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Criminal Defense attorney Jodie Drees Ganote is dedicated to providing aggressive and reputable legal representation throughout the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas. Clients are assured to get the direct legal counsel they deserve.

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Jodie Ganote is a skilled results driven attorney practicing in both Ohio and Kentucky. She completed her education at the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University and is particularly passionate about civil rights and social action, human rights and poverty alleviation. In addition, Jodie is certified in National Highway Administration Field Sobriety Testing so she knows exactly how the tests should be conducted. Jodie has extensive courtroom experience, negotiation and client interaction skills. She is devoted to helping those in need. Her love for the law and dedication to her clients inspires her to expose the truth and fight ethically for your case.

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At Ganote Law, Jodie is qualified to administer the National Highway Traffic Administration Field Sobriety Test (or roadside test). So if your test was not conducted properly, there may be an opportunity to repress the results.

The consquences for a DUI in Kentucky or OVI in Ohio are so severe that you may make the situation worse if you try to represent yourself. The courts consider many factors, including but not limited to: 1. Did you take the roadside test? If so, what were the results? 2. Did you take a breathalyzer? If so, what was the result? If not, why? 3. Did you actually drive the vehicle or attempt to drive the vehicle? 4. What were the circumstances surrounding your arrest? 5. Were you involved in an accident or did you drive recklessly? 6. Was anyone hurt? 7. How well did you cooperate with the arresting officer? Advantages To Hiring A DUI / OVI Lawyer 1. Expert Guidance: You'll receive expert advice from Jodie, a seasoned DUI attorney who will advise you on what steps to take and when. 2. Knowledge: Because the laws vary in each state, you'™ll know exactly what you are up against. Your DUI charge may bring both long and short-term consequences. It's important that you are aware of the challenges you a™re facing. Having a thorough understanding of the charges against you may give you more options for a defense. 3. Professional Representation: Having a professional and experienced representation in the courtroom is vital to your outcome. Any mistake in representing yourself can be devestating to your case and may permanently damage your chances of success. Your representation may increase your chances of securing a defense and lessening your penalties. Having a thorough and concrete strategy involves knowing the right people to talk to and exactly what arguments to use in your case.

Criminal Defense

Have you or a family member been accused of committing a crime in Kentucky or Ohio? Are you under investigation? Concerned for a loved one? Feelings of despair, loss and confusion are common during this time.

You need aggressive representation to help you win your case and to help protect your rights and interests. Because the laws in each state vary, you need a criminal defense attorney who is relentless in minimizing the charges against you and who can protect you from devestating penalties. Jodie is an experienced criminal defense attorney who represents clients in both Kentucky and Ohio. She fights for your best interests, getting you out of the legal system and back to the life that you want. The judgement given to you depends on the type and severity of the crime committed. Jodie has extensive experiece with crimes such as: DUI or OVI Theft & Robbery Domestic Violence Assault Drug Possession Drug Trafficking Fraud Receiving Stolen Property Weapon Under Disability Carrying A Concealed Weapon Credit Card Abuse Expungement (Cleaning Your Record For Employment Purposes) Kidnapping Forgery Criminal charges set off a detrimental chain of events that have life-long consequences. At Ganote Law, Jodie fights boldly for your case, carefully considering each and every fact to get you the best outcome possible. The longer you wait to consult with Jodie, the harder it becomes to build your defense. There's no obligation! So call Jodie today for a FREE case review!

Traffic Tickets

Do you want to keep your traffic record clean? Want to keep your insurance rates as low as possible? Whether you're a CDL driver or personal violator in Kentucky or Ohio, you may have special concerns, particularly, as it relates to employment.

Most of us will receive a traffic ticket at some point in our lives. Although it may seem easier to simply pay the ticket and put the experience behind you, this means that you are admitting fault. Jodie is a dedicated traffic law attorney who represents truck drivers and other commercial vehicle drivers in all matters related to traffic law. At Ganote Law, Jodie has experience with matters in: Speeding Lane Violations Driving Under Suspension Reckless driving Failure To Stop/Failure To Yield If you receive another traffic ticket shortly thereafter, the penalties and consequences may be more severe than before. For Ohio and Kentucky residents, Jodie is an experienced traffic law attorney who may be able to help you get your penalties, fines and charges reduced. If you want your conviction reduced, your charges amended and auto insurance rates as low as possible, call Jodie today!

Jodie Ganote

Ganote Law

Jodie Ganote

Ganote Law

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