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JT Legal Group

JT Legal Group is one of California's premier foreclosure defense and wrongful foreclosure litigation law firms. We take pride in our stellar track record of aggressive, ethical, and successful legal work.

Firm Overview

JT Legal Group is comprised of some of California's most experienced and battle-tested real estate attorneys. We have successfully defended the rights of hundreds of homeowners in various property matters, although the firm's core practice remains foreclosure litigation. Our attorneys are some of the state's most prolific when it comes to litigating based on the California Homeowner Bill of Rights. JT Legal Group has represented clients in matters involving every major lender and trustee, and the banks' opposing counsel are well aware that we do not bring frivolous lawsuits. In addition to foreclosure defense and wrongful foreclosure litigation, JT Legal Group also handles property matters such as probate, estate planning, trust administration, short sale, and eviction defense. JT Legal's lawyers all have one thing in common: a passion for helping ordinary citizens keep their homes, secure their living situation, and achieve peace of mind.

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JT Legal Group


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Our clients who are facing foreclosure often come to us frustrated, anxious, and confused about the foreclosure process and their options. Understandably so -- foreclosure is a stressful situation; Call us today to relieve this stress.

-Foreclosure There are few law firms in California with the depth and breadth of experience in the area of foreclosure litigation that JT Legal Group possesses. Whether stepping in to halt foreclosure on behalf of a homeowner or litigating to achieve damages for a past wrongful foreclosure, our team has the veteran savvy to provide top-notch representation. Regardless of what stage a foreclosure is in, we can step in and help clients achieve the best possible resolution for their unique situation. -Probate Often, clients are dealing with a property that is going through foreclosure inside of an estate that needs to be probated. Our legal team has the ability to cure both the foreclosure and take care of the probate process at the same time. This is a unique value that other firms simply can't match. -Short Sale For clients who have determined that a short sale of their property is the best way forward, our legal team can supervise all aspects of the sale and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Our attorneys' knowledge of California property law and expertise dealing with distressed properties can help take the anxiety out of any short sale transaction. -Estate Planning and Trust Administration Estate planning and trust administration is a natural outgrowth of JT Legal's practice. Our lawyers will provide you with a custom tailored, iron-clad will or trust based on your exact wishes. Absolutely nothing can beat the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your assets will be distributed exactly where and how you intend them to.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Quite simply, JT Legal Group is arguably the most prolific foreclosure litigation law firm in the state of California. We have handled cases for hundreds of clients in every county in California, helping homeowners stop foreclosure, regain title, achieve damages, and put an end to their property woes. We make every effort to ensure that our legal work is client-focused, meticulous, ethical, and on the cutting edge of our practice areas. Perhaps most importantly, our attorneys are here because they love helping ordinary people stay in their homes and achieve justice from big banks who too often treat them like a cell in a spreadsheet instead of a human being. Unscrupulous lending practices should have consequences. Our California wrongful foreclosure attorneys have a proven track record of making lenders who act in bad faith face those consequences. Contact JT Legal Group today for a totally free 15 minute consultation with a qualified wrongful foreclosure attorney.

Is your firm willing to help a client with one discrete part of a case, without taking on the whole case?

We offer a free consultation to all potential clients, during which we immediately strive to understand the unique details of a given situation. In this way, we can assess how we are best able to help resolve a client's legal matter.

Jack Ter-Saakyan

JT Legal Group

Jack Ter-Saakyan has been a member of the California State Bar since 2009. Mr. Ter-Saakyan strives to provide each client with an informed understanding of the client's legal rights, obligations, and options. Mr. Ter-Saakyan zealously advocates on behalf of his clients during all stages of his client's cases. He is the senior attorney at JT Legal Group.


Bar Number: #266641
California, 2009


Peoples COL; Los Angeles CA

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