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Our firm handles legal matters in the following practice areas:

-Estate Planning,


-Trust Administration




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The Law Offices of Edward A. Dzwonkowski will represent your Business legal matters.

Practice Areas:
Trust Administration
-Estate Planning


How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Prior to practicing law, Ed served clients professionally as a financial planner and investment advisor. Upon becoming an attorney, it was a natural progression to add estate planning to his list of professional services. Not only does Ed help people build long-term wealth, he also helps them preserve it and pass it along to their loved ones when the time comes.

When people die having previously created an estate plan, Ed helps their loved ones administer the decedent's estate, through a process called trust administration (if there is a trust), and/or through a formal court proceeding called probate (if there is no trust).

With or without a will, if there is no trust and the decedent's estate exceeds $150,000 in value and does not otherwise avoid probate, formal probate administration is necessary in order to settle the decedent's estate and distribute it to the people legally entitled to receive it.

Probate is expensive and time consuming, and completely avoidable through proper estate planning. Ed makes the process of putting your estate plan together as enjoyable an experience as possible.

Many estates include real estate and ownership interests in business, and Ed has valuable knowledge and experience helping real estate owners/investors and business owners.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

In addition to being an attorney, Ed is also a Certified Financial Planner professional. Since 1996 Ed has been licensed by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards to use the CFP certification marks.

Starting from scratch in 1995, Ed built a financial planning/investment advisory practice devoted to helping people build long-term wealth as they work toward becoming financially independent, and helping people use their wealth to finance their retirement once they leave the work force. This knowledge and experience has proven quite valuable in the areas of estate planning, trust administration, and probate.

Licensed to practice law since 2003, Ed started from scratch and built his law practice, now also helping people plan and distribute their estates to their loved ones.

Throughout all of these years, it always has been - and remains to this day - an honor and privilege to serve others with these important objectives.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Ed came to the practice of law as an adult, working full-time during the day and attending law school at night, for four long years. Whatever your particular educational and career path, whatever your socio-economic background, ethnic and geographic origin, Ed knows and appreciates the value of the hard work that it took to arrive at whatever station in life you presently find yourself. He takes you as he finds you and does his best to make a positive contribution to your life. This is his goal. Your complete satisfaction is his highest priority.

Acknowledging that a personal referral is the highest compliment that a professional can receive, Ed is proud of the fact that his practice is primarily referral based. Apart from this website and an occasional outreach campaign by direct mail, Ed does little advertising. Rather, satisfied clients return as additional needs arise, and they refer their family, friends, and co-workers. Similarly, Ed has forged relationships with other professional service providers in the community and they too refer to Ed their trusted clients in need of legal services.

Ed does his best to treat others the way he would want himself and his family and friends to be treated.

Edward A. Dzwonkowski

Law Offices of Edward A. Dzwonkowski

California State University, Los Angeles
B.S. Business Administration-Finance, magna cum laude, 1994

CFP Professional Education Program:
College for Financial Planning, Denver Colorado, 1996

Law School:
Pacific Coast University School of Law, J.D., with distinction, 2003

2003, California

Orange County Bar Association
Los Angeles County Bar Association
American Bar Association
Orange County Trial Lawyers Association



Pacific Coast University School of Law
Juris Doctorate, with distinction, 2003