Jeremiah Denslow

Jeremiah Denslow

A top Cincinnati DUI defense lawyer who practices in Hamilton County, Butler County, Warren County and Clermont County.

Firm Overview

Cincinnati DUI lawyer Jeremiah Denslow devotes his ENTIRE practice to defending individuals charged with DUI (also referred to as OVI). That means of the million or so laws in the United States and thousands in Ohio alone, his practice is devoted to just onethe law that prohibits drinking and driving. Because of Jeremiah's concentrated focus, he has developed a substantial amount of knowledge and experience in all things related to DUI defense.

The majority of Ohio lawyers have a fairly diverse legal practice. For example, it's not unusual for a Cincinnati DUI lawyer to take cases in criminal defense, personal injury, divorce, child custody AND DUI defense. They likely only handle a handful of DUI cases every year. Jeremiah feels that is an inefficient and ineffective way to run a DUI defense practice. This Cincinnati DUI lawyer has a tremendous amount of experience in the courtroom, having been licensed to practice law for the past sixteen years and successfully representing hundreds of DUI clients in his career.

Another unique component of Jeremiah's DUI defense practice is his strict limitation on the number of clients he accepts each year. Jeremiah feels that defending a DUI case should be done thoroughly and without artificial time constraints. The more information a DUI lawyer knows about his client and their case, the more likely he is to be successful. Jeremiah feels the best way to get that intimate level of knowledge is to spend time communicating with his clients and studying the factual details of the case. By limiting the number of clients he represents, Jeremiah is able to spend more time on each client and their case.

Using that concept, Jeremiah structures his practice using a very simple formula.

Singular focus on DUI defense.
Only in the state of Ohio.
A limited number of clients.

If you spend a minute or two thinking about his approach, it's obvious why he gets results. Extremely focused practice. Less clients. More attention for each client.

Jeremiah Denslow has a number of office locations throughout the Cincinnati region, including:

Downtown Cincinnati at the Scripps Center
Hyde Park at the Rookwood Tower
West Chester in the Union Centre Office Park
Blue Ash in the Westlake Center Office Tower
Waynesville in Warren County

Jeremiah Denslow is a member of various bar associations and civic organizations, including:

Cincinnati Bar Association
Ohio State Bar Association
Warren County Bar Association
CIncinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce
Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Registered with the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau

Jeremiah Denslow has a profile with various attorney directory services including:

Avvo under Cincinnati DUI lawyer
Martindale Hubbell under Cincinnati DUI lawyer Cincinnati DUI lawyer
Nolo under Cincinnati DUI lawyer
Justia under Cincinnati DUI lawyer

Cincinnati DUI lawyer Jeremiah Denslow has previously been a member of a number of attorney membership and recognition groups including:

National Advocacy for DUI Defense
National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys
National Trial Lawyers
American Society of Legal Advocates
Super Lawyers
Best Ohio DUI Attorneys

If you are facing a DUI charge in the Cincinnati area and want the best legal defense possible, contact Jeremiah Denslow for a free telephone consultation. In about fifteen minutes, he will give you an idea of what you're up against, what he can do for you and how much it would cost if you would like to hire him. The phone call is free and will likely provide you with some piece of mind in a difficult time. Call 513-268-0557.
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Main Office
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