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In the State of Nervada, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI) is a serious offense and carries harsh penalties. Beyond alcohol and illegal drugs, the DUI charge even applies to prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Talk to a competent attorney before making any important decisions. Penalties may be reduced or charges can be dismissed. Ultimately, the decision to settle or fight your case is up to you, but you need an attorney in your corner to tell you straight up where you stand. I handle many types of cases but primarily: first offense DUI second offense DUI driving on a suspended license and Felony DUI. I practice in all the local City Courts (Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Bolder City and Pahrump) as well as Clark and Nye County courts, including the Regional Justice Center and Federal Courts in downtown Las Vegas. If you are facing a DUI or related charge, I invite you to meet with me for a free case evaluation. You owe it to yourself to give yourself every advantage possible. Most people accused of DUI are not Criminals, many are people that just made a simple mistake. Call or text me today. 702-899-8989

Estate Planning

While some firms pander to only a very few wealthy clients, I believe every family needs a proper plan, which is why we offer planning for every situation and every price range, from the basic to the advanced.

Our mission is simple: to help every family have access to quality planning at a cost they can afford. You will find that estate planning in Nevada is somewhat different from estate planning in other states, mainly because each state is free to enact its own state laws for the benefit and protection of its residents. Nevada has specific laws that pertain to Wills, living wills, health care directives, durable powers of attorney, trusts, corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships. Nevada has some of the most favorable trust and corporate laws in the nation. The state of Nevada is certainly tax-friendly for retirees since it does not collect a state income tax, has low property taxes and ranks among the top five states with the lowest overall tax burden. In addition, the state of Nevada currently does not collect an estate tax at the state level. It is estimated that only 15% of families in the U.S. have done any type of estate or financial planning. Reaching your goals both during your life and after your death requires a little pre-planning. Of those that do have a will or trust, many have plans that are obsolete, outdated or non-compliant with the law. Many of these documents came from do it yourself type websites and are not state specific or legally valid. Sometimes they omit important contingencies you may not have thought of. For example, if you leave everything to two children in equal shares, what happens if at the time of your death one of your beneficiaries has predeceased you? What if you pass at the same time with your spouse? Many of these obsolete documents come from an earlier time in your life. Could you imagine your entire estate passing to your ex because you never got around to updating your will? It happens... Your estate plan needs to be reviewed whenever there are major changes in your life. Every time there is a birth, death, marriage, divorce or other major life event, it can't hurt to take a look at how your estate plan might need adjustment. Without a properly drafted plan the nightmares of family feuds over money, endless and expensive probate, unwanted guardianship over minor children, the draining of a loved one's inheritance, and even elder abuse can become a reality. There are many types of trusts, some of them revocable and others irrevocable. In addition, some trusts are created while a person is alive (living or inter vivos trusts) while others are created upon a person's death as set forth in that person's Will or revocable living trust (testamentary or continuing trusts). Trusts that provide for a testamentary disposition of assets, including both revocable and irrevocable trusts, must be signed with the same formalities as required for a Will, as discussed earlier in these materials, in order for the testamentary disposition in the trust to be valid. The revocable living trust has many utilities. They include avoiding probate administration, avoiding guardianship administration of the property of an incapacitated person, providing for professional investment management and providing for control and management of the trust after the death of the creator (grantor) for the benefit of minors, incapacitated beneficiaries, spendthrifts, beneficiaries having a drug or alcohol dependency and spouses of second marriages. A revocable living trust generally will not, however, protect the assets owned by the trust from judgment creditors of the grantor. A revocable living trust is a separate legal entity that is created by a written agreement between the grantor (the person who creates the trust) and the trustee (the person who manages the assets in the trust). Under Nevada law, an individual can be both the grantor and the trustee. The trustee manages the assets comprising the trust estate for the benefit of one or more individuals called beneficiaries. The grantor can also be the initial beneficiary as well as the trustee.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

My mission is to ensure that EVERY family has access to quality Estate planning. There are countless strategies and tools estate planners use to meet their clients unique needs and goals, but there are five key elements that everyone should focus on. *Know how to keep your affairs private *Know how to keep your family out of probate court *Know how to provide for your children now, nominate a guardian in the future if necessary, provide for their medical needs and education, and eventually pass on your estate to them at the age you choose with a minimal tax bill. *Know how to express your wishes now regarding life support should you become incapacitated. *Learn which estate planning tools can give you peace of mind to you and your loved one now and for the rest of your life. Call us at 702-899-8989 so we can discuss what is best for YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Darren Weiss Esq. has been a part of the legal community for over 20 years. Mr Weiss received his Juris Doctor from McGeorge University in California with a Tax concentraion and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from University of Las Vegas, Nevada.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

At law Firm of Darren Weiss,PLLC, we believe in a friendly, personal approach. We provide a thorough, effective, and compassionate service. During his career, Mr Weiss has earned multiple distinguished awards, including the Dina Titus Certificate of Special Congressional Commendation for his work with Nevada Legal Services and the United States Senator Harry Reid Certificate of Commendation "Champions of Justice Award." He was also named NLS Attorney of the year for Clark County, Nevada.

Darren Weiss

Law Office of Darren Weiss, PLLC

Darren has spent his career developing his legal skills and knowledge of the law and has handled thousands of cases successfully. His success has been built upon the fact that he vigorously advocates for each of his clients, and has been committed to providing thorough, effective, and compassionate service. During his career, he has earned multiple distinguished awards, including the Dina Titus Certificate of Special Congressional Commendation for his work with Nevada Legal Services and the United States Senator Harry Reid Certificate of Commendation "Champions of Justice Award"

Attorney Darren Weiss graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas before attaining his Juris Doctor from the University of The Pacific McGeorge School of Law in 1998. Darren has been licensed to practice law in the State of Nevada since the year 2000. He is a member of the Nevada Bar Association, the American Bar Association, and the Free and Accepted Masons.

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