The Law Office of Christopher Szeto

The Law Office of Christopher Szeto

You can always talk to the Law Office of Christopher Szeto with our team of around the clock receptionists. The office is about communication. This team has been in your shoes and knows what it is like to go through the legal process.

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The Law Office of Christopher Szeto operates with the highest levels of professionalism, zeal, and hard work. Our legal team has experience in a variety of legal practices. Our team is your team when you sign as a client, giving you an extraordinary level of adaptability in what you can accomplish.

Meet our attorneys to see for yourself how they are prepared to take on your case. This eclectic background provides an intimate understanding of the ramifications from the judicial system in an area as diverse as New Orleans, and Louisiana as a whole! The Law Office of Christopher Szeto strives to satisfy all your legal needs so that you know if an issue ever arises you can count on us to take care of you.

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Our goal is always to try to ensure you keep your home, your lifestyle, and your peace of mind. Society as a whole has a negative view of bankruptcy. People seem to think it is the same thing as failure, or indicative of financial irresponsibility. However, this is not the case. Bankruptcy is a valid and intelligent financial move for those who are saddled with debt.

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What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Our staff is available 24/7/365 to answer any calls. Active involvement with the community, combined with being able to get in touch with us at any time, allows the team to learn what problems are happening with others so that we can do our part to provide solutions. We have a culture of caring and compassion at the Law Office of Christopher Szeto, and our staff participates in various volunteer roles.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

It is always important to gain as much knowledge as possible about any decision to make choices in your best interest. At the same time, there is only so much information that every mind can be aware of any given situation. Self education along with the counsel of an attorney can bridge the gap between intentions and results.

Because of data overload it can be difficult to answer legal questions from the internet. Search results do not always take aspects into consideration such as state laws, court procedure, niche details about practices, etc. There are some experiences that you have to go through to understand the full picture. When your lawyer has your back you are gaining the resources to provide yourself with potential options.

Checking in with an attorney gives you access to valuable history, education, and involvement from other cases like yours. Learning all you can is a way to make sure your case is on track so that you can feel secure in knowing what might happen next. Getting a lawyer is a protective measure to prevent you from making any mistakes that could cost your case!

Christopher Szeto

The Law Office of Christopher Szeto

Legal work has been a calling for Mr. Christopher Szeto since an early age. This internal drive led him to volunteer for numerous courts across the country. Mr. Szeto's dedicatiom to courts in Louisiana, New York, and Massachusetts showed him the endless possibilities lawyers face. Personal experience with racial injustice combined with his awareness of the judicial system motivates Mr. Szeto. Inspired by Charles Houston, who was key in disrupting the Jim Crow era, Mr. Szeto set off for law school.

Mr. Szeto graduated from The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. He majored in Philosophy, Political Science, and History. Mr. Szeto not only pursued his Juris Doctorate with a focus on civil law, but also graduated with top marks from Loyola Law School New Orleans. He earned membership in science and academic honor societies, allowing him to be mentored by, and to mentor, some of the top legal minds coming from Loyola Law.

After joining the Louisiana Bar Association, Mr. Szeto began working at a Metairie based law firm, and was introduced to Road Home cases. He handled an enormous amount of these Road Home lawsuits, where the government looked for loopholes to take money away from people after Hurricane Katrina. Seeing the impact that the court process has on the lives of Katrina survivors made Mr. Szeto realize he could help people more with his own practice.

The Law Office of Christopher Szeto has been in operation ever since. Initially focused only on helping those sued in Road Home cases, Mr. Szeto has expanded so as to help as many Louisiana residents as he can live beyond making it through the day to day.

Mr. Szeto greatly increased operational capacity for the firm with the additions of Mr. Ian Dunbar and Ms. Shermin Khan, allowing him to balance case loads while helping more people achieve justice. The support staff at the Law Office of Christopher Szeto all have one thing in common: an active passion for community service.

This passion translates to urgency because every situation happens on its own timeline. Which means there may only be a certain time frame lawyers are able to help. Whenever there are any legal issues, something as simple as delaying counsel can cost a case. Book a free consultation at (504) 226-2292 to learn more about what can help or hurt in legal situations.


Bar Number: 37559
Louisiana, 2017


Loyola Law School New Orleans
Juris Doctorate, 2015

The University of the South | Sewanee. Tennessee
Philosophy, Political Science, and History, 2010

Ian Dunbar

The Law Office of Christopher Szeto

Mr. Ian Dunbar joined the firm in 2019. Mr. Dunbar graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts in Political Science from Cal State Long Beach. From there, he moved to New Orleans to pursue his Juris Doctorate at Loyola Law School. While obtaining his degree, he spent the summer interning for the Hayes County Attorney in San Marcos Texas.

After graduating, Mr. Dunbar volunteered as a member of a local Community Justice Board. He worked with juvenile offenders to help rehabilitate them. Mr. Dunbar also reviewed their cases, and conducted inquiries on their trial procedure. All this was to ensure that these kids were being treated like humans by the legal system and granted the justice they deserved.

In 2017, Mr. Dunbar passed the bar exam in Phoenix Arizona, allowing him to practice in all state courts in Arizona. Realizing he missed the culture and people of New Orleans, Mr. Dunbar moved back to Louisiana to fight for the community. Mr. Dunbar is now able to practice within the Eastern District and is able to handle all types of federal cases with the support of the Law Office of Christopher Szeto. Mr. Dunbar is key in efforts to better serve clients, particularly in bankruptcy. Mr. Dunbar enjoys creative writing in his free time. He currently chairs an authorship club, discussing his own work and that of other writers.


Bar Number: 033731
Arizona, 2017


Loyola Law School New Orleans
Juris Doctorate, 2016

Cal State Long Beach
Bachelor of the Arts in Political Science, 2013

Shermin Khan

The Law Office of Christopher Szeto

Ms. Shermin Khan began working for Mr. Szeto in 2020. Ms. Khan received her Bachelor of Arts in history at University of Texas at Austin. Then she earned her Juris Doctorate from Southern University Law Center.

While at Southern, Ms. Khan graduated top of her class. She was an editor for the Journal of Race, Gender, and Poverty. She performed valuable internships as a law clerk for the Louisiana Attorney General's Civil Division, and as a judicial intern for the Honorable Judge Fredericka H. Wicker at the Louisiana Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal. Ms. Khan spent the summer after her second year studying abroad at University College London, where she studied Private International Law and European Law.

Practicing law since 2017, Ms. Khan has experience representing individual and corporate clients in complex civil litigation, business law, healthcare law, and international trade law.

Ms. Khan serves as in-house counsel for a local non-profit, BMANA: LA Chapter. Bangladesh Medical Association of North America is composed of members in the medical field. She advises and represents the Executive Committee on nonprofit corporate governance procedures. Ms. Khan also addresses questions regarding matters of regulatory compliance in the medical field.

Before joining our firm, she also served as the law clerk for the Honorable Judge Penelope Q. Richard at the Thirty-Eight Judicial District Court. During her term, Ms. Khan gained insight on complex civil litigation cases involving maritime accidents, legacy cases involving primarily environmental and oil and gas litigation, and torts dealing with federal aviation and products liability.

Ms. Khan is admitted to practice before all the Louisiana state courts. She is a member of the Louisiana Bar Association, Southwest Louisiana Bar Association, and Baton Rouge Bar Association. Ms. Khan is a member of the South Asian Bar Association as well as of the International Business Law section of the American Bar Association. She is certified to practice in Bankruptcy Court for Louisiana's Middle and Eastern Districts.

When she is not working, Ms. Khan enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, painting, traveling, attending music festivals, and cheering on the Pelicans. Ms. Khan is an active member of Cameron Lions Club, a non-profit organization, dedicated to servicing its community. Ms. Khan speaks English, Farsi, and Bengali.


Bar Number: 37748
Louisiana, 2017


Southern University Law Center
Juris Doctorate, 2015

University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Arts in History, 2013

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