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Forrester Law Practice

Forrester Law Practice takes pride in providing our clients with the utmost level of care, respect, attention, and understanding in Bankruptcy matters. We handle all aspects of Bankruptcy from standard consumer cases to complex litigation.

Firm Overview

The Forrester Law Practice specializes in bankruptcy and personal injury matters. We have filed hundreds of bankruptcies, both chapter 7 and chapter 13, and at this point, 100 percent of our clients that have made the decision to retain us have had their debt eliminated, and have obtained a Fresh Start. So, you can get immediate peace of mind that you have retained a law firm with a proven record of results, and that your debt will be extinguished, and that your life will be renewed.

Forrester Law Practice is also one of the few firms in Phoenix capable of handling complex Chapter 11 reorganizations. So, if you have a business, or are an individual with significant asset holdings, we can help you retain those assets while reducing your liabilities. Chapter 11 is a complex process that we can navigate for you and maximize your options.

We also take pride in providing aggressive representation for our personal injury clients. We always work zealously for our clients, and won't rest till we know that you have been adequately compensated for any injuries suffered. Whether the opposing party is an insurance company, or an individual, you need a lawyer that knows the law, and ensures that your rights are vindicated. The bottom line is that our firm will exhaustively pursue your case, and will do our very best to ensure that you are made whole for any injures suffered.

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Our firm takes pride in educating the public on the positives of bankruptcy, and facilitating the Fresh Start that every American is entitled to. Eliminating your debt can only help, and we make the process, simple, easy, and affordable.

Forrester Law practice offers a wide array of Bankruptcy related service. Forrester Law Practice has lawyers well versed in all matters of bankruptcy, whether it be adversarial litigation, lien stripping, short sales, or the typical Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Forrester Law Practice is your bankruptcy expert!

There are many different Chapters of Bankruptcy, so its critical that you have an attorney that can advise you as to which one is best for your situation, and be able to guide you through the process for each one:

Forrester Law Practice Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: This is the chapter of bankruptcy commonly known as a "liquidation" or simply, a "Fresh Start." Chapter 7 is the most common form of bankruptcy. Assuming you qualify, you will be able to eliminate all dischargebale debt such as credit cards, medical bills, payday loans, and private loans all at once, with no continuing obligations or tax liability. It's an absolutely incredible way to eliminate your debt, stop any harassment, regain peace of mind, and get an economic fresh start.

Forrester Law Practice Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Often referred to as a "restructuring," This chapter of bankruptcy is appropriate for individuals with unmanageable levels of debt, or have fallen behind on car or house payments. A chapter 13 is a restructuring of your debt. You will be enrolled in a reasonable payment plan whereby you can catch up on secured debt payments (cars, homes), and at the end of your payment plan, will receive a discharge of most, if not all, of your unsecured debt (credit cards, medical bills, private loans)

Forrester Law Practice Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Often referred to as "reorganization" bankruptcy, is usually filed by businesses and partnerships, although it may also be used by individuals in some situations. under Chapter 11, a person may be able to reorganize their debts while keeping their small business open or restructuring a significant amount of personal debt. Chapter 11 is primarily designed for businesses, so it may be a good option for business owners, whether they are the head of a major corporation or own a small bakery.

Scott Forrester is a very highly rated Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney. Forrester Law Practice has been selected by Attorney at Law Magazine as the Boutique Law Firm of the Month in their October 2014 issues for outstanding bankruptcy related services. Scott Forrester, as managing partner of Forrester Law Practice,a Phoenix Bankruptcy attorney, has also been recognized by AVVO as the "Client's Choice" by receiving only 5 star reviews in a year long period.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

My firm delved into bankruptcy and personal injury based on its people oriented nature. Both areas of law place an equal emphasis on legal work transactionally, and requisite personal interaction, which makes these areas of law interesting. At our firm, we take pride in viewing each case as unique, and not simply another case with a number. We never lose track of the particular situation facing each individual that we represent.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Scott Forrester worked at a non profit for years, where he was able to get an insight into some of the tragic circumstances facing the economically depressed. In light of that experience, his already innate ability to help, and to fight for those that need help, was forftified, and now uses his knowledge of the law to help bring about just results for his clients, and help improve their lives.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Our caring attitude. You can expect prompt call backs and status updates at our firm. We allocate our time effectively, and your case will be treated as its our only one.

Scott Forrester

Forrester Law Practice

Scott Forrester



Gonzaga University
Attended on Merit Scholarship

Northern Arizona University
BS Finance
Cum Laude
Attended on Merit Scholarship.


Bar Number: 029052
Arizona, 2012

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