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Steve Mandel, who has successfully obtained millions in compensation for injured clients, is your best choice.

This may be the first time you're facing a divorce, a child custody battle, a spousal support and maintenance (alimony) issue, or another family law matter, but it's not ours. The Mandel Law Firm in New York City offers you individual attention, knowledgeable guidance and experienced, aggressive representation. Contact us today.

Experienced, Aggressive Trial Attorneys

Sooner or later, events in your life may result in a search for an experienced attorney. Our founder, Steven J. Mandel, has practiced law for more than 30 years. He is an aggressive trial attorney who knows when and how to fight hard and when a more subtle approach is more appropriate.

All of our attorneys understand that some cases are more suitable for settlement or alternative dispute resolution, while others must be fought hard in court to the end. We have practiced in state and federal courtrooms throughout the area and have a long track record of achieving successful results for people like you.

We approach legal problems by first trying to resolve them amicably without going through the time-consuming and expensive process of litigation. But if your case is one where litigation is warranted, remember that we are trial lawyers who are not afraid to fight for you, and we'll be with you every step of the way.

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Our offices are conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, easily accessible from New York City, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester, and Nassau counties. If you need a divorce lawyer or have any family law matter for which you need legal counsel, call The Mandel Law Firm at 646-798-4434.

Reduced Fees for AARP Members

Mr. Mandel is a member of the AARP Legal Services Network, offering reduced fees to AARP members.

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Child Custody

The Mandel Law Firm boasts a perfect record in winning New York City child custody cases because we keep the focus on the child in custody and visitation cases

Keeping the Focus on the Child in Child Custody and Visitation Cases

The Mandel Law Firm works hard to ensure that all parties remember that the real focus in any custody dispute is the child. We work with parents in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester and Nassau counties, and throughout the New York City metro area to reach a result that is in the best interests of the child and works for all parties involved.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than a child caught in the middle of a custody battle. Many of our attorneys are parents themselves, so they understand the joys and rewards, trials and tribulations of parenthood.

Representation in Child Custody and Visitation Matters

Child custody is divided into 2 parts.

Physical Custody (or "Residential Custody") is where the child primarily resides; and
Legal Custody involves decision making surrounding the health, education and general welfare of the child.

Any arrangement of the above is possible by agreement. It is even possible for one parent to have sole physical custody and the other to have sole legal custody; or for one party to have sole physical custody with joint legal custody.

Generally, any agreement the parties can make together as co-parents would be better than anything imposed by a stranger, a/k/a "The Judge".

Visitation (Parenting Time)

Many lawyers refer to the rights of the non-custodial parent to see their child as "visitation". However, we at The Mandel Law Firm beg to differ. We, as parents ourselves, don't believe that a parent "visits" their child. They raise and nurture them. That is why we fight for the non-custodial parent to be able to have as much "parenting time" (as opposed to "visitation") with their child as may be possible.

And remember, grandparents may have rights to visit with their grandchildren.

Here are just a few of the situations in which we can help you:

--Enforcement by a non-custodial parent of a visitation agreement
--Modification of the parenting plan by a non-custodial parent
--Modification of a visitation schedule by a parent with full or primary custody
--Grandparents seeking visitation rights with their grandchildren

Which Parent Will Get Custody?

Who will get custody of your child is not a foregone conclusion. Simply because you're a father doesn't mean you can't get custody of your child and just because you're a mother does not mean you will automatically get custody of your child. You need an experienced, knowledgeable attorney to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you're interested in seeking custody of your children or the other parent is attempting to take custody away from you, we have the experience and resources needed to help you.

Joint Custody or Sole Custody

It is a common misconception that courts will impose joint custody on parents. They will not. Joint custody is an arrangement made between the parents to jointly agree on all issues concerning the health, education and general welfare of the child. In New York, it is not something that will be imposed by the courts upon hostile parties.

Joint custody is a viable option only if the parents have an amicable relationship and can communicate well in matters that affect the child. If the parents are not on friendly enough terms, chances are that the joint decision-making required in "joint custody" will result in more disagreements and conflict. In that case, the court will select one parent to be the sole decision maker, who will have what is referred to as having "legal custody" of the child.

A Perfect Record in Child Custody Cases

Our knowledge and skill in the child custody arena is unquestioned. In fact, we have never lost a child custody case. We take to trial only those cases in which we strongly believe; so you can be assured that when we do accept a case, we will do whatever it takes, within the full extent of the law, to pursue the desired result.

We work with you to set reasonable, realistic expectations about the outcome of your case. If an investigation is required, we consult private investigators who can uncover important information relevant to the habits and lifestyle of the other parent. If necessary, we will ask a psychologist or social worker to evaluate the mental health of a parent or child and provide a home evaluation.

Emergency Applications for Custody

Seeking emergency temporary child custody may be appropriate under the following circumstances:

--If you believe your ex-spouse is going to relocate with your child without your permission or the court's consent
--If you notice signs of abuse or neglect by the other parent
--If the child is imminent danger while under the care of the other parent

Our law firm can help you understand the process of seeking emergency temporary child custody to protect your child. We know how to proceed quickly in these cases to ensure the child's safety.


“We help you keep your life together while your marriage is falling apart.” – Steven J. Mandel

If your family is in crisis or in need of legal help, call us. The Mandel Law Firm in New York City provides strong yet compassionate representation in all areas of family law. As experienced trial lawyers, we are ready to fight for you in court if necessary. We promise to aggressively advocate for your interests in a contested divorce, marital property division dispute or any other contentious family law matter.

We understand the importance of being able to negotiate an amicable resolution for all concerned. We can help you negotiate a separation or settlement agreement, and to obtain an uncontested divorce in an expeditious and cost-effective manner. As Steven Mandel says, “It’s important to recognize that peace has its price.”

We recognize and respect your need for information, as well as for thoughtful, practical advice and understanding. Our main goal is always to help you resolve your legal problems as quickly as possible so you can begin to move forward with your life. We know that divorce and other family law issues can have a significant financial impact on families. That’s why we take steps to protect our clients from being saddled with financial responsibilities they may not be able to meet in the future. Contact us today to learn more about this approach and how we can help you.

“We are not just attorneys; we are counselors at law.” — Steven J. Mandel

We will counsel you through what will likely be one of the most difficult times of your life. Our goal is always to prepare you fully for life after divorce and be the best divorce lawyer we can for your situation.

For instance, when you’re facing a child support or child custody battle, paternity dispute, domestic violence situation or allegations of child abuse or neglect, you have more than just legal needs. We take the time to understand all of your needs — the emotional and financial, as well as the legal ones. As parents ourselves, we are particularly sensitive to cases involving children.


Personal Guidance Through Simple and Complex Family Transitions

The decision to end a relationship and seek a divorce marks a crossroad in your life. You want the best divorce attorneys on your side who will clearly explain every step, every option and every legal avenue available. This type of guidance can help you make decisions confidently and start the next part of your life with much-needed peace of mind.
At The Mandel Law Firm in New York City, this is the exact type of representation and counsel we provide each and every client. We know every situation is different. We strive to be the best divorce attorneys in New York by taking the time to learn about you and your goals so we can provide detailed advice and help you navigate your divorce action with understanding and a sense of empowerment.

If this is the kind of representation you are looking for, we encourage you to contact us today.

Steven J. Mandel

The Mandel Law Firm - Family Law Attorneys

Like many of the best and most talented litigators, Steve Mandel has a colorful, varied and exciting background. Born and raised on the tough, gritty streets of Brooklyn, Steve worked his way through college and law school as a professional musician and comedian. On stage performance was training that would later serve him well in representing clients. "Nothing fazes me in court," Steve says with a smile. "After doing standup comedy before 3000 people at a hotel, working in front of a judge, or six people in a jury box, is nothing."

Steve feels it


Bar Number: U.S. Supreme Court
, 1985

Bar Number: New York Bar
New York, 1980

Bar Number: U.S. District Court
New York, 1981

Bar Number: U.S. District Court
Pennsylvania, 1999


Adelphi University
Bachelor of Arts (Magna Cum Laude), 1976

Yeshiva University Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
J.D., 1979

Madelyn Jaye

The Mandel Law Firm - Family Law Attorneys

"It's not important to win each small battle. It's winning the war that counts."

Madelyn Jaye, known as MJ around the Mandel Law Firm, believes that a winning effort begins with careful preparation - that the results you achieve are in direct proportion to the effort you apply. Some cases are easy to win. That is not where the challenges of great lawyering lie. There are other cases where success does not come from holding a good hand, but rather in playing a poor hand well. Those cases, and those challenges, bring out the warrior in Madelyn Jaye. She is a fierce competitor practicing by the oft quoted doctrine of Vince Lombardi -“ "If winning isn't everything, then why do they keep score?"

Madelyn Jaye is a seasoned warrior when it comes to the world of litigation. She has played, and prevailed, in the game of high stakes, high profile, complex litigation, since graduating from the prestigious Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. She has brought the skills she has learned in those fiercely competitive arenas, practicing in the trenches with some of the nation's foremost litigators, to The Mandel Law Firm with somewhat astonishing success - turning around cases previously thought to be lost causes and winning cases others thought unwindable.

Two high points for Madelyn Jaye in recent years were:

1. Prevailing in a Federal Court Hague Convention Child Abduction case for a father, against near insurmountable odds by developing a novel theory, upheld at the Second Circuit on appeal, making new law in the Circuit.

2. Prevailing in State Supreme Court in a Divorce action, winning full custody of a three year old little girl for a father in a close call case after a lengthy trial.

Madelyn Jaye believes that litigators are first and foremost story tellers. They must convince their audience, whether that audience be a judge, jury, or adversary, that the story they are telling is the only true story and the ending they are proposing the only right ending. Madelyn Jaye brings her experience from the worlds of theater and film (former Art Director Children's Theater Wing of Croton Shakespeare Festival, Director of Video for Cablevision airing of Purchase College's production of Feydeau's a Flea in Her Ear and acting in numerous local productions) as well as her background in psychology (Master's Degree in Art Therapy) to the practice of law. She holds dear the proposition so eloquently put by the renowned author and poet Maya Angelou who said:

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

How you make them "feel", the judge, the jury your adversary and your client, is what litigation, good litigation, is all about.

Madelyn Jaye will make you feel like together you can accomplish exactly what you hope to accomplish, because more often than not, with Madelyn Jaye at the helm, you will.


College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, New York
M.A., Master of Arts, 1980

Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, New York, New York
Juris Doctor, 1997

Felicia L. Boles

The Mandel Law Firm - Family Law Attorneys

Going through a divorce may very well be one of the most difficult times of your life. Everything is changing. You may feel hopeless, helpless and totally lost. During this time, it is best to remember the words of Robert Frost who said, "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." Felicia L. Boles understands this and has a unique way of helping her clients keep their lives together while their marriages are falling apart. She does this by being a Counselor at Law.

Many of Felicia L. Boles clients and their spouses work in Finance, Entertainment, Law or Medicine. As a member of the American Academy for Financial Litigators, she has considerable experience in valuations of business interests and complex financial matters.

Felicia L. Boles is not only an assertive and compassionate advocate who fights relentlessly for her clients, she is also an attorney who is sensitive to her clients' needs. She explains, "I meet my clients at the worst time of their lives. Whether their case involves child custody or complex financial issues, these are deeply personal and very emotionally charged issues, the outcome of which will affect their future and that of their children forevermore."

Felicia L. Boles is a fierce competitor, figuratively and literally. She is an accomplished marathon runner and kickboxing instructor.The parallels between these passions and the practice of law are obvious. These areas all require hard work, dedication and focus in order to be successful.

But, a lawyer is someone who does more than goes to battle. A great lawyer must listen and be in tune with their clients' needs. They must also understand the importance of being able to amicably and expeditiously resolve a matter without extensive & expensive litigation. Felicia L. Boles knows how to accomplish all of these things.

Felicia's clients describe her as tough, yet extremely empathetic and compassionate. This most likely is a result of her childhood. Felicia L. Boles grew up on a farm in Arkansas, surrounded by animals. In fact, Felicia once nursed a colt back to health by bottle-feeding it - in her family's kitchen!

Felicia's family raised and showed horses. Every day, Felicia L. Boles dedicated time to train and care for her horse - to prepare him, as much as possible, for competition.

On the day of the big show, Felicia's horse was totally prepared. She still remembers how she felt when she landed a jump, ahead of the pack, winning the race easily. It is this drive for success that propels her to jump through the hoops, and over barriers, for her clients.


New York Law School, New York, New York
Juris Doctor, 2000

University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Fayetteville, AR
Bachelor of Arts, 1997

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