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Under Kentucky law we cannot charge a fee unless and until you are awarded benefits. Furthermore, we usually advance all costs until the case is resolved. The goal is to make your life as stress-free as we can while representing you. We know precisely what the law provides under every circumstance and we will aggressively advocate your case. We practice in Kentucky state-wide and wherever you are, we come to you. We can handle your claim through the mail, by phone and by fax until we have an opportunity to sit down with you. A hearing site that is nearest your home will be assigned in your claim. Our extremely qualified and courteous staff will answer every question and address every concern you have. We ensure that you receive the proper medical care as well as a complete and thorough medical evaluation by a knowledgeable, experienced, independent physician.
Even though you were paid benefits while you off work you are probably due significant income, medical or vocational benefits that no one has bothered to explain. If you have any doubt, please call us.
Finally, we recommend that you not attempt to evaluate a settlement offer without legal counsel. Free of charge, we will advise you fully on the fairness of any offer you receive. Matters can only get worse if you wait. Contact us now.
What WE DO NOT do is: ask for money upfront; require that you obtain an impairment rating before retaining us; sit on your claim by hoping that it will settle so we can avoid hard work and effort; send you out to find your own doctor; make you submit your own forms for mileage and out-of-pocket reimbursement; require you to obtain a copy of your medical records, or; reject claims for being too small.

What WE DO is: advance all costs; promptly litigate all viable claims; obtain all medical records; secure all necessary medical expert and lay testimony; promptly file all forms necessary for reimbursement of client expenses; demand the maximum benefits provided by law; direct referrals for proper medical care; and, forgive all costs if we are unable to prevail in your claim.

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How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

We have found the field of workers' compensation to be fairly straight forward yet highly technical and, no doubt, downright dangerous to an injured worker that knows little or nothing about the law. Insurance carriers do not make a habit of explaining to an injured worker his/her rights as an injured worker in Kentucky. Often times injured workers are lied to, deceived, and taken advantage of by the insurance carriers because the injured worker doesn't properly understand his/her rights. You may be denied medical care or benefits that are important to you or your family's well being. An injured worker who cannot receive medical care cannot get back to work and therefore will struggle to earn a living. We do our best to balance the scales to ensure each and every injured worker whom we represent feels they have someone in their corner. We never advise our clients to take a settlement deemed less than fair by our attorney(s). Due to the precarious nature of this field we are able to greatly help seriously injured workers to receive quality medical care, quality advice, and every dime of benefits to which we can prove they are entitled. We practice nothing but workers' compensation because we get a deeper level of satisfaction from helping people whom we know really need it.

James Howes

Law Office of James D. Howes, PLLC

James Howes

Law Office of James D. Howes, PLLC

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