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Welcome to Gerling Law's far-reaching family of law practices. With law offices in Evansville, Indianapolis and Louisville, Gerling Law is known for being among the most accomplished and aggressive law firms in the region.

Gerling Law exists to pursue justice for you, no matter what. Our lawyers will work hard and make every effort to seek your just and fair settlement or compensation. This is as vital and important to us as it is to you.

"My approach is to be hard-line against your opponents, yet I'll always take the high road with you, my client."

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Personal Injury

Serious Personal Injury Law

If you or your loved one have experienced a serious personal injury, you're probably going through a difficult, emotional time. Clearly, it is not the time to allow yourself to be pressured into accepting an offer or signing any documents related to your injury. It's okay to be unsure of your options but you do need help from someone you can trust.

Right now you want to protect yourself against being wronged, and you need an experiened attorney who will explain your rights and fight vigorously to help you seek fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

At this point you're probably asking yourself:

"Who can I turn to and who can I trust?"

The answer to this question is vitally important right now. The fact that you're here at our website shows that you are ready to stand up for yourself and you're looking for help. A Gerling personal injury attorney is ready to stand up with you and to aggressively pursue justice for you.

It is important to act quickly following a personal injuryto investigate the accident, preserve any evidence, and file a lawsuit before the deadline set by law, also known as the statute of limitations.

Your injuries may be due to the negligent or careless actionsor inactionof another. Gerling personal injury attorneys have the experience and resources you need to win fair compensation for your pain and suffering. Let us take care of the detailsit is time for you to concentrate on returning to health.

Here are some facts you should know about Personal Injury Law:

Personal Injury Cases

At our Evansville, Indianapolis, and Louisville law offices, Gerling's personal injury attorneys are experienced handling the following types of cases:

Alcohol-Related Accidents
Auto Accidents
Bicycling Accidents
Brain Injury Cases
Construction Accidents
Defective Drug Accidents
Electrocution Accidents
Inadequate Security Cases
Medical Malpractice
Motorcycle Accidents
Nursing Home or Extended Care Facility Cases
Product and Pharmaceutical Liability Cases
Social Security Disability
Train Accidents
Truck Accidents
Wrongful Death
What is Personal Injury Law?

Personal Injury law is designed to protect those harmed by the recklessness, carelessness, or inaction of others. A variety of situations in which an injury has occurred as the result of another's negligence are covered by personal injury law. If you or a loved one have suffered injury, you may file a claim to recover damages, usually in the form of monetary compensation from those who caused the injury.

Unfortunately, sometimes death occurs as a result of an injury caused by another's negligence. In this instance, the loved ones of the deceased may be able to file a wrongful death claim.

Gerling's personal injury lawyers can help you file a personal injury case to ensure that you receive the full compensation you deserve for your injuries.

How does Gerling Law Determine Who Is Liable (Responsible)?

We will investigate your case and determine who is liable for your injuries. Liability is found when the following conditions are met:

There is proof that the victim is injured
The wrongdoer is negligent by failing to act with the level of care required by law
There is proof that your injuries were caused by the careless actions of the wrongdoer
Liability may be determined on the grounds of either negligence, intentional wrong, or strict liability.

Negligence is the failure of a person to act as a reasonably careful person would. In personal injury cases involving negligence, the defendant is liable for failing to prevent the injuries. For example, nursing home abuse, slip and fall accidents, and construction accidents are cases that commonly involve negligence.

An intentional wrong occurs when injuries result from the intentional acts of another. The person who acted intentionally is liable for the injuries he or she caused. In such cases, it may be possible to file a civil personal lawsuit, as well as criminal charges.

Strict liability relates to product liability cases where injuries result from the use of defective products (product liability), such as defective drugs. Manufacturers who market and sell defective products are liable for injuries that result from the correct use of these products. In these cases, negligence or intention does not need to be determined.

How are Victims Compensated for Personal Injury?

The amount of damages, or compensation, the liable party must pay the victim should be a fair reflection of: (1) the degree of injury or damage, and (2) the degree of liability for the injury. In some cases, the victim may be partially at fault for their injuries if they acted carelessly by, for example, ignoring warning signs at a construction site. Gerling personal injury attorneys will review your case and help you recover the full amount of compensation to which you are entitled.

There are two types of compensation awarded in personal injury cases: compensatory damages and punitive damages.

Compensatory damages are generally awarded to compensate the victim for the following:

Physical and mental pain and suffering
Loss of wagespast and future
Medical bills
Permanent disability
Punitive (exemplary) damages may be awarded in addition to compensatory damages in some cases that involve intentional or malicious acts. These damages are meant to punish the wrongdoer and set an example to deter others from acting in the same way.

How We Can Help You.

Gerling personal injury lawyers understand the complex issues involved in personal injury cases and can determine who is responsible for your injuries. We will investigate the accident in question, review the evidence, and prepare a strategy to aggressively pursue full compensation for you. We will guide you through the legal process and answer your questions about your legal rights. From our law offices in Evansville, Indianapolis, and Louisville, our attorneys fight to win fair compensation for each of our clients.

Contact Gerling Law Today!

If you are injured or experience a loss due to the actions or inaction of others, you may be able to receive compensation for your suffering. It is very important to act quickly!

Contact Gerling Law today for a free, no obligation consultation. A highly-experienced Gerling attorney will be happy to discuss your case to determine if you have a claim.

Gayle Gerling Pettinga

Gerling Law

The first thing you'll notice when you meet attorney Gayle Gerling is her energy and her focus. You'll notice that she really listens to you, listens to your story and connectswith you on a personal level. She has a gift for understanding exactly what you and your family are going through, understanding the pain you may have experienced due to the negligence or recklessness of others.

In a word, she's engaged.

You might not be looking for a friend, but you'll know this right away Gayle Gerling will be on your side, at your side, every step of the way. And isn't this really what matters? Knowing that your attorney is at your side fully prepared, experienced, knowledgeable and ready to aggressively protect your legal rights and get you the compensation you deserve?

Gayle's compassion for those in need extends beyond her personal injury clients at Gerling Law. Just ask the 5,000 area children who have received free bicycle helmets as part of the Great Helmet Give-away and Safety Day that Gayle launched in 2006. Or the victims of abuse who have sought refuge at Holly's House or the cancer patients who receive support from Gilda's Club of Evansville, two local non-profit organizations on whose boards of directors Gayle currently serves. In fact, the list of charitable and non-profit organizations in Evansville, Indianapolis and Louisville that benefit from the generosity of Gayle and her colleagues at Gerling Law now includes over 100 organizations.

Born and raised in Evansville, Gayle is a respected, experienced lawyer and a valued community leader. She graduated near the top of her class at IU's prestigious Mauer School of Law. She's practiced law with one of the largest firms in Indianapolis as well as one the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. And that means she knows how big law firms and big companies thinkand how they operate and she will put that knowledge to work for you. When Gayle's father, distinguished personal injury attorney Gary Gerling, decided that it was time to step down from leading the firm he founded in 1963, he didn't have to look far to find a talented, energetic and compassionate attorney to take over the practice. He looked to his daughter, Gayle Gerling, and now she leads an experienced group of results-oriented personal injury attorneys with offices in Evansville, Indianapolis and Louisville.

Professional Experience

At Gerling Law, Gayle has successfully represented clients in complex cases involving medical malpractice, wrongful death, brain injury, paralysis, product liability and serious personal injuries.

Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum
American Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers 2007
Finalist, 2010 Spirit of Giving Award of the Vanderburgh Community Foundation
Finalist, Celebration of Leadership Award of Leadership of Evansville
Finalist, 2009 Spirit of Giving Award of the Vanderburgh Community Foundation
Indiana Law Journal Editorial Board Senior Note Editor
Congressional Internship, Jean Picker Program, Hon. Albert Gore, Jr.
Professional Associations

American Trial Lawyers Association
American Association for Justice
Indiana Trial Lawyer Association Board Member (2002 until present); Former Member of Law Pac, Amicus Curiae and Paralegal Training Committees
American Bar Association
Indiana State Bar Association
Evansville Bar Association Past Member of the Court Action Committee; Past Chair of the Law Day Committee
Evansville Bar Foundation Barristers Circle; Past Board Member
Indianapolis Bar Association Past Board Member; Past Chair of the Women and the Law Division
Brain Injury Association of Indiana
Civic Activities

Gerling Law Great Helmet Giveaway Founder and Organizer
Gerling Law "Hang Up and Drive" Campaign in Partnership with WIKY-FM
Holly's House Board Member
Women's Fund of Vanderburgh County 2nd Vice Chair; Board Member; Member of Grants Committee
Gilda's Club of Evansville Board Member; Chair of Building Committee; Finance Committee Member
Juvenile Guidance Foundation Board Member; Founding Member; Former President
Culver Academies Parent Board Board Member
Children's Museum of Evansville Advisory Board Member; Past Member of Capital Campaign Committee
Indiana University Maurer School of Law Alumni Advisory Board Past Board Member
Evansville Day School Past Board President; Past Board Member; Past Chair of Strategic Planning Committee
Habitat for Humanity Past Member Project Committee for Law Build
Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra Past Board Member
Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Past Board Member
Indiana Governor's Art Awards Past Chair of Corporate Solicitation
Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce Past Member of Partners in Education Committee
Race for the Cure Past Team Organizer
Indiana Repertory Theatre Velodrama Past Team Organizer
Acros Gymnastics Booster Club Past President and Board Member
Evansville Christian Life Center Volunteer
United Way of Indianapolis Past Panelist for Allocations

Smith College Alumnae Association
Crossroads Christian Church
Evansville Chamber of Commerce
A Network of Evansville Women
Better Business Bureau
Publications and Published Opinions

Published Note, "Rational Basis With Bite: Intermediate Scrutiny by Any Other Name," 62Indiana Law Journal 779 (1986).
Schrader v. Eli Lilly and Co., 639 N.E.2d 258 (Ind. 1994).