Joseph R. Preston Attorney at Law

Joseph R. Preston Attorney at Law

McAllen, Texas Wills, Probate and Real Estate Attorney Providing Valuable Service to Clients

Firm Overview

Seasoned attorney helping clients with effective legal services for more than 35 years
Joseph R. Preston Attorney at Law in McAllen, Texas represents individuals and businesses in McAllen and throughout Texas' Hidalgo, Cameron and Starr Counties in matters of wills & probate, residential real estate, and commercial real estate. I have more than 35 years of experience helping clients with their legal needs. I have a successful track record of securing positive results for my clients and am devoted to providing you with the best possible legal representation. I approach my clients with compassion and work to fully understand your individual legal situation in order to determine the best course of action. I apply my skills honed by extensive experience to help you achieve your goals. I enjoy helping my clients through difficult times, and I will work tirelessly to serve your legal needs. Contact me today to schedule a free initial consultation and find out how I can help you.

Devoted attorney treating clients with compassion
I am a conscientious attorney who cares about my clients. I understand legal issues can be financially stressful, so Joseph R. Preston Attorney at Law offers effective services at a reasonable price. I work methodically to avoid costly errors. I approach your case with:
-Devotion - I find professional and personal satisfaction in providing valuable legal services that help my clients through difficult situations. As your attorney, I am devoted to your legal needs and helping you achieve a favorable outcome.
-Compassion - I offer compassionate treatment and listen to all of your legal concerns. I conduct an honest and ethical practice to serve you well and ensure you understand your options.
-Experience - I bring the advantages of 35 years of legal practice to the representation of my clients, applying my knowledge and working diligently to help you reach your goals.

Skilled practice focused on wills & probate and residential and commercial real estate
Joseph R. Preston Attorney at Law provides legal services in matters involving wills & probate, residential real estate, and commercial real estate.
-Wills & Probate - I help clients secure their future and the future of their families and businesses in matters of wills & probate, including wills, trusts, guardianships, business continuity and guidance of executors and beneficiaries through the complex probate process.
-Residential Real Estate - In my residential real estate practice, I handle transactions and litigation involving residential closings, home construction, sales contracts, easements and restrictions, eminent domain, condominium law, landlord-tenant law, and more.
-Commercial Real Estate - In my commercial real estate practice, I conduct transactions and engage in litigation in matters involving commercial real estate closings, construction and build-outs, financing and mortgages, leasing contracts, and more.

Main Office

Main Office
5401 North 10th Street
Suite 121
McAllen TX 78504



Estate Planning

Residential Real Estate

A full-service Texas real estate firm for your home
Joseph R. Preston Attorney at Law handles all aspects of residential real estate. I am a skilled transactional and litigation attorney who can help you from my office in McAllen, Texas with:

-Condominium law
-Easements and restrictions
-Eminent domain
-Financing and mortgages
-Home construction
-Homeowners association disputes
-Landlord-tenant disputes
-Permitting and zoning
-Sales contracts
-Title liens

Buying or selling your home
If you are buying, selling or building a home in Texas, Joseph R. Preston ensures smooth, worry-free transactions. With more than 35 years of experience, I stay with you at every step of the home-buying, selling and building process, including:

-Drafting or reviewing your sales contract
-Reviewing your lending documents
-Researching and clearing title
-Addressing easement questions and other restrictions
-Obtaining proper permits and zoning
-Conducting your real estate closing

Real estate disputes
When real estate disputes arise, Joseph R. Preston Attorney at Law can successfully protect your rights through negotiations and litigation. I combine extensive knowledge about real estate law with assertiveness and imposing courtroom demeanor to defend your home from foreclosure, eminent domain or an unjust homeowners association decision. I apply my experience with Texas housing laws to successfully handle evictions and landlord-tenant disputes.

Real estate negotiator
Not all disputes belong in the courtroom. Joseph R. Preston successfully mediates disputes that arise between neighbors, homeowners and lending institutions, buyers and sellers, and landlords and tenants. I guide the negotiations toward effective resolutions that support our clients' best interests.

Joseph Preston

Joseph R. Preston Attorney at Law

Practice Areas
Wills; Probate; Real Estate; Residential Real Estate; Personal Injury; Family Law; General Civil Practice

1974, Texas; 1978, U.S. District Court, Southern District Texas; 1988, U.S. District Court, Northern
District of Texas

Law School
-Texas Tech University, J.D.

-Hidalgo County Bar Association.

-Dallas, Texas


Texas Tech University
Juris Doctorate ,