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I have been working for injured victims since the beginning of my career in 1985. I chose this area of law because people are not only the victim of carelessness causing injury, but also at times become the victim of our legal system, big business, and less than honest attorneys. It is therefore my life's work to focus on those injured in an accident - by a product or by another. I offer to all clients, whether a large case or small case, compassionate, thorough and experienced legal advice and representation, so that each client can obtain the best resolution of their circumstances.

It is not just the money that clients worry about, but also their future, their health and their ability to plan for these concerns. Our experiences have offered us the opportunity to counsel many injured people, some very tragically, and help them, through our knowledge and experience, grasp and solve many of the legal and non-legal issues that come with injury.

Over the years, my representation of clients has led me to settle or submit to arbitration or trial several hundred cases. See our web page link for a full listing or further in this section, Our Successes.

I have been fortunate and successful in gaining substantial verdicts for those seriously injured. My track Record of successes includes a verdict for 2.8 million just last year and other multi-million dollar resolutions as well as the small, yet important cases affecting many in California and Orange County. I hope to continue to achieve our focus, to provide meaningful, professional, and quality help to those most in need.

Robert Allen Started the firm over 30 years ago in Newport Beach, California and dedicated himself to helping injured victims. When I graduated law school, I did not intend to be an "Ambulance Chaser," and accepted a lucrative opportunity in business litigation. I met Mr. Allen, just after accepting the business position. Before starting my new career, he invited me to learn what a good lawyer can do for victims, how I would be wasted representing business and that not all personal injury attorneys are worthy of the term "Ambulance Chaser." He asked if I really wanted to help others. He promised me that if I did not like the work, he would see I was well placed after 1 year. I started with this firm and never left, because of the satisfaction I gained in the practice. I eventually became the senior litigation attorney, later the president, and finally the owner.

Example cases

In 2008 and 2009 we have continued to offer exceptional financial solutions for our clients. One interesting case involved a pedestrian struck by an automobile that only had $50,000 in coverage.  We successfully demonstrated that driver was distracted by a concert operated without a permit and collected $750,000 more from the airport and County.  An attorney representing another pedestrian hit at the same time, settled for the policy of the driver only, even though his client was hurt to the same extent as our client.  We have settled and tried over 250 cases above $100,000 and have obtained many verdicts in the millions for seriously injured people.  We want you to not just survive an injury accident but Soar Above it emotionally, personally and financially.  Other results in past years has been equally helpful to our clients as you can see below.
In 2005 to 2006, I successfully concluded a product liability trial resulting in a jury verdict in Orange County Superior Court exceeding $2,800,000 and obtained awards and settlements on four separate cases totaling $2,400,750. Suzanne Leslie successfully settled a premises liability case for $1,000,000 and the firm concluded over 170 cases with excellent results.

Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie has obtained verdicts, awards, or settlements in 250 cases great

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Absolutely. Our meeting or conference will take as long as you need to gain an understanding of your rights, options, and the elements important to your decision about your case or legal question.

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We work almost exclusively on contingency.

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How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Robert Allen Started the firm over 30 years ago in Newport Beach, California and dedicated himself to helping injured victims. When I graduated Law School, I did not intend to be an "Ambulance Chaser" and accepted a lucrative opportunity is business litigation. I met Mr. Allen, just after accepting the position, but before starting my new career, and he invited me to learn what a good lawyer can do for victims, and how much we can help others. He promised me that if I did not like the work, he would see I was well placed after 1 year. I started with this firm and never left, because of the satisfaction I gained in the practice. I eventually became the senior litigation attorney, and later the president and owner.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

Clients should always educate themselves on the law. I frequently will tell a client that if you know what I know, then my recommendations would make complete sense. Naturally, it is not practical for a client to learn everything about the law if it does not pertain to their case, but they should learn all they can as the process evolves. Our web site is designed to tell clients how to handle their own case. For example, see this link, Five Winning Tips to Settling Your Automobile Accident Case. See also our links toDog Bite prevention in Orange County, and Los Angeles.  We warn you of dangerous freeways like Ortega Highway and the 710 Freeway.  Many clients want to know about brain injury, spinal injury and how to find the right personal injury attorney. We are here if you cannot or do not want to handle your own case. Otherwise we invite you to examine all our recommendations for handling your own case in the links above.

Looking for a lawyer and want FREE professional help.  You may also be interested in a copy of my book "Avoid Lawyer Advertising Hype.  A Lawyer's Method of Finding a Lawyer."  We will send it free to help anyone find the right lawyer for their case.  Call 1-866-752-7474 and we will rush a free copy immediately.  It helps the reader identify the type of lawyer they need, where to find good candidates, how to interview lawyers, and the personality they want most.  Call for your free copy.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

We are not generally set up to review documents prepared by another, because the cost of review and consultation may be too high. However, feel free to call and we will discuss that possibility with you at any time. It is always free to call and consult with us.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

I have found this to be very hard. As an experienced attorney, you would be paying me more by the hour to coach you than if you simply allowed me to do the case for you. Generally, a little advice can be given but coaching throughout the process is too expensive for the client and if they need the help, they should hire the professional. You can however see our website for many ideas, as well as how- to steps to handling your case on your own. For instance, see Handling an Auto Accident Case on Your Own, and Main Points of Contention in Auto Accident Cases

James Ballidis

Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie

I worked in the carpet manufacturing industry while attending high school and college at Long Beach State in Long Beach. I climbed the ranks to eventually become a corporate troubleshooter, responsible to the Vice President of Operations for solving production problems between departments from yarn and carpet production to coloration and sales. I put myself through school and then law school to fulfill my dream of being a lawyer. I have wanted to be a lawyer since the 8th grade.

My father died when I was 6 months old in a fire truck work related accident. My mother raised my brother and me as best she could. This experience was hard at times, but made me independent, strong and I developed leadership capability. I was not afforded the luxury of college or law school through my mother. Instead I had to achieve my education while working full time. I still excelled and learned that some are privileged and some are not, but you gain what you earn.

These experiences gave me real world working life experience, and taught me not to waste opportunity. When I attended school, I was more mature, in many ways, than the typical college graduate who had not held a job yet. I had already earned a career in business. The mixture of hard work and education launched me into law and into my fortunate success that I enjoy.

Looking back, if I had a father, I may not have become the man I am today. Naturally, I will always wonder if I would have been even better had fate not interceded in his untimely death. I live to make him proud, as the last descendant of our family, even though I never knew him.

I am analytical about problems with a real world attitude of practicality. I like to find solutions that enhance the result for our clients. My strength is in the ability to visualize that outcome and then see it come to be. All attorneys possess negotiation and trial skill if they have practiced for a significant period. My talent is to take those skills and apply them creatively to affect the right outcome, not just any outcome.

Personal interests:

I have an 8-year-old girl that is my primary focus. We live in Lake Forest in a wonderful community.

I am a second degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, having been instructed Mr. Rick Maestas. I achieved this accomplishment despite being older than anyone else in the classes and testing.

I love professional football, having followed the league for 30 years.


Bar Number: 119461
California, 1985


Southwestern School of Law
Juris Doctorate, 1985

Long Beach State University
Bachelor of Science, 1982

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