Law Office Of Evan Simpson PLLC

Law Office Of Evan Simpson PLLC

Don't wait for a crisis. The sooner you investigate your options, the more and better options you're likely to have.

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Sadly, too many people wait until they are at the edge of ruin, until they have tried every other possibility, before they seek help from a bankruptcy lawyer. They exhaust all of their resources, take out terrible high-interest loans, use up their savings, and even mortgage their homes, all to keep their creditors at bay just a little bit longer.

Bankruptcy is designed to give individual debtors a fresh start while treating creditors fairly. It is provided for in the United States Constitution and administered by federal courts. You don't have to be rich to file bankruptcy or poor, or employed, or out of work, or insolvent, or a home-owner.

Get professional advice. We are ready to discuss your situation and concerns, and review both your bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options. Set up a free consultation.

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Bankruptcy does not mean losing your property. Most Heart of Texas filers aren't forced to give up any property in bankruptcy.

The Bankruptcy Code is complex. Just under 10,000 bankruptcy cases were filed in the Western District of Texas in the past year. Of these, about half were filed under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code, and half under Chapter 13. Which chapter is better? That depends on your circumstances. Professional guidance is crucial; mistakes can lead to loss of property and of some or all of the benefits of bankruptcy.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

I offer breathing room and powerful tools to deal with debts. I utilize the 'automatic stay' which puts the brakes on foreclosure and repossession, puts debt collection calls on hold, and generally forces creditors to back off and wait for the case to finish, or for permission from the bankruptcy judge. In many cases the court will 'discharge' debts, ordering creditors to never again try to collect the debts from the debtor; Debts that qualify for this are called 'dischargeable' debts.

Evan Simpson

Law Office Of Evan Simpson PLLC

I am a Heart of Texas bankruptcy lawyer.

When I moved to Waco, the oldest of my children was in elementary school, I was just starting my career as a computer programmer, and it was my first real trip west of the Mississippi. Since them, I have worked in Waco, Temple, Killeen, and Austin, and traveled all around central Texas. My kids have grown up here; all but the youngest of my kids have moved out and headed off to college.

In 2005, I decided to make a major career change. I applied and was accepted at Baylor Law School. The next three years were quite exciting for my family, and incredibly busy for me, not least because I was still working half time as a computer programmer. I graduated with honors (Magna Cum Laude) and immediately passed the bar. I officially became a Texas lawyer on November 2, 2007. I soon opened my law office, doing criminal defense work to get myself established.

The economy hit my extended family hard in 2008, as it did so many other families. We had to struggle to live within our means. By the end of the year, two close relatives decided to file bankruptcy.

There was a silver lining to the family financial crisis: it led to me to bankruptcy law. My relatives introduced me to the attorney that they hired to file their bankruptcy case. She was impressed with my credentials, and I was fascinated by my glimpse of consumer bankruptcy law, so I joined her firm as an associate attorney.

In the time I spent working there, I learned a huge amount, not only about the law and practice of bankruptcy, but about the people who came to us for help. Every last one was at their wits end, because they had tried just about everything else they could think of before turning to us. They didn't want to be there. They wanted to pay their debts. They worried that they could lose everything. And with very few exceptions, I found, we could help them. In almost every consultation, I listened, explained what bankruptcy can do (and more importantly, the bad things it doesn't do!), and knew at the end that I had eased a burden. People went away knowing that they finally had a real solution to their problems. It couldn't have felt more different from my criminal defense practice (which was important work, but rarely pleasant, much less uplifting).

I decided to start my own bankruptcy practice in August 2009. It was extremely satisfying, and during the year or so that I operated on my own, I was able to help dozens of families deal with debts that they could no longer manage on their own. But my resources were limited, and so I was not able to reach nearly as many people in need as I would have liked.

Then, in December 2010, I was approached by the Jeff Davis Law Firm. They offered me the chance to help dozens of families per month, and I immediately accepted. For seven years, I worked with Jeff Davis to file bankruptcy cases for hundreds of people in central Texas. I gained a huge amount of experience, and even became President of the Waco Bankruptcy Bar Association.

In 2018, I took over the Waco and Harker Heights bankruptcy offices of Davis Law Firm and went back to operating as the Law Office of Evan Simpson. But now I have an experienced staff of legal assistants and paralegals who will allow me to continue to serve the Heart of Texas for many years to come.


Bar Number: 24060612
Texas, 2007


Baylor Law School
Juris Doctor, 2007

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