James Palumbo Attorney At Law

James Palumbo Attorney At Law

James Palumbo, Esq has 35 years experience in handling every aspect of a criminal case in New York City and the surrounding areas. James has represented clients in every type of case from Homicide and violent crimes to Drug cases, Assault and DUI

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James Palumbo, Esq., has handled thousands of criminal cases during his thirty plus years as a criminal practitioner. James only takes criminal cases. He is an experienced trial attorney who has examined and cross examined hundreds of witnesses throughout his carrier including ballistics experts DNA experts, medical examiners, fingerprint experts, handwriting experts and laboratory technicians. James is experienced in all aspects of criminal trial work including the critical phases of jury selection and opening and closing statements. If you have a case where a criminal trial will be necessary then you need an experienced criminal trial attorney such as James Palumbo, Esq.

The majority of criminal cases end up with some sort of plea agreement. It is critical that your attorney be experienced in the art of plea negotiations. James Palumbo has the experience you need in this area. James is in the criminal courthouses every day. He is fully familiar with the sentencing guidelines and restrictions. As a former prosecutor he is sensitive to the proper way to establish and present all mitigating circumstances that will benefit the client and get the best deal possible. James is also familiar with all the technical requirements that must be established by the prosecution and will examine your case carefully looking for any technical issues that can be used to the clients advantage.

Thus, if you have been accused of a crime you will require the best legal counsel to achieve the outcome you desire. James Palumbo, Esq. is dedicated and experienced trial attorney with a proven track record of success and will guide you through the difficult and stressful experience of being accused of a crime

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