylum advocacy.

Areas of Practice:

Bankruptcy Law
Environmental Law
Immigration & Naturalization Law
Insurance Law
Bar Admissions:

California, 1994


Southwestern University School of Law, Los Angeles, California, 1994
J.D., Doctor of Jurisprudence
Professional Associations and Memberships:

Association of Trial Lawyers of America
Consumer Attorney's Association of Los Angeles
American Immigration Lawyer's Association
Los Angeles County Bar Association
Beverly Hills Bar Association
Public Counsel
Pro Bono Political Asylum and Deportation Advocate
Director's Guild of America
Former Member
Past Employment Positions:

California Court of Appeal, Division One, Second Appellate District, Hon.
Vaino H. Spencer, Presiding Justice, Law Clerk, 1991
Film and Television, Producer/Director, 1977 - 1989.


Bar Number: California
California, 1994


Southwestern University
J.D., 1994

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