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For the last 20+ years, the Martin Attorneys have helped 6500+ families get a fresh start through bankruptcy. We understand the toll that financial pressures can cause to personal and family life, and we strongly support Congress' laws to help people get relief with a fresh start. Holly Martin is a CPA as well as an attorney, she and the other attorneys regularly collaborate to provide a holistic view to our client's problems. Each client may need a different approach and we try to give that.

After more than 20 years of working with families in NW Arkansas, our attorneys have the experience of more than 6,500 bankruptcies.

Example cases

Bankruptcy--in re: Richard S. and Norma L. Brinkley, 5:03-bk-76509, which addressed whether life insurance proceeds were property of the bankruptcy estate.

Family Law--Escobedo v. Nikita, No. 05-315, Supreme Court of Arkansas, which established that a biological father has no rights to a child born without his knowledge if he fails to take "positive steps" to legitimize the child.

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Free Initial Consultation?

The first visit is always free and does not have a time limit. The visit ends when all of the client's questions have been answered and we have been able to explain how we can help.

Services Offered For Fixed Fees?

Almost all bankruptcy cases are fixed-price, and often the court sets the fees and payments are made to the court. We are happy to help all clients, whether they have a case with a fee set by the court, or a case where we give them the flat fee in writing, in advance. We strongly advise every person considering Bankruptcy to get the advice of a competent Bankruptcy attorney. Our first visit is free, but no matter whom you choose; please get the advice of a Bankruptcy Attorney.

Hourly Rates

Most Bankruptcy cases are a flat fee. Get the advice of a competent Bankruptcy Attorney. Usually the first visit is free.

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Pati Murdock.

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Fayetteville Office
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How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Bankruptcy and family law are very closely linked. Both create stresses in our lives that are financial, social, spiritual and economical and can be devastating to our family life and our well-being. Our goal is that every single client's life is better after they leave our office, than when they first came to see us for help.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

We encourage all our clients to stay involved in their case and to ask questions about anything they don't understand. The law is a very complex matter and individual research can sometimes give us an incorrect picture of the issues in a case. We are committed to helping our clients, and that means answering all their questions so they understand all of the issues in their case. While we believe that educated clients ask us better questions and understand what our advice is more quickly, nevertheless bankruptcy law is complicated and we strongly advise clients to get the advice of an attorney right away.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

The courts in NW Arkansas are not encouraging of clients who represent themselves. We work with our clients to find a way to provide them with the services that will most help them in court. That might mean setting up a payment plan so that we can help them. We strongly encourage everyone who is having trouble paying bills and who is or might have to consider bankruptcy to consult with an attorney who practices in Bankruptcy court often. We have seen too many clients come in the door having made wrong decisions that hurt them, or their family, because they did not understand the complex bankruptcy laws. These decisions include selling property, taking out a consolidation loan, paying the wrong creditors, etc. We strongly advise seeking competent legal advice immediately.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

The first visit with us is always free and we are happy to meet with any prospective client, even those who want to represent themselves. When we meet with clients, we are able to fully evaluate their case and answer all their questions. Sometimes, a client who is hoping to represent themselves realizes that their chances for success are greater when they are represented by an attorney. Then we are able to work out a plan that makes it possible for us to go to work for them and help them in their difficult time. However, we cannot emphasize enough that every person who is researching Bankruptcy should consult a competent lawyer right away.

Holly Martin

Martin Attorneys, P.A.

Holly had worked for two years with a large firm in Tulsa and was ready to take the step of working as a solo attorney. She worked alone for about a year and, as her business and work as an attorney grew, she added an assistant and ultimately a second assistant. After three years as a solo attorney, the work demanded another attorney. From the very beginning, the firm focused on bankruptcy, family law, personal injury and wills and probate. The presence of another attorney in the firm allowed Holly to focus her work as an attorney on the larger, more demanding cases. Holly worked on the more complex family law cases and business bankruptcies.

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