Law Offices of Karyn Schiller, LLC

Law Offices of Karyn Schiller, LLC

In a landmark ruling handed down just a few minutes ago, The Supreme Court of the United States paved the way for gay, married couples to enjoy the same federal benefits as straight couples.

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Declaring the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to be unconstitutional, the ruling will now compel the Federal Government to allow gay married couples to petition for their spouses to immigrate. Call 914 358-1400 today to speak with immigration attorney Karyn Schiller and learn more about how you can benefit from this decision.

Hot off the press A Bill just proposed by the Senate will give relief to millions of undocumented immigrants!!

Although many of the finer details remain to still be worked out, and many of the currently proposed conditions may change, here are the key points in today's version of the Bill:

You will be eligible for the new status if you:
1. arrived in the US on or before December 31, 2011
2. are currently be in the US unlawfully
3. do not have have a felony conviction
4. do not have 3 or more misdemeanor convictions
5. have not have voted unlawfully
6. are not otherwise inadmissible to the US for criminal, national security, morality or public health grounds.

What is the new status
The Bill proposes granting people who meet the criteria something it calls Provisional Immigrant Status (PIS). Basically, this status will allow you to work legally in the US AND to travel abroad. Most individuals will be eligible to apply for a Green Card 10 years thereafter, but Dreamers can do so within 5 years. Dreamers will also be eligible for citizenship at that time.

Additionally, individuals who were previously here before December 31, 2011 but deported for non-criminal reasons, can apply to re-enter the US in RPI status if they are the spouse of or parent of a US citizen or Green Card holder, OR if they are eligible themselves for Dream Act status.

What should you be doing?
Right now you cannot apply for anything. So do not be suckered by advertisements for quick relief. Bear in mind that as the program kicks into gear so will all the scam artists and sleazy individuals seeking to take advantage of eligible individuals. BUT, what you can do is start to gather all of your documentation. Find proof that you entered the US before December 31, 2011 and maintained continuous lawful presence since that time. If you are not sure whether you may be eligible, call attorney Karyn Schiller at 914 358-1400 for an appointment. Any advice is strictly confidential.

Many of you have been waiting years for this moment. Do not trust this important event to someone who is not a qualified immigration lawyer. It may be "cheaper", but could land up being very "expensive" in the long run if the process is not handled correctly. Call immigration attorney Karyn Schiller today at 914 358-1400 for a professional consultation.

Wondering how to find a top-notch immigration attorney?
Choosing the right immigration attorney is a serious decision. Whether you are looking to bring a valuable employee on board, or to keep a family intact, having the right attorney on your team can make all the difference in whether you get that critically-needed visa or Green Card. Make the wrong choice, and you may very well never get a second chance.

If you
-Represent an academic institution that hires non-American faculty
-Run or manage a business that needs to hire or retain help from overseas
-Are an individual who needs help with immigration for family or yourself

here are some fundamental points to consider when choosing an attorney.

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Immigration Law

The law office of Karen S. Schiller will represent your immigration law legal matters.

The law office of Karen S. Schiller will represent your immigration law legal matters.

Karyn Schiller

Law Offices of Karyn Schiller, LLC

"My mom is officially an immigrant! She was told at the embassy in Ukraine that she had the best lawyer it never happens that people come for interviews with all the paperwork completed the first time" Julia K, Director of Finance & Business, Nice Shoes, LLC

"Karyn I can't begin to describe how happy you made [N, beneficiary of H-1B petition whose previous petition was prepared by another law firm and denied] you've really made a difference in her life. I guess that must be part of what keeps you going when faced with all the hurdles and obstacles that USCIS and the Dept of Labor throw in your path" Lois F., Director of Labor Relations, Queensborough Community College

"I'm not a demonstrative sort of person, but if you had been there when [my employer] told me I had been approved I may have been pushed to give you a hug. Thank you so much for all your help, attention to detail and your expertise as an immigration attorney and finally getting me legal status in the USA" Ann B, Editor at Yuddy Networks, Inc.

Karyn had a solid understanding of both the legal and practical requirements for getting my EB-1 Petition approved. Her recommendations were accurate, concise and right on the mark. Her realistic assessment of what the reviewing immigration officer would be looking for was central to making my research credentials accessible to a non-academic. At the same time, Karyn handled my H-1B extensions with meticulous attention to detail and was always one step ahead of the game." Dr. Makram Talih, Ph.D

The trust that my clients place in me is based upon a solid record of successful advocacy on their behalves. Starting in 1990 and for many years after, I was a commercial litigator for large, well known firms. I spent five years winning cases for clients at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison in New York City, and followed that up by representing US multinationals at the premier Tel-Aviv firm of Herzog, Fox and Ne'eman.

My clients have included a wide range of organizations from academic institutions and non-profits to media companies and even other law firms. Some of the clients I have consulted to or represented include Hofstra University, Hunter College, Children's Rights Inc, Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP and McLagan (An Aon Company).

Formal credentials:
-Admitted to practice in New York State
-Member of the Israel Bar
-Active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)
-Law Degree from the London School of Economics & Political Science
-Undergraduate degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

At The Law Offices of Karyn Schiller I regularly counsel and advise a wide range of clients on obtaining legal immigrant or non-immigrant status in the US. My practice includes:

PERM's, Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Professors & Researchers as well as Un/Skilled Labor are a routine part of my practice. I have particular expertise in obtaining Lawful Permanent Residency for academics.

On a daily basis, The Law Offices of Karyn Schiller helps parents, children (biological and adopted), siblings and fiance's re-unite in the US with family members.

Whether your company is looking to move an Executive to the US for a brief period or for a few years, hire a foreign professional, trainee or any other worker to help achieve its objectives, or simply to consult about about bringing someone in from another country, I can help. I regularly file, successfully for H-1B, L-1, H-3 and other similar visas for all kinds and sizes of companies, colleges, Day Schools, Synagogues and other such institutions.

Probably the best advice I could ever give to someone who has a pending hearing before an Immigration Judge is DON'T GO ALONE. Whether you decide to use the services of Immigration Attorney Karyn Schiller or anyone else, please take an experienced and skilled advocate with you. Removal proceedings are scary, complicated and can have lifelong implications for you and your loved one.