Jack Hoffstadt & Associates

Jack Hoffstadt & Associates

Firm Overview

With over 40 years of criminal practice and over 350 Jury trials as lead counsel, Jack Hoffstadt has the experience and knowledge necessary to provide his clients with the representation they deserve. As a retired District Attorney who served in multiple jurisdiction, including years on the Board of Directors of the Assistant District Attorneys Association, he has the knowledge of how to best present a case to the Court.

We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest in current technology and training, including being certified in Standard Field Sobriety Testing, which is essential to represent people charged with DWI.

Jack has also lectured numerous times on DWI essentials and Trial Tactics.

Main Office

Jack Hoffstadt
701 Poydras Street, Suite, 4100,
New Orleans LA 70139


(985) 789-0876

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

We grew up very poor and were not always treated like others. When I got the chance to go to Law School I promised myself that I would do everything I could to make sure that the system of "haves and have not" would not be part of our system of justice. As such, my best avenue was criminal law.

I always found criminal law the essence of being an attorney. Whether as a defense attorney or a prosecutor, I have been very aware of the awesome responsibility that being in the criminal arena entails. It is the credo that is supposed to be followed by all prosecutors, the goal being to seek justice, not a conviction.

I look on myself as a citadel to insure that the "justice" referred to is given.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

The fact is there isn't much we haven't done in the field of criminal litigation. When I say that I have been lead counsel in over 350 criminal trials I'll put that in writing. I understand that when someone is charged with a crime it has the possibility to destroy the entire family and they want the truth when they are dealing with an attorney. They deserve direct answers, a truthful assessment, and a plausible plan, based on experience and expertise.

It is important to understand that every District Attorney knows who comes into their court prepared, is truthful, is afraid, and most importantly who will try the case and who will always look to plead their clients. Our clients interest will always come first with us.

What are your firm's strengths and style?

First of all we practice throughout the State of Louisiana with offices in New Orleans, the Northshore, and Lafayette. We aren't afraid to take on the establishment in any jurisdiction as the only thing we care about is getting justice and our clients come first.

Secondly, we understand that the practice of criminal law cannot be a "hobby", or "a part-time" method to obtain income. It is a full time job and requires dedication to the craft, to knowing the law to keeping with the latest in trends. Criminal law is what we do. An nothing is insignificant in the field.

For example in DWI law we understand that an arrest has far reaching implications for the accused, who could lose their jobs, income, and have their families affected for years.

In DWI's and in all criminal cases we forcefully advocate for our clients to demand the trier of fact hold the State to the principal that it is their job to prove the accused guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a professional investigation, and not to succumb to unfair tactics. This is simply what the law states and we are not, and will not be afraid to call anyone before the court in our defending our clients.

We also understand that not every case is the right one for us to represent the accused and therefore we interview everyone throughly before we agree to take a case to make sure that we are the right attorneys for the client.

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