Law Office of Miguel A Salazar PLLC

Law Office of Miguel A Salazar PLLC

The Law Office of Miguel A. Salazar, PLLC is committed to protecting and enforcing your rights. If you were a victim of a car or truck accident call us today. You will get the personal attention you deserve directly from Attorney Salazar.

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At the Law Office of Miguel A. Salazar, PLLC we are committed to protecting and enforcing your rights. We focus on Personal Injury cases arising of out of car or truck accidents. With personal injury cases if we don't win you don't pay. We can also represent you with Criminal, and Family Law cases. Attorney Miguel Salazar, together with his experienced staff, will provide you personal representation. Our goal is to get you the results you deserve. The result of a legal issue will have a significant impact on your life and that of your family. As your representative we hold that responsibility with the highest importance and we will work everyday to earn your trust. Attorney Miguel A. Salazar is a fierce advocate for your rights. He studied at South Texas College of Law where the primary focus is on learning the practical approaches to legal representation and how to win in court. Furthermore, Mr. Salazar was a High School Math teacher prior to becoming an Attorney. As a result, he understands the importance of communicating with his clients and gaining their trust. Mr. Salazar will have direct communication with you as we represent you in your case. We can also help you deal with issues in Criminal Law, and Family Law. We will provide you with relentless legal representation. Call for a Free Consultation and trust us to protect your rights!

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Personal Injury

After a car or truck accident it is important to seek a legal consultation. The Law Office of Miguel A Salazar PLLC will give you a fee case evaluation whether the impact was big or small. Trust Attorney Salazar to protect your rights. Call Today.

If you were a victim of a car or truck accident it is important to act now. The moments after impact are crucial. If you are a victim of an accident do the following: Assess your safety and the safety of your passengers, if any. Call the Police and request that they prepare a report of the accident. If injuries are severe allow ambulance service to take you to a hospital. If possible, gather evidence; take pictures of the scene and vehicles, get witness information. Call a personal injury attorney Whether the impact is minor or a major one, it is important to protect your rights. A good personal injury attorney will inform you of your rights and expectations relative to the severity of the accident you had. As victim of a car accident you will suffer economic and non-economic damages. Legally you are entitled to compensation in an attempt to undo the events that happened. Naturally, we can't turn back time and make it as if the accident did not occur. What a qualified attorney will do is protect your current and future interests by seeking an economic recovery. It is also important to seek medical attention in order to determine the extent of you injuries. Even a small nagging pain can have a large quality of life impact in the future. It is important to have a medical professional examine your injuries and make the appropriate treatment recommendations. The person at fault must take responsibility for your damages. However, the reality is that the damages caused by a car accident can be very costly. The typical driver does not have the financial resource to cover that huge financial burden. This is why the State of Texas requires all drivers to have valid car insurance. In theory insurance coverage is there to make sure that you, the victim, are able to make things right again. However, insurance companies can make it difficult for an individual to recover what is fair and just. Which is why it is important to get an experienced personal injury attorney to assure your rights are protected.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

Attorney Miguel Salazar was a high school mathematics teacher for eight years prior to becoming an attorney. The need to inform and educate has not been lost in him. Our office is dedicated in making sure our clients understand what their rights are and how to enforce them. Attorney Salazar and his staff strive to make sure that our clients not only know what the status of their case is but also understand why actions are being taken. It is important to us that our clients understand the issues involved in their case. We have found that an educated client is a satisfied client. That is because trust is difficult to earn. We are fully transparent in what we do. Many times our main responsibility is to fully inform our clients of possible options in order for them to make well informed decisions. Attorney Salazar will personally meet with all his clients to explain actions and possibilities for their case.

Miguel Salazar

Law Office of Miguel A Salazar PLLC

Miguel Salazar is the youngest child of Jaime and Maria Salazar. Growing up in a humble home his three older sisters and older brother made sure he remained that way. As the youngest child Miguel had to calculate every move he made and never spoke without purpose. Miguel was very observant of the people around him. This allowed him to develop a keen ability to see the world from many different perspectives. He also developed an admiration for his parents who are both self made entrepreneurs. Their influence has had a major impact into the person he is today.
As a young adult Miguel studied at the University of Texas at Brownsville. He earned a B.S. in Mathematics Education. Shortly thereafter he began a successful career in education as a high school Math Teacher. Teaching quickly became a passion that stemmed from the desire to help others. It is this desire that prompted Miguel to pursue a legal degree. The ability to guide others through uncertain paths is what he thrives in. Teaching also helped Miguel develop his ability to speak in a concise and effective manner. The ability to effectively communicate is something that is lost by many, but not by him. This skill will surely prove to be priceless in your legal representation.
The decision to go to Law School was made after careful deliberation with his wife, Deisy. It was not an easy decision to make considering that pursuing a legal career meant moving to a city 365 miles away with his two young children in tow. After weighing all his options Miguel decided to enroll in South Texas College of Law (STCL). He felt a strong desire to pursue a law degree in order to return and serve the deserving people of The Valley.

STCL is a highly regarded trial law school where the primary focus is on learning the practical approaches to legal representation. It was not easy to juggle school, work, and family. After 4 years of hard work Miguel graduated and passed the Texas State Bar on his first attempt. The stage was set for Miguel to return to The Valley and pursue his dream to provide relentless representation to the deserving people of The Rio Grande Valley.

Miguel is dedicated to providing service to the community. He understands how to effectively communicate on your behalf. Given the opportunity you will find that he is the best option to represent you. Not only will you have direct communication with him but he also has experienced staff that will assure you are taken care of.


Bar Number: 24094936
Texas, 2015


UT - Brownsville
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education 8th - 12th, 2007

South Texas College of Law - Houston
Doctor of Jurisprudence, 2014

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