John F. Rossi, Attorney at Law

John F. Rossi, Attorney at Law

For matters that require the DIRECT attention of an experienced attorney. Representing and advising executives, professionals and individuals in employment law, business and family law matters. See my bio page for a list of notable cases.

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John Rossi, Attorney at Law, has been practicing law since 1981 in the areas of employment law, executive advocacy, business litigation, domestic relations, and tort law. From his office in Boston, Mr. Rossi represents clients in a wide range of matters including unlawful discrimination, corporate and commercial litigation and many others. He also advises executives in Fortune 500 and midsize companies who are either facing legal action, or need legal consultation with regards to matters such as severance agreements, employment agreements, wrongful termination, non-compete agreements and alternative dispute resolution, to name a few situations. . No matter your legal challenge, if you are seeking a strong advocate who will give you clear, straightforward legal advice, John Rossi, Attorney at Law, will partner with you to develop a complete legal strategy that is customized to your circumstances and needs.

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John F. Rossi

John F. Rossi, Attorney at Law

John Rossi has been a trial lawyer since 1981 and has tried many cases in both state and federal courts, concentrating in the areas of employment law, business litigation, domestic relations and tort law. He is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, the national business school honor society, the American Bar Association, the Massachusetts Bar Association, and is a past officer of the Massachusetts Employment Lawyers Association. Mr. Rossi has been featured in Massachusetts' leading legal publication on litigation related issues, and is awarded the highest rating from the leading lawyers directory.

Mr. Rossi has tried handicap discrimination cases to a jury in Massachusetts under the state anti-discrimination law. He practices in the areas of unlawful discrimination; non-competition and trade secret matters; wrongful termination; defamation in the workplace; severance agreements; and corporate and commercial litigation. He also serves as General Counsel to one of Massachusetts' leading human services not for profit corporations.

In addition to his trial practice, Mr. Rossi also counsels his individual and corporate clients on ways to avoid lawsuits through negotiated severance agreements, the implementation of company policies which tend to prevent claims, and the creative use of alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation and arbitration which can, in appropriate cases, serve as speedy and inexpensive mechanisms for resolving disputes.


Mr. Rossi litigates cases and counsels clients in all aspects of employment law, business litigation, domestic relations and tort law. He has tried handicap discrimination cases to a jury in Massachusetts under the state anti-discrimination law. He practices in the areas of unlawful discrimination, non-competition and trade secrets matters, wrongful termination, defamation in the workplace, severance agreements, tort law, domestic relations, and corporate and commercial litigation. He has achieved superior results including:

- COMMERCIAL INSURANCE COVERAGE AND UNFAIR CLAIMS PRACTICES Negotiated a $600,000.00 settlement in a commercial fire loss claim that included approximately $100,000.00 in property damage plus loss of rental income This case involved an attempt by the insurer to disclaim coverage, the alleged negligence of the insurance agent in procuring the coverage and advising the claimant on the content of the application for insurance, the insurer's attempts to limit several elements of the loss such as the application of depreciation expense and time limitations on the period of loss of rental income. This matter settled on the third day of trial.

- WRONGFUL TERMINATION AND RETALIATION Negotiating a mid-six figure settlement for a high level multinational defense contractor executive. The terms of the settlement agreement included provisions safeguarding the executive's ability to maintain a high level government clearance status.

- TORT Negotiating a mid-six figure settlement on behalf of a bus passenger injured in an out of state motor vehicle collision.


Negotiating a resolution on behalf of a sales associate who was alleged by his previous employer to be barred from his new employment by a non-competition agreement. The previous employer was seeking a restraining order barring the sales associate's continued employment with his new employer. The lawsuit brought by the previous employer also sought money damages and an extension of the time during which the non-competition period would run. The resolution resulted in the sales associate being able to keep his employment with his new employer, a significant reduction in the original non-competition period and the payment of no money damages.


Negotiating a severance agreement for a marketing executive who was notified of the company's intention to transfer her to an inferior management position within the company, albeit with no reduction in pay or benefits, shortly after she returned from Family Medical Leave. The severance agreement involved the negotiation of significant terms regarding the the payment of salary and employment benefits into the future as well as the employer's agreement to provide a suitable employment reference the content of which was drafted by the client.


Negotiating a settlement for an outside sales representative who was the victim of wrongful interference with her advantageous business relationship. The Defendant was the purchasing supervisor of a major customer of the sales representative. The settlement was obtained while suit was pending in the Superior Court. The amount of the settlement payment was equal to approximately one year of her earnings as an outside sales representative.


Negotiating a six figure settlement for an elementary school teacher who was the


Bar Number: 430450
Massachusetts, 1981


Suffolk University
J.D., 1981

Boston University
B.S.B.A., 1978