JC Law: The Law Office of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, LLC

JC Law: The Law Office of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, LLC

Everyone deserves a fair fight. At JC Law, we believe in every Marylanders' constitutional right to a fair trial, compassionate legal defense, and innocence before proven guilty in a court of law, no matter the charge. How can we fight for you?

Firm Overview

For the past 28 years, the criminal defense team at JC Law has defended people charged with crimes in Baltimore, Catonsville, Annapolis, Bel Air, and throughout every county and courtroom in Maryland.

Criminal defense is about more than knowing the law; it's also about understanding people. Judges, prosecutors, lawyers, police, and defendants all bring variables that can alter the outcome of a criminal case.

At JC Law, our job is to stand next to you in your hour of need and help you get your life back.

+ Traffic & DUI Charges
+ Sex Crimes, including Rape & Sex Offenses
+ Child Pornography Investigations & Charges
+ Federal Charges, including Bribery, Fraud, Conspiracy, Embezzlement, Identity Theft, & Perjury
+ Domestic Assault & Violent Crimes, including Murder, Aggravated Assault, Abuse, Kidnapping, & Arson
+ Juvenile Offenses & College Misconduct, including Underage Drinking, Cyberbullying, Academic + Misconduct, & Minor-related Sex Offenses
+ Drugs & Weapons Charges, including Armed Robbery & Weapon Possession at School
+ Court System Matters, including Warrants, Bail Hearings, Probation Violations, & Expungements

If you are already charged or believe you are under investigation by a state agency such as the police or the federal government, it is extremely important that you retain the services of a highly qualified lawyer immediately. The quicker we have an understanding of the facts, the easier it is to push your case to resolution.

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Criminal Defense

Criminal charges upend so many lives, not just those of the accused. We will stand as your ally and champion to protect you and your family, so you can focus on what's truly important: Rebuilding and growing your life. How can we fight for you?

Hear what just one past criminal defense client said about the team at JC Law:

"When Law Enforcement suddenly threw my life into a state of shock, panic and desperation, I made the VERY BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE,,,,, I called the Law Offices of James E. Crawford Jr & Associates!

"Mr Crawford personally contacted me that same day, told me everything would be ok and had me in his office the following morning. He understood the gravity of my situation, not just legally but also mentally & emotionally. From Day-1, Mr Crawford dealt with me and my case with great expertise, strength and compassion.

"My ordeal was quite grave, but I always felt very confident that with Mr Crawford in my corner, the best outcome could be possible. Over my lengthy ordeal, Mr Crawford has spent countless hours listening, advising, and answering notebooks full of questions and scenarios.

"Mr Crawford was diligent and thorough in my Case. He ensured I was aware of what was happening and what was coming next. He dealt with Law Enforcement and the Court System in my proxy with ALL communications. He ensured I completed the very best Assessments and Treatments to strategically place me in the very best light with the Judge.

"When the time came, I feel that Mr Crawford defended me as he would have defended his own son. Because of Mr Crawford, my case outcome was better than I had ever dreamed of! In many ways, Mr Crawford saved my life



Don't let a single mistake wreck your license and your life. Preserve your right to drive, and your ability to provide for yourself and your family, with the traffic defense team at JC Law. We'll fight for your right to keep moving forward.

Here's what some previous traffic and DUI defense clients had to say about the team at JC Law:

"In January 2018 I was in a car accident that should have killed me. What I didn't know until six months later was that the State of Maryland planned to press charges. I immediately contacted the law offices of James E. Crawford and linked up with criminal defense attorney Mark Sobel. Mr. Sobel and the James Crawford team guided me through the legal issues, helped me establish a good case and ultimately helped me see the case through to a successful completion. Mark and the team were spectacular; and, I'm certain that should you find yourself in a similar condition they'l be spectacular for you."

"I had Mark Sobel for a traffic case he did a great job explaining everything to me and did a great job in the court room"

"I was helped by Mr. Takabu on my traffic case. Mr. Takabu was very great, calm and outgoing, made sure I gained success in my case."

"Mark Sobel is my go to lawyer in this firm. Very good communication skills and know what he's doing. He got my DUI case pushed to unsupervised probation.. Gooo

"James Crawford's associate was my lawyer at court and said he would do all the talking. When he was finished, all the judge said was: Thank you, sir, for your service. Fine and court cost was lower than the cost of the ticket alone. I was pleased with the outcome. Thank you J Crawford for your services"

"About nine months ago, I hired Mr. James Crawford to represent me for a very serious court case. I was charged with DUI 3rd., subsequent offender, and several other serious traffic citations. I was scared and worried sick. I searched lawyer websites for days. Something about Mr. Crawford's picture, looked like a wise, professional man that I could talk to in a down to earth kind of way. I was facing some serious prison time. Well, when I met Jim, I was shaking like a leaf. But, his calming voice and vast knowledge of DUI law gave me some hope and peace. (I later learned this man has handled thousands of DUI cases.) He said it was serious and with my record he would need ammunition to fight with. Thank god he suggested rehab for alcoholism and AA. It helped me in court, most importantly, alcohol Is out of my life forever. Thanks to Mr. Crawford's experience and advice, I walked out of the courtroom with 8 days jail time, instead of 18 months. I feel that this lawyer takes a personal interest in his clients and definitely is a superlawyer. Five stars all the way"

Sex Crimes

When the feds come knocking at your door accusing you of child porn and other sex-crimes, it's time to call an experienced sex offense attorney like the ones at JC Law. We will fight for your reputation and your life as you know it.

Here's what some previous clients had to say about the team at JC Law:

"I had managed to get myself in some pretty serious trouble, and Jim Crawford seemed like the best choice. The disposition of the case was really much better than I, or my family, could have reasonably expected. I did everything that he asked me to do, and I let him do his job."

"I had a very bad situation and I thought I was going to jail. The case was complex and not many lawyers understand that my situation. They not only got it done but the result was fantastic! Hats off to Jim and his team. Thank you"

"What a professional., caring, and easy to speak to man. I was facing some serious charges. Every single day for three months that was all I had on my mind and its especially hard when you feel as though you didn't commit a crime. Then one day three months later Mr. Crawford gave me a call the night before court and told me he already had it all worked out just be at the courthouse so I could sign a couple papers and then be on my way. I was in a state of shock my wife and I pulled over on the side of the road when I answered the call and when he told me this I just sat there for minute and thought it's really over .Sometimes when it seems that lawyers aren't doing much they're working harder than what we realize and it's a trying time in our life but we need to be patient and him and his staff did an awesome job from the day my wife and I visited and hired him. Thank You Mr. Crawford and your staff for everything"

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

JC Law was founded by James E. Crawford, Jr. back in 1992 to protect Maryland's most vulnerable against a biased legal system while helping them get their lives back. As our clients' legal needs have grown, the Firm has grown with them to provide the same level of legal expertise and guidance in every aspect of Maryland law.

Our Firm's team of criminal defense lawyers understand that each case presents unique challenges and must be met with equally unique approaches. Therefore, JC Law commits to providing its clients with:

+ An overall professional and positive experience;
+ Respect and compassion during often difficult times;
+ Experienced attorneys with a deep understanding of the judicial system and every aspect of Maryland law; and
+ Zealous legal representation to champion the client’s best interests in every situation.

JC Law champions its clients in the Maryland legal system, fighting for their opportunity for justice and pursuit of happiness enshrined in the United States Constitution.

JC Law exists to serve our Maryland clients. They are not an inconvenience, but the reason behind everything we do. Our clients deserve expert, passionate representation. And, that what they'll get from every member of our Firm.

JC Law is radically truthful, constantly transparent, and deeply committed to our Mission to serve Marylanders throughout the legal system, however and whenever they need us.

But don't take our word for it. Here's just some of the hundreds of reviews we've received over the last three decades.

"Prison time? Not for me. They have my back any day any night!"

"When Law Enforcement suddenly threw my life into a state of shock, panic and desperation, I made the VERY BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE,,,,, I called the Law Offices of James E. Crawford Jr & Associates! When the time came, I feel that Mr Crawford defended me as he would have defended his own son. Because of Mr Crawford, my case outcome was better than I had ever dreamed of! In many ways, Mr Crawford saved my life…

"James Crawford is very professional and he is an excellent lawyer.He is very caring and knowledgeable i would recommend him to everyone in need of a lawyer.He helped me out and is continuing to work with me to get my problems taken care of .Thank you James"

"I had a great experience from start to finish, very friendly staff from front desk, to my lawyer Mark Sobel. I would recommend using them without question!!"

"Hands down one of the best law firms in Maryland. Very helpful and trustworthy. Would highly recommend!"

"I have never been so pleased with a law office in my whole life. I'm 53 years old and sometimes the law doesn't always protect the innocent. But this time it did with your help, very much so. Me and my wife just want to say thank you for helping us out with a very stressful intimidating problem. Without you I would have definitely gone to jail for something that I didn't deserve to go to jail for. "

"A place for veterans and compassion. I contacted The Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates after having a Peace Order filed against me. The accusations were outlandish, false, and slandered both my character and my name. I was in need to find strong legal representation that would see through the fabricated story. Mr. Aaron Goodwin was assigned as the primary legal counsel in my defense. Mr. Goodwin's priority was to understand who I am as a person before putting together any type of defense strategy. Over the next few days Mr. Goodwin and his team had a sound strategy backed by solid preparation. The result was a favorable decision on my behalf. I am confident without firm’s representation the outcome would have been different."

James E. Crawford

JC Law: The Law Office of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, LLC

James E. Crawford, Jr. built his career fighting for clients who came to him with the most severe accusations that Maryland and the federal courts could levy. He believes in every Marylander's constitutional right to a defense, no matter the charges.

More than that, Jim's clients have won in the face of terrible odds. From highly publicized murder and child pornography charges, to kids making a single stupid mistake and adults looking for a second opportunity for mercy and justice, Jim represents them all as if they were his family.

As a Baltimore-native, Attorney Jim Crawford grew up watching his father interact with some of the best judges and prosecutors in the state, using forcefulness and grace to navigate complex legal situations. He learned that the power to change the life of even one client is worth more than any amount of money or prestige.

As one of the most capable and tenacious trial lawyers in Maryland, he has enjoyed an extraordinary amount of successes on behalf of clients, spending just about every day of his working career in a Maryland courtroom.

The Founding of His Own Firm

In 1992, he founded the Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates to address the need for a qualified criminal lawyer in Baltimore. He has established himself as a premier practitioner in the state of Maryland and has represented thousands of clients in:

+ District Court
+ Circuit Court
+ Federal Court

Since entering private practice, Attorney Crawford has handled many notable cases that have appeared in the media. The type of cases ranges from ordinary citizens to police officers, professional athletes, lawyer, doctors, politicians, and other persons of notoriety.

Background and Experience

Community Service

He established the Baltimore Beez, a charity group aimed at providing food to the hungry during the holiday season and providing support to other charities in Baltimore. As an executive board member of Mount Saint Joseph High School, he has devoted time and assistance to the school, including a baseball stadium.

Personal Life

Attorney Crawford has four children.

Bar Admissions
Maryland Bar, 1992
United States District Court of Maryland, 1994
University School of Law Baltimore Maryland: Juris Doctorate, 1992
University of Baltimore School of Law Baltimore, Maryland: Bachelor of Arts Legal Studies, 1998
Frostburg State College: Bachelor of Science, 1995
Mount St. Joseph High School: High School Diploma, 1980
Honors & Awards
Maryland Super Lawyer Listings, 2014 to 2017
Top Lawyer Maryland Award Legal Network, 2013
AV Preeminent Martindale-Hubble Award, 2005 to 2020
AV Preeminent Lexis Nexis Peer Review Highest Rating, 2009 to 2020
Lead Counsel Rating LawInfo.com, 2011 to 2017
Best of Baltimore Work, Baltimore City Paper, 2011
Past Elected Official State's Central Committee, 1982
Listed Baltimore Leading Firms, Baltimore Magazine
Professional Associations and Membership
Maryland Bar Association, Member
Former County Bar Association, Member
American Association of Justice, Member
Maryland State Central Democratic Committee, Past Member
American Bar Association Section, Criminal Litigation Committee, Member
DUI/DWI Attorney's Member
Criminal Defense Attorney Group, Member
Criminal Defense Lawyer's Group, Member
DUI Defense Lawyer, Member
DUI Law Group, Member
Efface PA Criminal Practice Group, Member
Forensic Science Litigation Attorney Network, Member
American Association for Justice, Inc, Member
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer
National Lawyer Guild (NLG)
Solo Attorney Practitioners Forum
The Innocence Project
Trial Lawyer Network for Attorney and Lawyer
White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney
American Bar Association
Legal & Political Writing & Speaking Engagements
There is Only an Opportunity for Justice, Legal Publications 2017
Identity Fraud; 2012, West Publishing.
Shoplifting Charges in Maryland; January 2016, Thinking Publication.
The Wimpering of America; January 2016, Thinking Publication.
Taxes and Jobs; December 2015, Thinking Publication.
Acceptance Speech for the Alumni of the Year Award, Mount St. Joseph High School, 2016. (Speaking on political and social issues.)


Bar Number: Maryland State Bar a
Maryland, 1993


University of Baltimore School of Law
Juris Doctor, 1992

U of B
Master of Art Legal, 1987

Zack Groves

JC Law: The Law Office of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, LLC

From Zachery Groves, Esq., Managing Partner of JC Law:

Success for our clients does not come from chance or luck. Positive results can only be obtained by grit, determination, and an unwavering goal of getting the best possible result for our clients.

One other great lawyer, Abraham Lincoln, was directly on point when he stated, "always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing."

I have molded my legal career based on this principle. The drive and resolution I possess are the tools that I have used to elevate in the legal profession.

My path to becoming a lawyer illustrates my drive to succeed. At age 18, I had a hunch that perhaps I wanted to become a lawyer, but I wanted to learn firsthand what the practice of law encompassed. At that time, I had no contacts within the field, no legal experience, and no idea how to get started.

Despite these challenges, I decided to pick up the yellow book to call local lawyers to inquire about an internship.

Naturally, I started with the letter "A" and called every lawyer with an "A" last name. None would accept me.

I then moved on to "B" with the same plan. None would accept me.

I then moved on to "C." When I got to "Cochran", I finally got an invite to come and meet with an attorney. Despite being rejected over and over again, my resolve did not waiver. This was something I had put my mind to and was willing to work until the goal was reached.

This is where I began my legal career. At age 18, I received an internship with the Law Offices of Eileen Cochran, P.C. My work at this office continued for 4 years in between school years. As an assistant, I learned the inner workings of a private law firm. I attended trials, prepared files, and saw what it took to succeed in private practice. My time in this office cemented my belief that becoming a trial lawyer was my calling.

After completion of college at Saint Mary's College in Maryland, I then moved to Widener University in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where I graduated in Spring 2005. Throughout law school, I wanted to hone my litigation skills as well as get practical, real-world experience.

My internships included:

Working at the Legal Aid Bureau, Inc. in Maryland where I helped and assisted a number of income clients on issues from family law, landlord-tenant, social security disability benefits, and a host of other civil related issues.

Working at Ahmed Law in Harrisburg, PA for an immigration law firm in which I would handle and assist a number of clients for immigration-related matters.

Working at the Anne Arundel County State's Attorney's Office helping prosecute various criminal matters.

Working in the Civil Law Trial Advocacy Program where, under the direction of Professors, I represented low-income individuals in a variety of civil related matters.

In the Fall of 2007, I decided I wanted to join a Firm that I could establish long-lasting ties. I was given the opportunity when I join the Law Offices of James Crawford, Jr., and Associates.

At that time, I was hired as an associate attorney. My primary tasks would be to handle the Firm's domestic caseload as well as handle a variety of the criminal related matters.

One of the many positive attributes that have been gained throughout my 13 years of employment here is that vast depth of experience that I have gained. I have been in virtually every Courthouse in the State of Maryland.

To be blunt, there is not a Courtroom that I have not seen.

Mark Sobel

JC Law: The Law Office of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, LLC

In college, I developed a strong passion for the study and practice of law. I then attended Fordham University School of Law in New York, New York.

During law school, I interned for a judge in Kings County Supreme Court and spent three semesters interning for the New York State Attorney General's office.

Following graduation from law school, I began my career in a small law firm in Nassau County, New York focusing on civil litigation. I worked for that private firm for approximately six years until my family and I decided to move to Maryland.

Upon moving to Maryland, I immediately began working for the Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, working on criminal and civil litigation.

I am committed to vigorously representing my clients in court on all criminal and civil matters. I have been in a courtroom practically every day of my career. I am ready to fight to protect my client's interests in every case.

Bar Admissions
State of Maryland (2015)
U.D. District Court of Maryland (2016)
U.S. District Court of New Jersey
State of New Jersey (2009) (currently inactive)
State of New York (2010) (currently inactive)
Touro College B.S., Accounting, summa cum laude, January 2006
Fordham University School of Law, J.D., May 2009
American Bar Association, Member