H. Dyke N. Spear, Jr.

H. Dyke N. Spear, Jr.

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At The Law Offices of H. Dyke N. Spear, Jr., we specialize in all areas of matrimonial law. Whether you are getting a divorce or need a consultation on matters of family strife, we can help. Specifically, we cover the following areas of matrimonial practice:

Child support
Child custody
Property distribution
Second opinion consultations
Post-judgment modifications

We offer a free half-hour initial consultation. Evening and weekend appointments are available. A prompt response is guaranteed. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

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Experienced matrimonial attorney provides personalized service

For more than 30 years, The Law Offices of H. Dyke N. Spear, Jr. has represented Connecticut clients in difficult Hartford County divorce and family law cases. We've earned a reputation for hard work and doing right by our clients. Many of those we represent have significant assets and require aggressive, highly professional representation. Our approach is not warm and fuzzy, and we don't do a lot of hand-holding, but we do limit our caseload by design to offer you the most personalized representation possible. Our extensive knowledge, courtroom skill and sound, pragmatic advice encourage our clients, who gain confidence that if they bear with us, we can get them through their difficult ordeal.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

The Law Offices of H. Dyke N. Spear, Jr. has successfully represented Connecticut clients in difficult family law cases for more than 30 years. Our hard work and the positive results we've achieved has earned us an enviable reputation. Many of our clients have significant assets and require high-quality, aggressive representation to limit losses and secure a fair distribution. That's why we deliberately limit our case load to allow us to devote as much personal attention to a case as it requires.

What are your firm's strengths and style?

Some divorce attorneys see their task as that of a social worker and steer their clients toward alternative dispute resolution (ADR) channels that emphasize "healing" over advocacy. We support ADR for contested custody and visitation issues. We believe in the adversarial system for property and alimony issues. Thus, attorneys for each party assert the rights, privileges and prerogatives of their clients where there is complete discovery and a thorough inventory of assets, and where honest dealing leads to lasting settlements. ADR processes may be "friendlier," but they are pitfalls. For instance, collaborative divorce sometimes limits discovery. How can you trust your settlement when you didn't see everything that was at stake?

Mediation tends to work well for parenting issues, such as visitation, which rely on continuing cooperation after the divorce. But mediation is woefully inadequate for property distribution. If your objective is to get an equitable distribution of marital property, you should be able to advocate for distribution based on your view of fairness, not some "cooperative" consensus.

When you consider that in the state of Connecticut, family law mediators don't even have to be lawyers, you start to understand why veteran Hartford lawyers, and even many judges, have become cynical about mediated settlements.

H. Dyke N. Spear Jr.

H. Dyke N. Spear, Jr.

"Strong representation for difficult cases" is an attitude, not a slogan.


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