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The Atlanta law office of James Lee Ford, A Professional Corporation, offers significant experience and expertise to people needing legal assistance in civil matters such as personal injury, business litigation, employment law, insurance litigation, professional liability and breach of fiduciary duty.

Our firm was established in 1990 by James Lee Ford, an AV rated attorney with nearly 40 years of experience in the practice of law. At James Lee Ford, we are civil trial lawyers focusing exclusively on litigation for the benefit of those who have been harmed by the negligence or intentional misconduct of another.

Who We Are
As a small firm, we are able to focus our attention on our clients. We know our clients and our cases and are always available when our clients need us. We are committed to the advancement of the legal profession and the betterment of our community. Mr. Ford is personally involved in a variety of community activities and volunteers his legal services on a pro bono basis to many important projects, such as helping victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks obtain recoveries for their losses.

View our Attorney Profile pages to learn more about who we are, or visit our Practice Areas Overview and practice-specific pages to learn more about what we do. If you need professional advice or representation in any of these areas, please give us a call. In Atlanta, Georgia, or anywhere in the Southeast Region, contact James Lee Ford, A Professional Corporation.

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Personal Injury

The Georgia law firm of James Lee Ford, A Professional Corporation, helps people in Atlanta and beyond who have been injured due to a car or truck accident, a defective product, medical malpractice, or other instances of negligence or wrongful conduct whi

Personal Injury Lawsuits and Damages
If you are injured due to the negligence or wrongful conduct of another, the law allows you to recover compensation for your injuries. You may recover not only for property damage and medical expenses, but also for items such as lost wages when the injury has caused you to miss work or resulted in a long-term or permanent disability that prevents you from working. In addition, you are entitled to recover for other types of damages arising from your injury, such as the pain and suffering and emotional distress the injury has caused.

Although you may be legally entitled to such damages, obtaining them is not always an easy matter. The negligent party's insurance company may not settle for an adequate amount, forcing you into litigation to get what you deserve. In court, the burden is on you as the plaintiff to prove that the accident was the defendant's fault, and that this negligent conduct resulted in your injuries. You must also prove the nature and extent of your injuries and justify the compensation you are seeking. Meanwhile, the defendant will seek to shift the blame and place it on you, claiming either that you caused the accident or that your own negligence contributed to the accident, and your recovery should be therefore diminished or barred altogether. Being represented by a knowledgeable and experienced trial lawyer with a record of success is essential to receiving a fair settlement from the insurance company or achieving a successful outcome at trial.

Personal Injury and Products Liability
When confronted with an automobile accident or other personal injury case, many attorneys only think to look at the negligence of the other driver or responsible party, and how to defend against claims that their own client was also negligent or responsible for the accident. As experienced trial lawyers, we understand that sometimes other factors cause or contribute to an accident or injury. A defectively designed or defectively manufactured vehicle or component may fail at a critical moment - brakes may fail, tires may blow, the vehicle may rollover and the roof crush, a vehicle fire may erupt, or airbags may fail to deploy. Like other manufacturers, automakers are liable for designing or making dangerous products that cause injury.

We investigate every personal injury case to determine all the factors and responsible parties involved. We handle products liability cases involving all manner of commercial products, from household cleaners and power tools to industrial heavy machinery. When a product is defectively made or fails to include adequate warnings and instructions regarding inherent dangers and safe use, we utilize litigation to compensate our injured client and force the manufacturer to change its practices before any other innocent consumers are needlessly injured or worse.

Wrongful Death
Many states recognize an action for wrongful death, which may be brought by surviving family members when the negligence or wrongful conduct of another results in the death of a loved one. Most states measure the recovery available by the losses suffered by the family members, including economic damages such as funeral and burial expenses and non-economic damages such as the loss of companionship, marital relations, or the training and guidance a parent gives a child. In Georgia, however, the proper measure of recovery is the "full value of the life" of the deceased. This more personal measure includes factors such as the amount of income the deceased would have earned during lifetime and the value placed on the enjoyment of living. Family members may also recover for economic losses such as the medical and funeral expenses they incurred, as well as an amount to compensate for the pain and suffering the deceased may have experienced before death.

Experienced and Professional Legal Representation
At the law office of James Lee Ford, we apply our skill and experience in civil litigation to obtain fair and just compensation in the most complex cases of personal injury and wrongful death, including severe and catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) or spinal cord injury. If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence or wrongful conduct of another, contact James Lee Ford, A Professional Corporation to speak with an experienced legal professional with a track record of successful results.