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Ihab Ibrahim Law Firm

A successful litigator who handles nearly all Criminal and Personal Injury matters throughout most of New Jersey. Our firm offers several new client specials, like traffic violations starting at $199.

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Welcome to the Ihab Ibrahim Law Firm, a premier North New Jersey firm for a true solution for all your legal problems. The Ihab Ibrahim Law Firm, through its legal team, takes great pride in providing each client with superior legal services at affordable prices. All our cases start with a free consultation with an experienced attorney. This is a great opportunity that you should promptly take advantage of for the following reasons:

- Discuss your case, as well as all your concerns, with an experienced attorney.

- Develop a strategic legal plan and evaluate different options on how to pursue your claim.

- Get legal advice from an experienced attorney for free -- and YES, at the Ihab Ibrahim Law Firm.

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Criminal Defense

Experienced criminal law firms know the unique aspects of the New Jersey criminal process that can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of your case. Also experienced in all aspects of Personal Injury and Divorce cases as well.

Our firm specializes in the following aspects of Criminal Law:

DWI Laws:
New Jersey law punishes any person who operates a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration at or above 0.08 percent, or who is visibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The level of punishment is often dependent on how high that blood alcohol concentration is, combined with the number of prior offenses, if any. Refusal to take the two required breath tests is an independent offense, with penalties mirroring a DWI. If cited for DWI or Refusal, you should immediately contact a criminal law firm in NJ.

Suspension or revocation of license:
New Jersey does not permit anyone with a suspended or revoked license to drive anywhere, including to and from work. If you need to drive, experienced criminal attorneys may be able to help get a reduction in the license suspension.

Allowances for disorderly person's offenses:
Since New Jersey splits criminal activities into the categories of crimes versus disorderly persons offenses, criminal attorneys in NJ can greatly streamline the legal process and reduce potential punishment by proving that an activity was a disorderly person's offense.

Miranda rights:
New Jersey law does not require the reading of Miranda rights at the time of arrest, although Miranda rights must be read once a person is taken into custody and the police want to ask questions about the crime. You should never discuss the alleged crime until you have one or more criminal attorneys in NJ at your side.

Without probable cause, New Jersey law does not permit police to search you, your home, or your car without your consent. Police are required to inform you of your rights prior to asking for your consent. If you have been searched and the evidence is being used against you, an experienced criminal lawyer can tell you whether your constitutional rights were violated.

Another broad term, "fraud" refers to any situation in which a person or organization illegally acquires property or money through misrepresentation or outright lies.

A type of fraud, embezzlement is defined as the fraudulent and un-authorized taking of another person or organization's property by someone in a position of trust. The classic example of embezzlement is a high-ranking official at a business siphoning off company revenues for his personal use.

Extortion refers to cases where one party induced another party into surrendering money or property through the threat of some illegal consequence, usually force.

Computer Crimes:
As more and more people become connected to computers and the internet, computer crimes have exploded in frequency and severity. States and the federal government now take illegal hacking very seriously, and those accused of using computers to defraud others face significant penalties.

Personal Injury


Ihab Ibrahim

Ihab Ibrahim Law Firm

A skilled litigator who was admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 2013, Ihab provides experienced representation at a REASONABLE price.


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