Jeffrey C. Meadows, Attorney At Law

Jeffrey C. Meadows, Attorney At Law

Meadows Law Firm is a small firm located in West Chester, OH. We Handle OVI defense, criminal defense, domestic relations, personal injury and school law. The attorneys at Meadows Law Firm are fighters who love trials and winning!

Firm Overview

The Meadows Law Firm presently has two attorneys who love to go to court and fight for their clients. Jeff Meadows is a leader in Ohio OVI defense and has handled over 2000 OVI/DUI cases over the last 20 yrs including taking scores of cases to trial. In 2017 alone, Meadows received NOT GUILTY verdicts in 16/20 cases (this is not a guarantee of the results of your case). While each case is different, you can't win if you don't fight.

Additionally, Jeff Meadows has hosted or lectured at 30+ continuing legal education classes (he teaches lawyers how to fight OVI's), and is the only lawyer south of Columbus who has 80 hours of training on gas chromatography (the science used to test blood, urine and drugs).

Also at the Meadows Law Firm is attorney Brien Miller. Brien was a school teacher for 22 years before going to law school, and he has been practicing for 2 years now. Brien handles criminal cases, OVI defense, domestic relations and all issues relating to schools. Brien has done multiple presentations on school law matters and has won numerous cases against school boards.

While the attorneys here at Meadows Law Firm will fight tirelessly for you, they are not all work. Brien Miller is a tri-athlete who has completed numerous triathlons and is also an avid mountain biker.

Jeff is a SCUBA diver and enjoys spending time diving with sharks and other big animals. In Jeff's adventures, he has dived with Bull Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Reef Sharks, Whale Sharks and Salt Water Crocodiles, so tough judges and prosecutors don't bother him.

Both attorneys enjoy spending time with their families as well.

At Meadows Law Firm, our personal lives have helped to guide and shape our professional lives in that we are aggressive and love the adrenaline of a fight. Any attorney can tell you the bad news and help you fall on the sword, but the lawyers at Meadows Law Firm will FIGHT for YOU!

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Meadows Law Firm takes an aggressive approach to OVI defense. Over the last 20 years, Jeff Meadows has handled over 2000 OVI/DUI cases. In 2017 alone, Jeff Meadows received NOT GUILTY verdicts in 16/20 cases fought. Let us fight for YOU!

The Meadows Law Firm is a small law firm located in West Chester, Ohio (Union Centre area), just north of I-275. We have two attorneys and our practice areas include OVI/DUI defense, criminal defense, domestic relations (divorce, custody, visitation & support), personal injury and school law.

Jeff Meadows has been a leader in Ohio OVI defense going on 20 years. He has handled over 2000 OVI cases, done scores of jury trials and bench trials, hosted and/or lectured at over 30 continuing legal education seminars on OVI issues (he teaches other lawyers about OVI defense).

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

When it comes to OVI defense, Jeff Meadows fortuitously fell into this area of law. With a love for science and a knack for trial work, Jeff's knowledge, skill set and reputation took root almost immediately. Immersing himself in hands-on training all over the country and reading every scientific journal article he could find, Jeff was quickly propelled to the top of the list of "who's who" in Ohio OVI defense.

Jeff has taken the same course officers take for certification in field sobriety testing, has done multi-day training at one of the manufacturers of breath test devices, has spent over 80 hours learning theory and operation of gas chromatographs (the instrument used for blood and urine testing as well as testing of actual alleged drug material) including preparing and running of actual samples. In addition, Jeff has attended hundreds of hours of continuing legal education courses focused on OVI/DUI defense.

As a recognized leader in Ohio OVI Defense, Jeff is a regular presenter at the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer's annual Advanced OVI Defense seminar, where he is one of the faculty members who teach other lawyers some of the techniques he uses to successfully challenge OVI cases.

One of the other factors that make OVI defense appeal to Jeff is the fact that good people get charged with OVI and they are not always guilty. OVI is unique in that one section of the Ohio law (4511.19 (A)(1)(a)) is based entirely on the officer's opinion that the individual is impaired. An opinion usually formed in a matter of minutes, on the side of the road with traffic whizzing by, while you are doing roadside tests that have nothing to do with driving and tests which you are not given a chance to practice or told what you're being graded on. Jeff has mastered courtroom and trial skills in these types of cases as a result of doing more trials year in and year out than anyone he knows (at least here in Ohio).

In cases where there is a blood, breath or urine test result, again, the science behind this testing has been a huge appeal. Jeff owns two of the three breath testing instruments approved for use in Ohio OVI cases and has done scores of hours of training on GCMS instruments. As a result of his training in these areas, Jeff is frequently called on by other attorneys to assist them with interpreting and attacking crime lab results.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

The following is a partial list of the training that Jeff Meadows has attended, Hosted or lectured at: OSBA OVI Seminar in 2017, 2017 Thanksgiving Seminar, Solid Drug Analysis at Axion Laboratories in 2017, OACDL Advanced OVI Seminar in 2016, 10th Annual Diving Into A DUI CaseProgram Director in 2016, Advanced DUI SeminarTrial Skills in 2015, 9th Annual Diving Into A DUI Case in 2015, 2015 Thanksgiving CLE, 8th Annual Diving Into A DUI Case in 2014, Thanksgiving OVI Seminar in 2013, Rotary Luncheon in 2013, Advanced DUI Seminar in 2013, 7th Annual Diving Into A DUI Case in 2013, OVI - Part 2: Handling the Difficult Case in 2012, OVI - Part 1: That call in the middle of the night in 2012, Advanced OVI SeminarTrial Skills Workshop in 2012, 6th Annual Diving Into A DUI Case in 2012, 5th Annual Thanksgiving OVI Seminar in 2012, 2012 Mock Jury Trial CLE OVI Defense - in 2012, 5th Annual Diving Into A DUI Case in 2011,
Thanksgiving OVI Seminar in 2010, OSBA Annual Conference in 2010, OACDL Advanced OVI Seminar in 2010, Basics of Gas ChromatographyOVI - Gas Chromatography 2010, Annual OVI UpdateOVI - The G.E.R.D. Defense 2010, 4th Annual Diving Into an OVI/DUI Case in 2010, Representing the Ohio OVI Charge in 2009,
OACDL Advanced OVI Seminar in 2009, 2nd Annual OVI Mock Jury Trial Seminar in 2009, Thanksgiving OVI Seminar in 2008, OSBA OVI Seminar in 2008,
OACDL DUI/OVI in 2008, 2nd Annual Diving Into An OVI Case in 2008, Thanksgiving OVI Seminar in 2007, 2006 Advanced DUI Seminar in 2006, Strategies in Handling DWI and DUI Cases in Ohio in 2005, The Role of the Expert Witness in DUI/OVI Cases in 2004, Impaired Driving Law Issues in Ohio in 2004, Impaired Driving Law Issues in Ohio in 2003.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Over the past 20 years, Jeff Meadows has represented over 2000 clients charged with OVI. To Jeff's knowledge, there is no other Ohio attorney who has taken as many OVI cases to trial (both jury trial and bench trial) as him. While Jeff doesn't pretend to win all of his trials, he does win most.

The commitment to knowledge, desire and effort sets the attorneys at Meadows Law firm above the rest and this has been recognized by Mr. Meadows' peers as he has been selected as an Ohio Super Lawyer every year since 2012 and has twice been selected as a Top 50 lawyer in Cincinnati and a Top 100 lawyer in the whole state of Ohio (as nominated by his peers). No other OVI defense lawyer has these same recognitions.

Jefferey Meadows

Jeffrey C. Meadows, Attorney At Law

Jeff Meadows grew up in the Mason & West Chester area. After a very robust social experience at Miami University, Jeff later graduated from the University of Cincinnati with honors in Philosophy.

For law school, Jeff moved to Miami, FL and attended the University of Miami School of Law while working full-time for American Airlines and part-time for Lexis-Nexis. Upon completion of school, Jeff began his practice here in the Cincinnati area and then began working for a small firm in West Chester doing criminal defense.

Jeff very quickly took to OVI defense and became one of the most recognized names in Ohio DUI circles as Jeff was frequently invited to speak at legal education seminars where he would share with other lawyers, his knowledge and tactics on OVI defense.

Throughout his 20 year career, Meadows has represented over 2000 people charged with OVI/DUI throughout the following counties: Hamilton County, Butler County, Warren County, Clermont County, Brown County, Adams County, Highland County, Athens County, Lawrence County, Delaware County, Greene County, Fayette County, Clinton County, Montgomery County, Preble County, and Allen County.

It is also believed that there is no other attorney in Ohio who has more OVI trials under their belt than Jeff. And while he doesn't win them all, he does win most. Jeff is not afraid of any fact pattern and he has received NOT GUILTY verdicts on a number of breath test cases, including one with a test result of 0.244.

In his free time, Jeff loves to SCUBA dive and more specifically, he loves diving with big animals. Jeff has dived with bull sharks, lemon sharks, black tip sharks, whale sharks and salt water crocodiles.


Bar Number: 0067689
Ohio, 1997


University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
Juris Doctor, 1996

Brien Miller

Jeffrey C. Meadows, Attorney At Law

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