Hanson Law Firm, P.C.

Hanson Law Firm, P.C.

With 30+ years as a real estate broker and 22+ as an attorney, there is little in the commercial or residential real estate area we haven't done once (or twice) already. Specific performance, easements, non-disclosure, fraud cases, we've seen it.

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Real Estate

We started out representing real estate brokers when they got sued. We're pretty good at that; 3 of us were brokers ourselves, for 30 years. Each. We noticed insurance carriers denying claims. About 30% of the time. So now, we sue them. A lot.

Real estate today is going through changes more dramatic than almost anything we've ever seen. Someone - somewhere, somehow - has to make sense of it. And because of the chaos in the market, there are dramatic increases in insurance claims - which are routinely getting denied by the carriers. That's where we come in.

Hanson Law Firm (HLF) is almost entirely made up of senior real estate attorneys, each with about 30 years' experience as a broker (although now, we only practice law). HLF is, primarily, a firm of brokers, for brokers. We protect them when they get sued; we represent them when their insurance carriers refuse to.

California Law Protects Brokers When an Insurance Company Acts in Bad Faith.

We find that many brokerages have had claims unfairly rejected or denied by their carriers, more so now, in these difficult economic times, than ever before. HLF's attorneys aggressively pursue insurance companies that deny claims in Bad Faith.

But change is everywhere, and we've changed too.

Our insurance Bad Faith practice is expanding. We now also represent businesses outside of the real estate industry in their cases against insurance companies that refuse to defend or settle their claims too.

As always, we continue to represent our brokerage clients as independent E&O counsel (sometimes referred to as 'Cumis counsel') in the defense of claims made against them, and in bringing 'Bad Faith' actions against their E&O insurance carriers when they refuse to defend the brokerages. We continue our representation of clients in CalBRE Administrative Hearings as well. And, with recent changes in the law mandating a change in the focus of the DRE to be more toward acting as a 'consumer protection' agency, we expect we'll soon be handling even more of those cases.

In addition to our core business representing brokerages and agents, we've expanded to include the representation of borrowers and investors as well. We now offer services related to foreclosures: preventing them, or perfecting them; sometimes, we will even perform them as a trustee.

At a time when 'common sense' isn't common, HLF is here, doing what we do best - giving our clients solid ground to stand on.

We don't do everything, but what we do, we do well. Really well. And that's real estate, and insurance bad faith.

Commercial Real Estate

Christopher Hanson

Hanson Law Firm, P.C.

I have been a broker for over 30 years, and in a past career sold both residential and commercial real estate for a living. Almost all the lawyers who work with me at HLF have been, or are, brokers, and have also sold both residential and commercial real estate for a living as well. Some of us, for those same thirty years. Each. I know the business of real estate.

I represent real estate brokerages and have represented construction, mortgage, and development companies, and private individuals, as well (via small satellite offices throughout the state of California) in both leasing and sales transactions, as well as in related litigation.

As a result of that core business, I started suing insurance companies when they denied claims tendered by my real estate brokerage clients. Insurance bad faith claims have become a second core business for me.

When the market crashed (again) and I saw the tremendous number of claims being made against brokerages and agents, and why, it became clear that some self-policing was in order, and so I "turned to the dark side" and have sued brokerages and agents who have behaved poorly. Some negligently, some, I'm sorry to say, intentionally. Regardless, their clients have been injured, and I'll take on that fight as well.

The firm's work is equally divided between its civil litigation base, (which runs the gamut from E&O defense and insurance Bad Faith claims, to CalBRE regulatory hearings), to contract, easement, negligence, title insurance and commission disputes. I also maintain a business advisory and transactional assistance practice.

Click on our You Tube Channel for a video to see what it's like in court with me.

I view my role as simple:

Give my clients peace of mind. Let them sleep through the night without worry. Let them know, and let anyone attacking them know, that my staff and I have got their backs.

But life is not all about going to court, is it? I love teaching, and I love telling stories. In my spare time (yeah, right), I taped a series of videos that tell the stories about the important cases that have shaped the practice of real estate law in California. Check them out on the You Tube Channel. You might get a laugh or two, and learn something at the same time.


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California, 1997

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