Law Offices of Jere N. Sullivan, Jr.

Law Offices of Jere N. Sullivan, Jr.

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When you are charged with a crime, you need an attorney on your side who knows what you are up against and who has the insight and legal knowledge to guide your case toward a positive outcome. My name is Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., and for more than 35 years, I have been successfully helping clients deal with criminal defense cases in California. From my office in San Luis Obispo, I serve clients throughout the county who are facing all manner of criminal charges, including DUI, drug cases, domestic violence, theft and traffic-violation charges. To ensure that you get the effective legal service your case needs, contact my office today.

Honest and dependable representation:
When you come to my San Luis Obispo law office, I will give you the full benefit of my:
-Experienced representation - I have been an attorney in California for more than 35 years. In that time, I have handled thousands of cases for individuals accused of crimes. I have tried over a hundred and fifty criminal and civil jury trials, from murders involving the death penalty, numerous serious felony cases to misdemeanor drunk in public cases. No case is too large or too small to try, if the facts warrant it. My extensive familiarity with the legal system enables me to devise the best course of action available to get the best possible result in your case, providing you with the quality representation you deserve.
-Honest service - I will never tell you what you want to hear - only what you need to hear. You will receive truthful, honest representation from me at all times, as opposed to the unrealistic promises that some attorneys like to make. I will make sure I know all of the important facts in your case before I give my opinion as to what you can expect to occur in court.
-Aggressive style - As an experienced trial attorney, I know how important it is to be tenacious in the courtroom. The decision to go to trial is a serious one, involving evaluation of the risks of conviction, versus the likely sentence if a plea or sentence agreement is on the table. Trial also can be expensive, both in terms of attorney trial fees and costs of experts, if one is needed in your case. After we complete that kind of evaluation, if you and I decide that the case should go to trial, I will vigorously defend you and make sure your day in court is a fair one.

Areas of practice:
At the Law Offices of Jere N. Sullivan, Jr., I handle cases regarding:
-Criminal defense - If you have been charged with a crime in San Luis Obispo County, my criminal defense services can ensure that you get the high-quality representation you need.
-DUI - I can fight your DUI charge and guide you toward a favorable outcome.
-Traffic - When you are charged with a traffic law violation in California, I can ensure that your case has the best chance of success.

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Defending San Luis Obispo-area clients against criminal prosecution

Throughout California, law enforcement officials have been expanding efforts to crack down on drunk driving offenses. Being convicted of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated can have serious consequences, including loss of license, higher insurance costs, heavy fines and jail time. My name is Jere N. Sullivan, Jr. and I have the knowledge of DUI laws that is necessary to overcome the evidence against you. I have the ability to help you attain the best-possible outcome.

Committed to helping clients:
I understand that good people can make mistakes. I strive to satisfy my clients' emotional, financial and legal needs by zealously representing your interests at every turn. I am knowledgeable about the complexities of DUI laws, and I analyze every aspect of your case - from the initial traffic stop to breathalyzer tests - to build your defense. I know what the prosecution needs to get a conviction, and I very strongly and very thoroughly challenge the evidence against you. I work hard to ensure that you get the respect you deserve and the results you desire.

What to do if you are stopped:
If you have been pulled over by the police, there are several ways that you can help yourself.
1. Remain calm. Police officers can interpret nervousness in your voice as a sign that you are hiding something or are intoxicated. Whether you have consumed alcohol or not, remaining calm is a good way to ensure that police officers do not question your sobriety
2. Always have a clean center console or glove box. Fumbling through these compartments to find your registration or insurance can be easily misinterpreted as intoxication. Keeping the glove box or center console neat and clean enables you to swiftly grab your identification and present it to a police officer.
3. Do not consent to a search of the car. Any evidence found in your car could be used to support a DUI conviction, so do not allow the officer to perform a search.
4. Do not take the test. Many DUI defendants have been found not guilty due to a malfunctioning breath-analyzing machine or an improperly administered blood or urine test.
5. Immediately contact a DWI attorney.

Jere N. Sullivan, Jr.

Law Offices of Jere N. Sullivan, Jr.

Jere Sullivan was born on February 24, 1951, in Bakersfield, California. He attended local schools until his junior year in high school. In 1967, he left to attend Deerfield Academy, a well-known prep school in Western Massachusetts. He graduated from Deerfield in 1969 and returned to California, attending the University of California at Santa Barbara from 1969 through 1972. In 1972, he returned to the East Coast, where he finished his BA at George Washington University in 1973. He attended GW law school, graduating in 1976. In 1977, he again returned to California, taking a position in the Kern County DA's office. He left the DA's office in 1980, and for three years, was a partner in Yinger, Blanton and Sullivan in Bakersfield.

He started his solo practice in May of 1983, and remained in Kern County until 1986, when he moved to the Central Coast, and set up his solo practice in San Luis Obispo. Since 1995, he has sat in the San Louis Obispo County Court as a pro tem judge, handling small claims, traffic and juvenile cases. He is also well regarded in the community as a musician, now playing in the band, Neon Russell, featuring singer-songwriter Kent Housman, and occasionally playing with several other of the most well-known performers in the area, including Grammy Award winner Louie Ortega. He enjoys sports, particularly baseball, and is an avid wine collector.

Practice Areas: Criminal Law, Landlord Law, Felonies, Misdemeanors, Drug Crimes, Homicide, Domestic Violence, Theft, Evictions for Landlords

University: University of California at Santa Barbara and George Washington University, B.A., 1973

Law School: George Washington University, J.D., 1976

Admitted: 1976, California

Memberships: San Luis Obispo Bar Association; State Bar of California; California Attorneys for Criminal Justice; California Public Defenders Association.

Born: Bakersfield, California, February 24, 1951

Biography: Vice-Chairman, Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance Board of Directors, 1978-1983

Representative Clients: Mid-State Realty; Peachy Canyon Winery; Central Coast Property Management; MGF Enterprises; Arciero Winery; Tobin James Cellars; Ocean Park Hotels, Inc.; Country Financial, Inc.


George Washington University
Juris Doctorate ,