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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is an ongoing problem that plagues hundreds of workers in New York City. As a metropolis for business people around the world, NYC has thousands of workplaces that legally must provide safe work environments.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment is an ever-present undercurrent in the workplace, victimizing hundreds of employees who don't know where to turn. With Joseph & Norinsberg, LLC, you're not alone in the fight against sexual harassment in the workplace. A specialized New York City sexual harassment lawyer at our firm will listen to your case with attention and fight to obtain justice and compensation.

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment in NYC?
Sexual harassment doesn't always look the way you may think it does. While there are certainly instances of inappropriate touching, grabbing, or other unwanted physical encounters in the workplace, many cases of sexual harassment are mental, emotional, and psychological. The U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission states that sexual harassment is words or actions that:

Implicitly or explicitly affect an individual's employment
Unreasonably interrupt an individual's performance at work
Create an offensive, intimidating, or hostile work environment

Sexual harassment can include unsolicited sexual come-ons, requests for sex, and any verbal or physical conduct that's sexual in nature. It can range from an offensive sexual joke to unwanted touching and can happen to men and women. Harassers can be anyone in the workplacecoworker, supervisors, bosses, and non-employees.

In New York City, anyone affected by the offensive conduct can be a victim, not just the person at whom the harasser directed his or her actions. A sexually inappropriate joke posted on a bulletin board, for example, can victimize multiple people in a workplace. Any behaviors, language, or physical contact from someone else within the workplace that's unwelcome and makes you feel intimidated or uncomfortable may be grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Sexual Harassment Law
There are two recognized types of sexual harassment: creating a hostile work environment and quid pro quo. Quid pro quo harassment is typically a single instance and entails someone (usually a supervisor) promising or alluding to a promotion or raise in return for sexual favors. There must be a pattern of harassment for the courts to classify a work environment as hostile.

With over 50 years of collective legal experience, Joseph & Norinsberg, LLC, has handled cases involving:

Hostile work environments
Verbal abuse in the workplace
Manager-employee harassment
Employee-employee harassment
Unwelcome touching or grabbing
Obscene gestures in the workplace
Same-sex sexual harassment
Workplace retaliation

Nobody should suffer in silence or feel uncomfortable at work. Many people don't report sexual harassment for fear of retaliation, but Title VII of the Civil Rights Act makes it illegal to fire, demote, or otherwise punish an employee for filing a charge. You have every right to file a claim against a harasser in the workplace and take your case to trial if necessary.

A Passionate and Prominent New York City Sexual Harassment Lawyer
Sexual harassment in the workplace is an ongoing fight against violence and discrimination. This is an incredibly serious offenseone that deserves the dedicated attention of excellent trial lawyers. Joseph & Norinsberg, LLC has tried more than 100 cases of sexual harassment and isn't afraid to take a case to court.

Our team of specialized New York City sexual harassment attorneys can leverage evidence to make your claim compelling to a jury and add your case to the list of seven-figure verdicts we've won for our clients. Our firm has a passion to fight for each and every person we represent, ensuring true justice for harassment victims. With a success rate exceeding 90%, you can trust us for aggressive, honest, and committed representation. We offer free initial consultations and will make hospital visits in select cases to speak with you in person. Contact us today.

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Bennitta Joseph

Joseph & Norinsberg LLC

Bennitta Joseph is an experienced New York City sexual assault attorney with over seventeen years of experience litigating cases involving workplace harassment.

After graduating from Temple University School of Law, Ms. Joseph honed her trial skills by serving as a prosecutor with the New York District Attorney's office. After leaving the District Attorney's office, Ms. Joseph joined the private sector and developed specialized knowledge in the area of employment litigation.

Ms. Joseph understands that achieving justice is important and that these cases are very personal. Many people spend more time at work than with their families. This is why workplaces that involve discrimination, unlawful harassment, wrongful termination or other illegal employer practices often take a severe emotional toll on employees.

Clients need a strong advocate who is willing to fight for them. Ms. Joseph believes in being accessible, promptly returning all email and phone calls, and working tirelessly on behalf of clients. Ms. Joseph has helped clients to achieve numerous successful verdicts and substantial settlements in, whistle blower cases, race discrimination, age discrimination, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, wrongful termination, as well as wage and hour cases.

Ms. Joseph thrives in competitive environments and litigates employment law case with uncompromising , dedication, patience and a relentless desire to achieve justice on behalf of the client.


Temple University
Juris Doctor,

Jon L. Norinsberg

Joseph & Norinsberg LLC

Jon Norinsberg graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Georgetown University Law Center in 1991. After graduation, Mr. Norinsberg joined the prestigious New York law firm of Proskauer, Rose, Goetz and Mendelsohn, where he was an associate in the firm's litigation department for almost two years.

In 1993, Jon left Proskauer to join the New York City Law Department, where he became a trial lawyer in the City's Manhattan Trial Unit. During his five year stay at the New York City Law Department, Mr. Norinsberg became one of the City's top-rated trial lawyers, consistently winning his trials and receiving national recognition for several of his verdicts. During that time, Mr. Norinsberg also co-authored the Trial Notebook, the City's trial training manual (which is still in use almost fifteen years later), and was instrumental in creating the City's trial training program.

In the Fall of 1998, Mr. Norinsberg left the New York City Law Department to open up his own law firm. Since that time, he has run The Law Offices of Jon Norinsberg, a highly successful litigation practice, focusing almost exclusively on New York City civil rights litigation.


Bar Number: ******
Connecticut, 2011

Bar Number: *******
New York, 1992


Georgetown Law
Juris Doctor, 1991

Chaya Gourarie

Joseph & Norinsberg LLC

Chaya joined the New York bar in 2013 and has since then established herself as a natural litigator. She has litigated several areas of law including commercial law, personal injury law, employment law, and civil rights litigation. Chaya has demonstrated exceptional ability when it comes to legal analysis and writing. She is adept at parsing apart complex legal issues and identifying winning legal arguments. Through her professional legal experience, which includes extensive motion and appellate practice, Chaya has developed a thorough grasp of federal civil procedure.

Chaya Gourarie is an associate at the Law Offices of Joseph & Norinsberg and has been actively involved in all aspects of the firm's practice, including extensive experience in motion practice, oral arguments, depositions, and appeals. Chaya is committed to vindicating the rights of her clients and will work tirelessly and relentlessly to achieve the optimal result.

Chaya has been admitted to practice law in New York State; U.S. Court, Eastern District of New York; U.S. Court, Southern District of New York; and U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals.


Bar Number: ********
New York, 2013

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