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Guntersville Law, LLC

Divorce, Personal Injury, Probate, Criminal

Firm Overview

The goal of Guntersville Law, LLC is to provide Alabamians with a law practice offering excellent customer service.
We will achieve this with the following commitment to our clients:

1. Courteous, compassionate, and empathetic listening. Having been on the other side of that desk, when clients come to see us, we realize that their worlds may be completely turned upside down. As such, we may be the only hope they have to enjoy their freedom, see their children, and/or recover significant monetary losses.

2. Firm understanding of the client’s legal issues. After our attentive intake and assessment, our goal is to completely and comprehensively understand the issue from the client’s perspective and filter that through the law to ensure we address all relevant and pertinent legal issues.

3. Prompt responses to client inquiries. Our goal is to be able to return 75% of all phone calls and emails within four hours and 100% within eight hours.

4. Expedient resolutions to our client’s legal issues. Our goal is to resolve client legal issues thoroughly and completely as quickly as possible. While legal issues arise in our client’s lives, with those issues also comes much uncertainty. Our goal is to minimize that time of uncertainty and resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

The mission statement of Guntersville Law, LLC is: To provide comprehensive legal services to our clients in a manner that exceeds their expectations at a fair price.

We appreciate your trust in us and will make every effort to meet or exceed your expectations!

Paul Seckel, Attorney at Law
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Main Office
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Guntersville  AL  35976
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Uncontested Divorced $800 including Marshall County Filing Fee
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What distinguishes your law firm from others?

We believe in customer service and promptly returning phone calls the day they are received.

Paul Seckel