Jill Rose Quinn Attorney and Couselor at Law

Jill Rose Quinn Attorney and Couselor at Law


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Helping Clients Achieve Their Desired Legal Objectives Since 1997
Since 1997, Jill Rose Quinn, Attorney at Law, Counselor at Law has been serving the Chicago community and helping clients with their legal matters regarding bankruptcy, family law, criminal law, real estate and estate planning. Whether you are deciding whether to file for bankruptcy or need an attorney to assist you through the probate process, you can rely on the more than 30 years of legal experience I bring to every case I handle. Because I work in areas of the law that are especially emotionally charged, I understand the sensitive nature of your case and will show you genuine compassion as I diligently work to resolve your issues and concerns.

I know from both personal and professional experience the unique issues faced by gay, lesbian, genderqueer and transgendered individuals. Whether it's preparing a name change petition, or working out a partnership agreement, or defending you in criminal court, you can rely on me to advocate for you without bias or judgment and with passion and zeal. I am also available to counsel individuals and businesses who are striving to make an office or other workplace culturally competent around LGBTQ issues.

I work with Illinois individuals and businesses with residential and commercial property closings and mortgage closings, and also represent clients in litigation and administrative proceedings arising out of real estate-related transactions. I counsel my clients faced with financial issues on the true and total impact bankruptcy can have on their family businesses and homes, and can often convince creditors to lower debts if bankruptcy is not the best option. I have also worked with many Illinois families to devise comprehensive and tailored estate plans.

Jill Rose Quinn, Attorney at Law, Counselor at Law can provide you with dependable legal services in:
Family law
Criminal law
Trusts and estates
Real estate
Domestic partnerships
Criminal representation
LGBT Rights and Issues

Passionate and diligent Illinois attorney
When you retain me, you can rest assured that a dedicated legal professional will advocate for you every step of the way. In my client-centered firm, I am committed to treating clients with honesty, compassion and care, and I excel at placing my clients at ease. At my law firm, you will not spend time dealing with paralegals and staff. I am committed to handling every case personally. My diverse Chicago clientele comes from all walks of life, and I believe in nourishing the relationships I have developed with the Illinois gay, lesbian. transgendered, and genderqueer community.

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Providing solutions to overwhelming debt
Especially in our poor economy, where jobs are unavailable or pay significantly less than previously, mounting debt can begin to feel unmanageable and overwhelming. Attorney Jill Rose Quinn brings the knowledge and skill she has acquired over 29 years to help you take control of your debt so you can take control of your life.

Negotiator of debt relief options
I research the best means for handling your debt, which is not always bankruptcy. When bankruptcy is not your best option, I step in on your behalf to persuade creditors to lower your debt and accept more reasonable monthly payments.

Extensive experience with debt analysis
I truly listen to your needs and thoroughly analyze your case to determine if bankruptcy offers the most effective way to ease your financial burden. We review your debts, income and expenses, and explain the ultimate impact bankruptcy would have on your family, business, home and future credit. I answer all your questions about the bankruptcy process and the outcomes you should expect. My compassionate approach to dealing with bankruptcy leaves no surprises.

Reprieve through automatic stay
Creditors' aggressive collection methods unfairly compound the stress of escalating debt. You can put an end to the constant harassing phone calls and letters meant to intimidate you into paying debts you cannot afford. As soon as you file for bankruptcy, creditors must immediately stop all collection efforts including those distressing letters and phone calls. I then deal with your creditors so you can regain your peace of mind.

Your bankruptcy options in Illinois

Chapter 7 bankruptcy
Chapter 7 bankruptcy is available to individuals and businesses looking to quickly and simply resolve their debts. Provided you pass the court's means test, Chapter 7 bankruptcy grants you relief from debts through the liquidation of your assets. Because many household and personal items are exempt, you can make a fresh start with limited disruption to your life.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy
If you own a business, Chapter 11 bankruptcy permits your business to continue operating while you pay creditors under a reorganization plan. The Chapter 11 option helps you escape debt without losing the business you struggled so hard to build.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy
Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables you to stop your lenders from foreclosing on your home. If you and your spouse have substantial incomes, but a sudden illness, job loss or another unexpected circumstance has interfered with your ability to pay your bills, Chapter 13 bankruptcy permits you to pay debts over time in smaller amounts.

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Jill Quinn

Jill Rose Quinn Attorney and Couselor at Law

Practice areas
Family law
Criminal law
Trusts and estates
Real estate
Debtor and creditor
Domestic partnerships
Business law
Bankruptcy Chapter 7
Bankruptcy Chapter 13
Debt relief
Debtor bankruptcy
Personal bankruptcy
Domestic violence
Transgender Rights and Issues
Gay and lesbian family law
Marital property settlements
Marital agreements
Name changes
Premarital agreements
Separation agreements
Uncontested divorce
Criminal defense
Traffic violations
Revoked Drivers' Licenses
Decedents' estates
Estate planning for unmarried couples
Powers of attorney

Illinois, 1983
United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois 1985

John Marshall Law School, J.D., with distinction, 1983
State University of New York at Binghamton, B.A., 1976

Associations and memberships
Chicago Bar Association
Illinois State Bar Association
LGBT Bar Association