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Asset Vs. Liability: What’s The Difference?

Last week we posted a blog about assets, and what would qualify as an asset. Just in case you missed it, we explained that an asset is essentially anything you own. In response to that post, we heard from a fair amount of people telling us that they were instructed to make a list of their liabilities more

What Qualifies As An Asset?

Many estate plans focus on a listing of assets. Listing your assets is a very smart and important part of getting your estate in order. You may be considering the division of your assets as a part of your estate plan, or perhaps you just need to make an account of them for insurance purposes or retirement. more

What Makes An Estate Planner Great?

In the past, we have discussed some particular traits that all good estate planners possess. If you are looking for a solid and established estate planner to help you handle your affairs, you will want to someone who: Is a Good Listener Exercises Discretion Has Experience to Match Your Needs Maintains more

IRA Rollover Change You Need To Know About

New IRA Rollover Ruling Yet again, a ruling has been made to change the way your IRAs are handled. The landscape of estate planning is ever-changing. We know it can be frustrating, confusing, and hard to keep track of. Luckily there are many estate planners and people that will handle your finances. more

Finding An Exceptional Estate Planner

Just like any other profession, there will be all different kinds of estate planners. Due to the nature of our business, you need to be sure you are working with the right person. You are trusting your personal affairs to this person. In a way, you are entrusting your estate planner with your future, more

Unexpected Final Expense You Need to Prepare For

Don’t Be Unprepared Death is a very delicate subject, even when you’re trying to be upbeat and pragmatic about whatever preparations you may be making. That being said, it is very important to be prepared for the unavoidable reality of your own passing, both philosophically and practically. Most more

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