Judith E. Blanchard

Judith E. Blanchard

Houston Divorce Lawyer

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From an office in the Clear Lake area of Houston, Texas, my firm offers experienced representation to individuals and families affected by divorce and other family law issues in Harris and Galveston Counties. I maintain quality relationships with my clients, understanding that their cases are the most pressing concern in their lives. I am a strong advocate for my clients. I care about them and the outcome of each case. I strive to find workable options for the decisions that will impact the rest of their lives.

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I believe that the cornerstone of my firm's success is the quality of the relationships which I develop and maintain with my clients. My
goal is to treat all clients with respect and to understand their needs and goals. I provide quality legal representation focused on promptly resolving my clients' issues with intelligence, economy and hard work.

I am Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. I have been successfully representing family law clients since 1989. My experience and in-depth knowledge of family law provide my clients with the highest level of competent legal advocacy.

Divorce and the issues that arise from divorce such as child custody and property division are often emotionally charged. I am prepared for the range of emotions people experience. My ultimate goal is to ensure that you make the best decisions possible about your future. I strive to help you reach these decisions through a variety of means including negotiated settlement, alternative dispute resolution, and collaborative law. I am always well prepared to go to trial, if necessary. Contact me to learn more.

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My experience as a divorce attorney since 1989 has provided me with insight into what it is like to go through a divorce.

My clients often feel the trauma of the divorce process, but they also find hope for a better future. I encourage clients to take an active role in working through the difficulties of their divorces. The result is almost always an outcome that is more satisfactory to the client. Contact my firm to arrange a consultation.

The Divorce Process
The following is a general outline of the divorce process:
-One spouse contacts a lawyer, who assists in the preparation of a petition, the legal document that sets forth the reasons why the divorce should be granted and outlines the relief sought.
-The petition is filed with the court and served on the other spouse, together with a summons that requires that spouse's response.
-The served spouse must respond within the time limit prescribed or it will be assumed that he or she does not contest the petition, in which case the petitioner will be granted the requested relief. The response, or answer, must set forth the relief that the answering spouse requests.
-The parties, through their attorneys, engage in "discovery," during which they exchange all documents and other information relevant to deciding the issues in the divorce such as property division, spousal support, and child support.
-The parties may attempt to reach a settlement based on the full disclosure to each other of all relevant information. The settlement process can be initiated voluntarily or facilitated by the parties' lawyers or a neutral third party, such as a mediator.
-If a settlement is reached, the agreement encompassing the terms of the settlement is submitted to the court in the form of a proposed final divorce decree at an informal hearing. The judge will usually approve an agreement upon proof that both parties understand the decree and are freely entering into it.
-If the judge approves the agreement, he or she signs the divorce decree. If he or she does not approve it, or if there has been no agreement, the case will go to trial.
-At trial, the attorneys present the evidence and arguments for both sides, and the judge or jury decides the unresolved issues, including child custody and visitation, child and spousal support, and property division, and grants the divorce.
-Either or both parties can appeal the judge's decision to a higher court.

We can help you thru the divorce process

The entire process can take from as little as a few months to as long as several years. The main determinant of how smoothly the process will go is the level of cooperation between the parties and their willingness to compromise.

An alternative way to finalize a divorce can be found through mediation or collaborative law.

Judith Blanchard

Judith E. Blanchard

Family law matters, such as divorce and the issues that relate to divorce, are often very sensitive topics. My law firm provides clients with a secure environment to address their legal concerns. I strive to understand what my clients want and then work toward those goals. I like to work as a team with my clients--keeping in mind that clients make the final decisions in their cases. I have practiced law for almost 27 years, the last 25 years in the area of family law. I am familiar with the judges and the procedures of the family courts in Harris and Galveston Counties. I am Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

I believe it is important to give back to the community in which I live and work. I am active in volunteer organizations, the legal community, and my church. I have served as President of the Board of the Krist Samaritan Center for Counseling and Education, the Bay Area Turning Point Foundation, the Association of Women Attorneys, and the Early Childhood Board of Clear Lake Presbyterian Church, and I will soon serve as President of the Gulf Coast Family Law Specialists.

Areas of Practice:
-100% Family Law
-Child Support
-Custody & Visitation

Certification/Specialties: Board Certified Family Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization, 2000

Bar admissions: Texas, 1987

Education: St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota
University of Houston Law Center, Houston, Texas

I have represented families in the Houston area since 1989. My experience is broad, and my approach is common sense. Contact my firm to learn more about my practice and to arrange a consultation.


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