Goldberg Jones | Divorce For Men

Goldberg Jones | Divorce For Men

We are the law firm of Goldberg Jones, a dedicated group of divorce lawyers with decades of family law experience. We are committed to protecting the rights of husbands and fathers in Washington, Oregon, and California.

Firm Overview

Goldberg Jones opened their doors January of 1996. Founding members Bill Goldberg and Rick Jones realized a need for husbands and fathers in the Seattle area to have a legal resource and a firm that would champion their rights in Divorce, custody, child support or other family law matters. Clients agreed! The Seattle office grew rapidly based on excellent results, personal referrals and marketing that spread the word that men now had an ally in the legal system. Kenneth Alan, Managing Attorney has been able to seamlessly handle the office's growth, yet maintain the direct client contact, accessibility and responsiveness that our clients value greatly.

It was not uncommon to get calls from prospective clients that were outside of the Seattle area but desirous of our services. So, in 1997, Goldberg Jones opened their Portland office. Just as with Seattle, Portland clients have been directly responsible for our consistent growth and reputation within the legal community. Tremendous credit also goes to the tireless efforts of Managing Attorney Colin Amos, whose leadership by example has created a culture of success and a team of attorneys that is unparalleled in Portland.

Opening the San Diego office proved to be an easy task with Managing Attorney Zephyr Hill at the helm. With his thorough demeanor and keen eye for talented attorneys, he has facilitated a mirrored growth that Goldberg Jones has come to expect. Even though each state's law is different, the collective offices of Goldberg Jones have created a synergy, with each benefiting from the other and a clear course charted for continued success.

Goldberg Jones has grown from a three person startup, to a multi-state firm with well more than 20 attorneys devoted solely to the practice of family law, specifically, the representation of husbands and fathers. We believe we correctly saw the need for a man's voice to be heard in family law courts, but we are truly humbled by the continually increasing flow of men who choose to have us be part of their team. We take seriously our obligation to continue to provide the level of service, compassion and results that have made us perhaps the largest firm of its kind catering to men's family law needs.

Main Office

San Diego
3111 Camino Del Rio North, Ste. 950
San Diego CA 92108


619 243-0888

Other Offices

111 SW Columbia St.

1200 Westlake Ave N.

Military Divorce

If you are in the Armed Forces, your experience in the Family Law Court will be very similar to a civilian.

However, there are nuances that are important for your attorney to understand. Common concerns of our military clients include visitation, relocation by the mother, and accurate calculation of child support.

At Goldberg Jones we focus our practice in representing men in the often uphill battles regarding custody and support every day. These hills are often even steeper for men in the military. Understanding how to minimize your exposure due to deployments and tax free income is paramount to achieve a fair result in your case. We will work hard to increase your time with your child, reduce your support payments, and protect your retirement and other assets.

Common concerns of our military clients include dealing with a case when you are deployed; mothers who move with the children; getting proper visitation when you are home; trouble paying support after a pay decrease due to a loss of BAH or active duty pay; and much more. You need someone who understands your situation and can properly present your case to the court.

Zephyr Hill

Goldberg Jones | Divorce For Men

Managing Attorney

BA Psychology, University of Michigan
JD, Wayne State University School of Law

Zephyr started the San Diego office in January 2002 and has been the Managing Attorney throughout. "He has been directly responsible for assembling a fantastic team of attorneys", says Managing Partner Rick Jones. Just as importantly, "he meets directly with each prospective client to determine their needs and unique case specifics, so as to create the most effective attorney/client team possible." Zephyr's innate analytical ability assures clients that he understands their plight and desires nothing more than to maximize their best interests.

"Many times our clients are going through a difficult period and it is important that we service each of them with integrity and honesty", says Zephyr. "Not only do I try to match up the attorney that is the most professionally capable but also a good personality match. The most rewarding part of being at Goldberg Jones is advocating for a deserving dad and ensuring him time with his kids. It also feels great when a member of my team protects a client's home, retirement, or other important asset."

Zephyr could not be more proud of his team of attorneys. "From top to bottom, the attorneys here are a cohesive team of fun, hard working, intelligent and caring people. These traits are prerequisite if you are going to dedicate your professional life to this line of work at Goldberg Jones." When Zephyr is not at work, you can probably find him running in preparation for his next marathon or playing with his two sons. Golf nut! NFL Football fan!


Wayne State University School of Law
Juris Doctorate,

Phil Coleman

Goldberg Jones | Divorce For Men

BA Sociology, UCSD, John Muir College
JD, California Western School of Law

Phil's 20+ years of varied and complex litigation experience, coupled with his exclusive practice of family law since 2002, serves his clients very well. "His litigation experience gives him an edge in the court room against lesser advocates who frequently do not fully know the trial procedures or rules of evidence", says San Diego Managing Attorney Zephyr Hill. Phil has handled hundreds of cases to conclusion and helps clients with his straightforward honest approach. At Goldberg Jones, he has handled a large variety of cases involving business ownership, complex custody matters, domestic violence, and much more. Phil is a respected advocate and a superior family law attorney.

Phil chose family law to aid his clients not only with winning cases, but to help husbands and fathers through a tough time. He directs his clients to focus on important matters when emotions run high. According to Phil, "representing men almost exclusively has its advantages. We know the ins and outs of the system, have the relevant research and know how to win cases. We emphasize advocating for men and are very familiar with the issues that men deal with when it comes to divorce or custody." The most rewarding part of my career at Goldberg Jones is to be able to help clients meet their needs and to win cases.

Phil is a native to southern California and when he is not at work he enjoys cycling, live music, skiing with his kids, cooking, and a good glass of scotch.


California Western School of Law
Juris Doctorate,

Darin Groteboer

Goldberg Jones | Divorce For Men

BA Communications, Arizona State University
JD, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Cum Laude

From inception to completion, Darin employs tenacious strategy in all his cases. Using clear communication and a friendly approach, he works to educate his clients on all their options and craft a plan that will produce the best possible outcome.

Persistence, diligence, and empathy are the cornerstones of Darin's practice. Managing attorney, Zephyr Hill, commented on the addition of Darin to the Goldberg Jones team saying, "Darin's ability to relate to his clients, understand their needs, and produce meaningful results, makes him an exceptional attorney and a great addition to the Goldberg Jones team."

Dedicated to protecting the relationship between fathers and their children, Darin is devoted to safeguarding father's rights. As a steadfast advocate for men's rights, Darin has focused his practice on family law. Darin graduated Cum Laude from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

When he isn't advocating for men or protecting father's rights, Darin can be found spending time with his family, enjoying the outdoors, hitting the slopes on his snowboard, and playing guitar.


Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Juris Doctorate, cum laude,

Rich Kolek

Goldberg Jones | Divorce For Men

BS Law, Western State University
JD, Western State University

"With over 15 years of legal experience, Rich handles many of our tough cases from domestic violence to appellate practice. His clients frequently tell me how much they appreciate his effort and honesty in his approach to actively educating each client and managing each case", says Managing Attorney Zephyr Hill. Before coming to Goldberg Jones, Rich worked in general law, personal injury, bankruptcy, and estate planning. His varied background makes him a wealth of legal knowledge and a great asset to our clients.

According to Rich, the most unique aspect of Goldberg Jones is that each attorney has the freedom to work on their own cases from start to finish. This allows for a productive and efficient one-on-one relationship between a client and his attorney. "I enjoy the flexibility that Goldberg Jones offers, not only for me but also for my clients", states Rich. "I take pride in delivering great results. As a child of divorced parents and having been through a divorce myself, I am able to empathize with my clients on a personal level."

Rich is a native of San Diego and huge fan of the Padres and Chargers. When he is not working, volunteering at his son's school, or coaching his son's little league or football teams, he likes to get out and play softball.


Western State University
Juris Doctorate,

Kimberly Mckeag

Goldberg Jones | Divorce For Men

University of California, San Diego, CA, B.A. Political Science/Art History
Seattle University School of Law, JD

Kimberly McKeag is an experienced family law attorney who has committed her career to being an unwavering advocate in the family court system. Resourceful and dependable, Kimberly has earned her reputation as a skilled negotiator with a proven track record for reaching solution-oriented settlements.

Highly motivated, Kimberly has cultivated a multifaceted catalog of legal experience and knowledge. She is extensively trained in mediation and dispute resolution, has comprehensive experience with civil motions and trial practice, and is well versed in family law practice areas including paternity, child support, and visitation. Kimberly is licensed to practice law in California and Washington.

"Kimberly brings a unique perspective to the firm. She is determined and relentless in protecting her clients' rights. Kimberly understands using the right tool for the joband has an impressive arsenal. She is an accomplished negotiator that is also comfortable with litigation," commented managing attorney, Zephyr Hill.

An outdoor enthusiast, Kimberly enjoys spending time on San Diego's beautiful beaches.


Seattle University School of Law
Juris Doctorate,

Brian Ruiz

Goldberg Jones | Divorce For Men

BA Political Science, San Diego State University
JD, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles

Brian is a dedicated attorney with a breadth of experience in providing aggressive representation for his clients. He is focused and detailed in his approach to crafting a legal strategy that is effective in meeting his clients' goals.

Results oriented, Brian provides logical and calculated guidance through all stages of a client's case. His clients' trust and confidence are paramount, as are their objectives.

Managing attorney Zephyr Hill commented, "Brian's skill set is a valuable addition to the GJ team. He is problem solver and a fierce litigator with a deep understanding of the intensely personal nature of family law".


Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
Juris Doctorate,

Daniel Warren

Goldberg Jones | Divorce For Men

BA Criminology, Law and Society University of California Irvine
JD, Jacob D. Fuchsberg Touro School of Law

Daniel L. Warren is a skilled litigator with comprehensive legal experience encompassing family law, civil litigation, contract, bankruptcy and criminal law. Daniel's hands-on experience has led him to pursue a focused practice in family law. After graduating from Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center, Daniel was selected to participate in the California State Bar sponsored Certified Law Clerk program. Throughout the program, Daniel honed his litigation skills and developed an empathetic approach to his legal practice. Daniel is deeply invested in securing the most favorable outcome possible for every case and is dedicated to providing advocacy that is uniquely tailored to the individual's needs. Solution oriented and a creative problem solver, Daniel is a natural fit for protecting the rights of men and fathers in the San Diego community.

In addition to serving his clients' family law needs, he has proven himself adept at dealing with multiple legal disciplines including bankruptcy, personal injury and criminal law. With a proactive communication style, Daniel has built a strong reputation for being detail oriented and a reliable attorney. He strives to provide persuasive advocacy and integrity in every case.

Daniel is an active member in his local community and serves as contributing volunteer and board member for Project LOL. His involvement with Project LOL is driven by a passion to make a difference in the lives of young adults and teens by building opportunities through programs that cultivate self efficacy, creativity and empowerment.


Jacob D. Fuchsberg Touro School of Law
Juris Doctorate,

Bill Goldberg

Goldberg Jones | Divorce For Men

BA General Studies, University of Michigan
JD, Detroit College of Law (Michigan State University)

The original vision of Goldberg Jones belongs to Bill. His prior business experience and creative perspectives have been invaluable in avoiding the growing pains common to a successful firm. His pursuit of community involvement, on both a personal and professional level, is a constant reminder of the value of our earned quality reputation and the responsibility we have to uphold it.

"I often tell prospective clients that choosing the right attorney for your divorce or custody matters is one of the most important decisions a man can make", says Bill. A fundamental constant to the success of Goldberg Jones is the professionalism of our lawyers. "Our dynamic growth in three competitive west coast markets would not be possible without their depth of knowledge and commitment to their clients", he beams.

Bill loves to travel, boat, fly fish and play competitive club badminton. He is a father of two and serves on several non-profit boards. He's passionate about art, wine and a good corned beef sandwich!


Detroit College of Law (Michigan State University)
Juris Doctorate,

Rick Jones

Goldberg Jones | Divorce For Men

BS English Literature, University of Washington
JD, Seattle University School of Law, cum laude

Rick is a founder and Managing Partner of Goldberg Jones. He continues to provide a level of "hands on" support that is invaluable to each office. His personal integrity and professional ethic largely influence who we hire and how we practice law. One can certainly see Rick's stamp on nearly every aspect of Goldberg Jones.

"I am beyond proud of the solid reputation we have earned in the courts as well as with other family law attorneys. We focus our representation on husbands and fathers and do so aggressively and smartly", says Rick. It's not easy being a man facing divorce, which is why you need someone on your side to protect your rights. "Our clients desire to be treated fairly in the process. They don't want to cause harm, only to be protected from harm. At Goldberg Jones, we believe that is not too much to ask."
Rick enjoys travel, nightlife, collecting sports memorabilia and attending mixed martial arts events. His interest in college basketball has risen to the level of obsession as he is rarely spotted in the office in March.


Seattle University School of Law
Juris Doctorate, cum laude,