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Hunter, Weinstein & Somerstein, L.L.C. is one of metro Atlanta's premier Family Law and Litigation firms.

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Nationally recognized for our experience and expertise in handling all aspects of Family Law and Business Law matters, we are proud to have received the highest possible rating, AV Preeminent, from the country's oldest and most prestigious rating service, Martindale-Hubbell.

Our principal attorneys have more than 80 years of legal experience combined. They have been honored by Atlanta Magazine as Superlawyers and Georgia Rising Stars, by ALM Publications as Legal Leaders, and by Georgia Trend Magazine as Legal Elites.

We understand that divorce and Family Law issues are oftentimes difficult, complex, and most always unique. Our foremost goal is to ethically, efficiently, and empathetically advocate on behalf of those we represent in order to achieve the best possible outcome. At HWS, we work as a team with our clients to identify their specific needs and wishes in order to establish realistic goals and to craft a strategy for reaching those desired resolutions. We pride ourselves on creating solutions that meet each client's individual needs and objectives using sound experienced advice and extensive legal expertise.

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The attorneys at HWS have extensive experience in all aspects of Family Law and domestic litigation. Click below to learn more about the specific topics and issues related to Family Law.

When two people marry, it is with the expectation that the relationship will last forever. Unfortunately, circumstances can change leading one or both spouses to believe that their relationship is broken beyond repair and, despite their best efforts; divorce is the only remaining option.

If you find yourself considering divorce, or you are ready to begin the process, it is best to proceed with the protection of an experienced attorney by your side. At HWS, we understand that clients involved in a divorce are under enormous emotional and financial pressure. Therefore, we work diligently to resolve each divorce in a manner that best meets our clients' needs, while also considering the impact of divorce on our clients, their families and children.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, a divorce involves many issues, including custody and parenting time, child support, alimony, division of assets and property, and attorney's fees. Our attorneys will be there to educate you, support you and provide you with legal guidance as we work together to negotiate and settle your divorce case or, if necessary, proceed with litigation and trial.

Legal Separation
If divorce is not the best option for you at this time, you may have considered a Legal Separation. Termed "Separate Maintenance" in Georgia, this process allows a couple to remain married but still address all the issues that arise when they elect to physically, and often financially, separate. There are a myriad of reasons that may motivate a couple to remain married but choose to separate. Some are seeking the space and time to consider reconciliation, while others may have a need to continue health insurance for themselves or their spouse. Some may choose a legal separation due to religious or faith-based reasons. The fact that Georgia law does not require parties to give a reason for their decision to separate makes this a viable option for couples not ready to make the decision to enter into a final divorce.

A Legal Separation allows couples to address all of the same factors included in a divorce such as equitable division of property, child custody, child support and alimony (as applicable) but the parties remain legally married.

Property Division
When it comes to divorce law in Georgia, we are what is known as an "Equitable Division" state, as opposed to Community Property. While Community Property states require a 50/50 division of all marital assets and personal property, our law requires that the Court make an equitable distribution instead. Equitable is defined as "fair", which does not necessarily mean 50/50 in every case. This applies to division of every kind of marital asset including financial accounts, vehicles, businesses and business interests, equity in the Marital Residence, retirement accounts, furniture and household items. Marital debts such as credit cards and other debts must also be equitably divided at the time of divorce. Having your sole name on a title to property, or as the only name on a financial account, quite often has very little to do with a final determination of how that account should be equitably divided. The attorneys at HWS have vast experience in all aspects of property division and work with our clients to help them not only gain a firm understanding of what assets are subject to division but also how to create a division that makes financial sense for you and your particular situation.

In many cases, alimony is a relevant issue that must be addressed before a divorce can be resolved. The confusing aspect of alimony and spousal support is that Georgia does not have specific laws or legislation regarding when alimony and spousal support apply or how it is calculated (i.e. how long does an individual require alimony and how much alimony do they need). With that said, the Court will often look at many factors in coming to a decision on alimony including the length of the marriage, earning potential of either spouse, a party's ability to pay alimony, and the other party's demonstrated need for alimony or spousal support. The experienced
Family Law attorneys at HWS have addressed numerous cases involving alimony and can assist you obtaining a favorable outcome in your case.

Robert J. Hunter

Hunter, Weinstein & Somerstein, L.L.C.

Bob is an experienced and accomplished Family Law and Business Law practitioner who founded Hunter, Weinstein & Somerstein, L.L.C. in 1998. Since that time he has managed the firm while running a successful trial and appellate practice.

Bob demonstrated an aptitude for advocacy during law school. He was a member of a team representing the University of Georgia at the prestigious 1985 National Moot Court Championship in New York.

Those early successes carried over into Bob's development as a trial attorney and litigator with a prominent Atlanta insurance defense firm. Bob spent many years learning and developing the skills that have made him an outstanding lawyer. He is equally comfortable presenting cases in front of a judge, panel, or jury. Over an almost 30 year career Bob has completed dozens of jury trials and hundreds of bench trials and hearings. His ability to simplify complex legal issues, demonstrating a command of the law applicable to any legal matter, has earned him respect both from judges and adversaries alike.

Bob's business experience translates well with many issues commonly associated with Family Law practice. He is proficient working with all manner of financial statements. He possesses a strong background in accounting, business management, and finance. He personally handles his caseload with the assistance of a paralegal.

"I believe the most important thing in any divorce or other Family Law matter is the children. My primary goal is to enable my client, whether mother or father, to have the resources available to fulfill his or her role as a parent as capably as possible. This means not only to have the material means but also to have the time necessary to co-parent children so as to minimize the disruptive effects of divorce and conflict."

"My objective for folks who may not have or have already raised their children is to guide them through any court proceeding with full confidence that they are doing so with an empathetic, energetic, and effective lawyer/partner so that they can have every confidence that they have the best representation available at any price."

Bob has been a member of the State Bar of Georgia since 1985. Early in his career he was awarded Martindale-Hubbell's prestigious "AV" rating signifying the highest rating that can be awarded to an attorney by judges and other members of the Bar. Bob is widely known and well respected within the Family Law and Litigation sections of the Bar. He is one of ALM's Legal Leaders Georgia's Top Rated Lawyers of 2014. He is a member of the Order of Barristers. He is admitted to all State courts in Georgia, including the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Georgia Supreme Court where he has handled numerous appeals. He is also a member of the federal United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia and the U. S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Bob earned his law degree from the University of Georgia in 1985. He earned an MBA from Georgia State University in 1982. He holds a BA in Economics from York University in Toronto, Canada. Born and raised in Canada, Bob still plays ice hockey in the Atlanta Amateur Hockey League. He has spent years coaching NYO softball. He is a member of Trinity Presbyterian Church. Bob's wife, Kristin, is an English teacher at The Westminster Schools. Together they raise their two daughters.